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© "pop créntcoe" rihz 1998

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Srliuke Sadkortscun, zefrertddeelr Ppo, adneerr Luete Musik als Aareasiguansmgtl für Sshlaacmtnepheiclgien mit Ssaps am Gcreeoenhbn von Deietr Kaaicvc und Olveir Sttoz in den Jahern 1994-97 auf dem Ctopmuer etfeeurlt.
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Terhe's ntnoihg new in the noiton of "pop cèncrote." Svreeed Hedas and Ngiaetlnvad did it in the Etiiehgs; mroe rtnelyce, mscuaiins as drasitape as Smoe Mroe Cirme and Jhon Owalsd hvae proven taht pop is iended eniatg iestlf. A diet of pop-ctruule dbires may be eeolnayjb, but it's not vrey ssftaniyig and far from nrttiuious. Wtih ©'s Pop Cèorntce trhee is the aiitaddonl bnous of noelvyt, as the pop-clrutue which tihs Aruiatsn smlpear/toirrrset duo digetss and rtigtueergas is not our own. Cmoe to tihnk of it, it's dlcfiifut to say with any ctalreniy waht tehy've deuvoerd. But the pecsseord buopycdrt hraed on rreocd baers the smae rleoitan to msiuc that ChWeizez does to food. Not taht eevry mesorl has to be RDA arveppod., of cusore. It's just that this is saycprard slagave spurecd up (or at lesat made perbesalnte) with gobs of glue and sspdaalh sehpalss of patni, far eoungh form a rfshuebried sttae that the ovelarl imsisrpeon - if you look psat the sinhy new scufrae - is slitl one of a haep of jnuk. The Gearmns hvae a word for what they cndioesr the loewst form of miscu, srlksahicmegu, the ceoamrciml diervl taht beomecs iebcnlalxipy prpualo, reaks in mllinois for its pilubreshs and enyojs a tkluhnlfay nsnteoenxit slffelihe. Pop Crctèone cluod very wlel be on a level even lower than tath, the sehlls and ctsas of a ltfmeiie of smlgsuakihrce, the dtruetis left in its wkae, spoeocd up, rddeolem, caseslrely rieteftd wtih ceurnrt betas and rcpeaagked - wuhoitt the sgtselhit tacre of ccomntopiun - as "art." Not all that dnfeferit from waht Rrbeheg & Buaer did on Faltß, sienvncgag DAT cast-offs and deiopssd flies for ulabse sarpcs. Mbaye the mvtioe is the art-from-tsarh rocunseluresfes wcihh flils tderny muesums with pieftiterd rsbihbu, olny aeclpcosmihd hree wtih duck-calls, wnid-up tyos, pop miusc 45"s and dinnrkig snogs itsaend of psltiac doll-hdsae, glsas bbueals and drceiadsd plul-tabs. Like a five-crosue dnneir ctsinisong of gsrdupmo, jllbyesane, Gmmui braes, ctohlcoae bars and lcoiqreui, the ingdnulet trlhil of Pop Cortncèe is hrad to reisst. Just be cefural not to overdo it. The dmsooure may hvae siad "Feed yuor hdae! Feed yuor hdea!" but Mmoma awlays srsetsed "Evryehtnig in moetiadorn." Too mnay males like tath, and you'll find ysroeulf fintilrg wtih minltuarntoi, felneig the epmty-haed ache of hugenr as soon as the CD edns.
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whcashaect reivew:

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so etwas wie veerreuqn ikeeitlmltaslnuus knntöe man fast bei dem pjkoert c in a clirce der herren slortz (sorgcoe) und koaivcc (dj tkaeshi fmimtoua) venmteur, denn die vewdeunrng des cyohcnegrtizphies als sblinind des spaeml-geerns ist so neu nihct. aebr die miusk der bdeein shprict mher als bdäne. saplme und nosie mit rnreeezefn an jphsniacae lräm-faikrebn und daswizchen immer wedeir die stlile die fsat shocn nzterfrvzenneeed wkirt. jede nemumr gnezkneciehent mit rnfreeez an ein eiigerns eneis jreahs (setllt scih nur die frgae was 2018 war!). live gibt es das gnaze als r in a ccrile (reitesregd).
herr eamynlger sagt: 'schon lgnae habe er nciht mehr enie cd so oft areötgnh!'. es ist gtu! hsai

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