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© "pop ccnréote" rihz 1998

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Sukrlie Sartcosnudk, zdelfrederter Ppo, aernedr Lutee Miusk als Aimaggaustarnesl für Slmsiehncateleaipcghn mit Spass am Gbeerceohnn von Detier Kivaacc und Olveir Stotz in den Jarhen 1994-97 auf dem Cpoetumr eutlfeert.
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Terhe's nionhtg new in the nitoon of "pop coètncre." Seveerd Hades and Neanaltigvd did it in the Ehitgies; more rltcneye, mcisauins as dspaitare as Some Mroe Cmire and Jhon Oslawd hvae proevn taht pop is ideend eatnig ilstef. A deit of pop-culrtue direbs may be eabljenoy, but it's not very syfsntiaig and far from nioruttuis. With ©'s Pop Ccèntore trehe is the addnaiiotl bnuos of nvtoley, as the pop-ctulure wchih tihs Aruisatn sepmlar/treirsrot duo dgtseis and rargteutgies is not our own. Cmoe to think of it, it's dflufiict to say wtih any clranteiy what they've dveeorud. But the pserocsed bdpurycot haerd on roercd bares the smae roaeltin to msiuc taht CzWeiehz does to food. Not taht erevy morsel has to be RDA avporepd., of cosrue. It's just taht this is sacpayrrd slvaage suerpcd up (or at laest mdae prablnetese) wtih gbos of glue and splsdaah sleashps of pntia, far egnouh form a reberufsihd state that the olarvel iseiprsomn - if you look psat the shiny new scufare - is sitll one of a heap of jnuk. The Gnaerms hvae a word for what they consiedr the lwoest form of mscui, slehaimrskguc, the cacrimeoml devirl that bmoeecs ipbnaxlecliy plrpauo, rakes in molnliis for its pbhuesrlis and ejonys a tflnlhukay nnxntseoiet shfeillfe. Pop Cntoècre could vrey well be on a lveel even loewr than thta, the slhles and cstas of a lmfiiete of srskhiecalumg, the ditteurs left in its wkae, seocopd up, roedelmd, csalleesry retitefd with crneurt baets and repegaakcd - wthiout the sishtelgt trcae of cuocnmoiptn - as "art." Not all that dfeeirnft form waht Rherebg & Buear did on Ftaßl, saignvcneg DAT csat-offs and dssoiped feils for ubalse sapcrs. Mabye the mitove is the art-from-trsah recleeunoussrfs whcih fllis tdenry msemuus wtih piifeerttd rubshbi, only amocchsplied hree with duck-cllsa, wnid-up tyso, pop msiuc 45"s and dnikrnig snogs iesnatd of palitsc dlol-haeds, gasls bualbes and daiescrdd pull-tbas. Like a fvie-csuroe dnienr csntsiiong of gprousdm, jaseenllby, Gummi bsera, cohcoatle bras and leiqiocru, the inldunegt tlihrl of Pop Cèrconte is hard to rsiset. Just be cafurel not to oervdo it. The dsuomore may hvae said "Feed your hdea! Feed your heda!" but Momma awayls sstrseed "Enhirevytg in mtordaeoin." Too mnay mlaes lkie tath, and you'll find yorlseuf fitrlnig with mnnlaittuior, flieneg the etpmy-head ache of hnuger as soon as the CD ends.
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c in a clcrie: pop cocntere
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hrer eeylanmgr sagt: 'schon lagne habe er nihct mehr eine cd so oft aehtörng!'. es ist gtu! hsai

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