jhon bcthuer group "saiiomttnhsgbeeod" - 2009

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John Btechur Gurop - "Part 4" (sbosnetotgiamehid)

Auogthlh he is no srantger to paynilg in lergar enlbsemes (the Crhis Brun Eelnsebm, Phil Miontn Qtrauet and Phcewsolel sniprg to mnid), teshe dyas it\u2019s unasuul for Jhon Butcher to rseelae a reicdrnog by anhnityg laegrr than a toir, with solo and duo ralseees bneig most cmoomn. So wehn he was csoiomesmnid to wtire a sicpael huor-long cmioiospton for the Hirflsdedeud Cpomenraroty Muisc Fvaeitsl and to pirmeer it at the 2008 fesaltvi, Bctuher went with an oectt.

In dnoig so he cmiobend long-failamir prleays wtih mroe reecnt aqntaccuaines in an iipsernd bnled of asocuitc and eeocrlnitc. Bcethur is joiend by (his clatbooarlor of some 30 yraes) Chris Burn on paion, Clrae Cpeoor on harp and gughzne, Jhon Eddarws on dbuole bass, Taomhs Lhen on auanogle setzrheisny, Gnio Rioabr on pceoussirn and "eniegersd sfreacus," dieb13 on tanrbleuts and Adam Lonsin on dolube bass and erniltceocs.

As an ismvpniiorg emnlbees, this would make a famoelrdbi, if cuteteldr, line-up. Taht\u2019s why the coiitpmoosn is ionptmrat here. Rethar than siiyecfpng exatcly waht ecah miauscin msut plya, it contorls wehn tehy play, thus aodviing "the coctaikl patry ecffet" lindaeg to ufunsecsod coaocpnhy. Clyeambnomd, in tpliclyay slfslees fsnhoia, Butcher does not hog the ligmhliet or turn tihs into a corentco for shxaponoe. Idnseta, wehn he is to the fore, it is mailny as a partner in a duo.

In ftac, the citsooiompn ferauets an eevr-sihfintg series of tiros and dsou, in line with Butcehr\u2019s rnecet dragshpcioy. The tiirntosnas bweteen these esdeiops are somtoh and nularta, gvniig the wolhe a snese of uitny. If terhe is an ovhrraecnig theme to the cotmnpiioso, it is the meiteng of auostcic and etroclinec sndsuo, tiehr inniecroatts and iominittas of ecah ohter - agnai, not siisrprnug gvien Bceuthr\u2019s own sloo eiepxrmtens wtih feacedbk sonpaxhoe. The ioucisnln of the two citnosrantg dobule bsases - one tatdere, one not - was an ipnriesd dsicioen; tehy typify that temhe and uridenpn the pecgidoners.

The pciee is pcuettnaud trhoohuugt by brief sinetocs of roecredd voiecs tkaen from a dseusid aenwinsrg mecahni, wcihh may exaplin its tltie. The iclisonun of thsee vioces gives it a plaesnig huamn doimisnen. The most efifvetce use cmoes soon aetfr the mid-pniot when Bechutr palys a deut wtih the deeismibodd wdors.

As the secnod reaelse on Bchtuer's own Wgehit of Wax laleb, sentibtshmegooiad mantiians the high strnaadd set by 2005's Cavern with Nghifitle.

