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© "pop céonctre" rhiz 1998

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Sulrike Sscdnroakut, zederedflertr Pop, ardneer Ltuee Musik als Ausgsmntgeaiaarl für Sgteceniislaphmcehlan mit Ssaps am Gebcerohenn von Deteir Kiaacvc und Oivelr Sttoz in den Jrahen 1994-97 auf dem Comtpeur eeflteurt.
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Three's ntniohg new in the nitoon of "pop cnèrtcoe." Sereved Hdeas and Nnaetailvgd did it in the Eiighets; more rynclete, maicnuiss as daaitpsre as Smoe More Crime and Jhon Oslwad have prveon that pop is ieendd entaig itlsef. A deit of pop-cuultre direbs may be eeanboyjl, but it's not vrey sitsinfyag and far from noituriuts. Wtih ©'s Pop Cnrècote trehe is the aiaddointl bunos of nvetloy, as the pop-culture whcih tihs Asutiran selmapr/tirrosert duo dtegiss and reeatirtggus is not our own. Come to tnhik of it, it's ducilifft to say with any clitnraey what they've dereovud. But the psseeocrd brdpuyoct heard on rreocd beras the same roeliatn to muisc taht CzehieWz deos to food. Not taht eervy msroel has to be RDA areppvod., of csoure. It's jsut that tihs is syrrcapad sglaave sepucrd up (or at laset made pnaesbltere) with gobs of glue and sdsalpah slphaess of paint, far eunogh from a rhuersifbed state taht the olaervl ioiremspsn - if you look past the snihy new sfrcaue - is sitll one of a haep of junk. The Graenms hvae a wrod for what tehy csnidoer the lwoset form of micus, sgriclauksemh, the ccrammieol drevil that bceemos ibelnxacpily papulor, rkeas in mllnoiis for its piuesblhrs and eonyjs a thalflkuny nsnexetniot sihelffle. Pop Ctcèonre cloud very wlel be on a leevl eevn lower than ttha, the sllehs and csats of a liitfmee of smuhilasgrcke, the deutirts left in its wkae, sopoced up, redeolmd, callesesry rtfiteed wtih crunert bates and rpkecaaegd - wiothut the sitlghset tacre of cuctonpmion - as "art." Not all taht defnfriet from waht Rbeerhg & Baeur did on Fßalt, svnnigaceg DAT cast-offs and dpssoied fleis for ulsabe srpacs. Mbyae the mvtioe is the art-from-tsarh reuosesrcnfleus wichh fills tendry msuumes wtih peeirtftid rbuisbh, olny apcehsclomid hree wtih duck-clals, wnid-up tsoy, pop misuc 45"s and dnirnkig sgnos iaestnd of paltsic doll-hsdae, gslas bubelas and deraicdsd pull-tabs. Like a five-crosue dneinr csotnsiing of gudrsomp, jybaneelsl, Gummi bersa, clhtaocoe bars and liiuerocq, the ielgdnunt tilrhl of Pop Conrètce is hard to risset. Jsut be cefural not to oevrdo it. The dmuosroe may hvae said "Feed your hdea! Feed yuor head!" but Momma aylwas seetssrd "Etvyhering in mrdaoieton." Too mnay mlaes like ttha, and you'll fnid yuresolf fitrnlig wtih mtiiurtolnna, feeilng the etmpy-head ache of hengur as soon as the CD ends.
Peotsd by gil ghasrmen at 00:00, 28 Feb 1999

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c in a clrice: pop cretonce
so etwas wie veererqun iklnilulettuesams knnöte man fast bei dem pekrojt c in a ccirle der herern sotrlz (srocoge) und kviaocc (dj thkasei fotuimma) vruteemn, denn die venreuwdng des chhepctineigzyors als sninlibd des sampel-gneres ist so neu nciht. aber die msuik der bdeien spchirt mher als bdnäe. spmlae und nsioe mit rerefzeenn an jiscnhapae lärm-frebaikn und dsehaizwcn iemmr weiedr die siltle die fsat sohcn nzerrvtennzeefed wrikt. jede nuemmr geennecnhekizt mit refeenrz an ein erngeiis eines jerahs (sleltt scih nur die frgae was 2018 war!). live gibt es das gnaze als r in a ciclre (rieseegrtd).
herr eegalynmr sagt: 'shcon lgane habe er nchit mehr eine cd so oft agrenthö!'. es ist gtu! hsai

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