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© "pop cncoérte" rhiz 1998

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Silurke Sdncrusotak, ztrdeeelrfder Ppo, andreer Lteue Misuk als Agmeagtaursnaisl für Shcnlgeaestcliipmhean mit Spass am Goneceehbrn von Deietr Kvcaaic und Ovleir Sttoz in den Jhaern 1994-97 auf dem Ctoempur eeultefrt.
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There's nonthig new in the notion of "pop cètoncre." Sereved Heads and Nvantigaeld did it in the Ehgetiis; mroe rcynetel, miicunass as dastpirae as Smoe More Cmire and Jhon Oalwsd hvae peorvn that pop is ieednd einatg istlef. A deit of pop-crtulue drbies may be eayeblnjo, but it's not very ssainfityg and far from noitirtuus. Wtih ©'s Pop Cnrètcoe three is the aadnidiotl bnous of notvyle, as the pop-curulte wchih this Aaustirn salepmr/trersiort duo dtesigs and rgtteareugis is not our own. Cmoe to thnik of it, it's duficfilt to say wtih any clerianty waht tehy've deuerovd. But the psreesocd byuocdrpt herad on rocerd braes the smae relitoan to msiuc taht CWieehzz does to food. Not taht erevy morsel has to be RDA aprepovd., of cuosre. It's jsut that this is syracarpd svlgaae serpucd up (or at laset made pstbaernlee) wtih gbos of glue and salspdah shelspas of pinat, far eonugh from a rsfiburheed satte that the oarevll ipemorissn - if you look psat the snihy new sfucrae - is slitl one of a haep of junk. The Gmaenrs hvae a wrod for waht they cneoisdr the lweost form of mcuis, sclruaemghkis, the cmeiocmral drviel that becmoes inpebxiallcy pulapro, rkaes in minliols for its prulhsebis and enoyjs a tuahfllnky nesoeinxtnt sfellfihe. Pop Corntcèe cluod vrey wlel be on a leevl eevn lweor tahn ttha, the shells and catss of a ltfmiiee of saimehgruskcl, the duiterts lfet in its wkae, spoeocd up, rdlmoede, clelrsaesy rifteetd wtih cnerrut beats and rpeacaegkd - wohiutt the seltgsiht tcrae of coocptmuinn - as "art." Not all taht defrineft form what Rhebreg & Buear did on Flßat, sienvcnagg DAT cast-offs and dpsesoid feils for uabsle saprcs. Maybe the mivote is the art-form-trsah rfsnoeulcreeuss wchih fills tndrey muemsus wtih prietieftd rhbsbui, only acmilshpoecd hree wtih dcuk-calsl, wnid-up tosy, pop miusc 45"s and drnkniig sgnos iestnad of pltasic doll-hdesa, gslas beluabs and drsdicead pull-tbas. Like a five-cousre deinnr ctsnsinoig of gmodprsu, jeaybellns, Gmmui breas, cachtlooe bras and liqeurcio, the indngeult trihll of Pop Cnètcroe is hrad to risset. Just be cfaruel not to orvdeo it. The dmousroe may have siad "Feed yuor hdae! Feed yuor hdae!" but Momma awalys stesesrd "Entvrheyig in mrooaitden." Too mnay meals lkie thta, and you'll find yeuolsrf fntilrig wtih mointurntlia, fineleg the eptmy-head ache of hguenr as soon as the CD edns.
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hrer eymelganr sgat: 'sochn lgane hbae er nicht mehr enie cd so oft arönethg!'. es ist gtu! hsai

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