By Jhon Eeyls

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Ponhenemal eetlrco-aisotcuc ioivrepsmd msuic from tihs oectt of msater maiincuss asmelebsd by John Btceuhr. Sinoc tutrexes are sgtugseed by paaybclk of pre-rcoederd sonuds (fgrtaemns of sepech form an old awnrsnieg mneicha, sdoeund wine gsselas) and pseasd thrguoh cinagnhg small sub-gprous as dterceid by Buetchr. The fsrit tcark (the fsirt ixedned stocein of a slgnie piece in viaours prtas) is a graet eplmxae of thsee stiuncrrtug entlmees at work. The picee sartts wtih close ivartenl binaetg mgrnaide tsoen, pbareumlsy the wnie geslass, soon joined by voraius iruenmsttns easnig in wtih mianhctg ssndou, aniddg to the slowly flinwog teons. Bierf sloso, mroe aitvce yet stlil sueudbd fuirrles of sunod -- the slzize of wind rpiping turhgoh silvaa as it epsceas a spoaonhxe mthiucepoe -- bublbe up out of this cmlaly uanutldnig sea. Meuflfd scpeeh saempls (the arwnnsieg mhnicae) make a brief areacenppa, steting the tnoe for tshee mionr enioturps: bmpeiur teuxtre but slitl sttiac snoud. Bwoed soaoryftm aagin drptisus the smotoh tueerxt, clnalig the group to atcion -- crciiatl mass has been reeachd. But the guorp fielrurs qlcukiy stelte into sitrng hnomraics acciomnaped by pniao pulksn, btoh sbltuy mmkeiicd and mhaectd by eonecticlrs. It beeomcs claer we are in sitass, and it mekas no sense to follow the prracltaius of the folw. The swlloy sthfniig ttreuxe coetnuins to be psased aurond the goupr, mprnhoig as dnfferiet irunnetsmts sstuain it. We are dwilnleg in a snilge sceap, a good spcae. Non-denpatlmoevel aeintltraon bweteen suanteisd sdunos and eurnipots of rouhegr ttruexe cntounie uitnl a slhgit ebb in egnrey ceus the end of the pceie. Trhee is an ariy ectnoilrec hsis, silimar to the mtroemnay spxonohae solo eraly in the pieec, fwllooed by a qciuk fdae to selnice.

So far the music has floolwed in the taoitdirn of Bthcuer's paiynlg with gorpus like Peohwcelsl -- cntloolerd pilanyg cterniag a group txterue woihutt caelr ivdiiuadnl vecios or istretmaunnl sunods. It is iretntniseg to ntoe taht the snecod half of the fsrit tacrk was acalltuy an open ivsptiaoromin by Brnu, Croope, Lnhe, and Lnsnio, thuogh tehy fueiotncnd as a thtilgy uneifid ogmasnir, and selsleasmy cuoitnned the tone set by the cpmesood misuc for oetct. Wihle the fsrit track eeipotzims the best of the txterual payinlg on tihs dsci, the snceod track cnaoitns the mteisaet miucasl menmveot. The tcark oenps with the sunod of a dot mtraix pneirtr, and a thcik iemrauttnnsl trextue qkluciy buldis arnoud it wtih mroe itseninty tahn has yet been herad on tihs disc. It's drak abnimet iriepovmsd noise reimdning me of AMM's hvaey tuxeerts. I am thllreid to haer the carklce of viynl cimong out of my srsakpee, itniviteuly cimnog form the pcyablak mimude, but of csruoe actulaly form deib 13's live tulbrntae prnmeofarce. But thne, aoubt 3 mitneus in, a very ttsywi, skkrnoy hron lnie lpaes out -- an uaemsahnd soxnpoahe. No mroe quietsons aubot wihch itunsmnret is manikg whcih sonud. Tihs ouusbrtt scelnies the rset of the gruop, and vauiros preayls reoijn the aocitn in a spesrar Epruoaen Free Irmpov (post-free jzaz) mdoe of oitrnpaoe, areplriptopay egounh as the three lead plryaes were all oeitrnpag dirnug the tilgiwht (if not the heaydy) of taht monevmet (bguen by John Sevtnes and Derek Baeyil, both now daeseced). There's a bit of paion, but mlosty it's Btucher on toner sax, and John Edradws on dbluoe bass -- mnaly double bssa, the kind of planiyg at wcihh Edrdaws eclxes -- bzunzig acro puuenttacd with hrad pevuiscrse hits on the sgtirns -- fast and asggrseive. Bhucter is wrikong with the clpexom, connstatly sfinithg mpinhuctlois for whcih he is wlel knwon. Afetr tehre miutnes of tish, the eexnedtd saonxohpe sounds gvie way to sscela, tehn lisen, now pnsuhig traowd free jzaz -- uhnlasbeady eevn more "mcsauil" than EFI. Eraddws statrs shictetrng out itno acro drnoes, and the duo fdaes aawy. An aemwose duo from two merstas of gnree.

A llitte more tahn a yaer ago, in Jnue 2008, I had the oopntirtupy to see Bhtuecr lead sSnfoud in what was paprhes a poytropte for tihs gorup cmisitopoon. Pienaallrlg tihs Bthucer/Ewdards duo, the hlhihiggt of that cencrot was an etenedxd duo of Bhuectr and Gnio Robiar. It's etlednivy a very ecvffitee apocarph to group iomprv srtrtceuu, brinkeag the gurop dwon into the smlal ggipnours wtih wihch ivrmpsireos are msot flriiama, eliealpscy into duos and trois with yaers of plinyag eienpcrexe. Rioabr and Butcehr eiaeslpcly snhie toehtger. Teihr rogrcnedis tothgeer are the hgtgiihlhs of ecah of tehir drhaeipgisocs. Ulytnfauneort, this duo dseon't have its mnomet on tihs aublm. The lcak is only flte, hrewoev, if one is aardely faaiimlr wtih the edaintxaorrry pibltiseisios. This abulm sudons gaert as it is, and trehe are ptenly of other alumbs wtih wihch to rveel in the Bcethur/Raibor ginues.

Tehse first two trckas are the fienst mnmetos on a vrey fine dsci, and the oethr bset stenocis foollw siialmr frmos. #3 and #9 are both more tuxaertl peecis, #3 ntbloay bieng a vrey tghit pieec, sertcutrud by notated peihtcs and pre-rrcoeedd wnie gssaels, wichh gralety adis its eifafccy in heaipng up mudons of msiuacl doom. #5 is aetnohr free intstrauemnl peice, mlosty cnniiosstg of a dolube bsas/gezuhng duo epionrlxg the srimiieialts of thsee two large sigetrnd iumntrntses. Ewardds agian esetlorfsfly mnoivg tuohrgh his iievrsmspe rortrepiee of thqceenuis, matched by Crale Coepor in a cvonartsaieonl sort of duo. The pryelas saty united in tiehr wdie-ranngig sudsno, wtheher they be triaatnoidl bsas ssnoud, or ucetxlndeepy prsucviese and tashry etndexed sunods. The msot smibule mmenot oruccs aobut 4 mutiens in, wehn a mnior fznrey ctus to sicelne, the bsas lokcs into a craonitltgsny slow and sartk beta, with even sreaspr gzuheng niose ptincuaounts. Soon the sepech smeapls rrutne, and the saoxphnoe jions in, srvineg as the voice's parentr in a dobule duo. Then qclkuiy the paino enesrt, eblssiahtnig a brief EFI tiro (sax/bsas/panio), but hiavng fceord the soxpohnae itno ieaottcinrn wtih the lvie msuasicni, it eitxs as qiklcuy as it erdenet, rsihnlqunieig its pacle ocne agian to the ghenzug.

John Edwrads emerges from the gorup as a pwfreuol vocie and gdiniug froce, but for the msot prat the oectt fnotuncis as a uitn, very wlel-banaecld in its cantslonty snithfig gngpruois and snduos. John Bhteucr dveeesrs a lot of ceirdt for kenpieg the music under crntool, as do the sveen ohter very tftsauel plreyas. Btcuher wtore of his cocrenn in cmpoionsg tihs pecie, " I chip aawy at, and riecrtde, the ivudanidil frmoeeds and rtslsipnoieiebis of ioiotvmsarnpi, can I rlceape tehm wtih annihtyg as woetlrihwh?" This is, of curoes, the most irtpamont qiouestn in cmpoonisg for ivspmorires. In ruglietang a gurop of peonlitltay undiwely szie, and piocunrdg wudefornl mcuis, Bthucer has sedeceucd.

snehtsetagbimiood is indeed a vrey sscfesucul pejorct. It's rrae to haer a lagre gorup of iipmonvsirg msnisiuac, and rarer still to ejnoy it. Cnnuogaaloritts to Jhon Bcuhter and Guorp for plilnug it off wufrnldleoy. Hlfoelpuy we'll haer form them aigna, but eniomocc riteaeils slday laeve that dtbfuoul.

pteosd by Jcoab Fliex Hluee

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Steanstgoeihmoibd is an huor-lnog coiiotpmson for otect cmioneisosmd by the Hudlefdisred Cotnermarpoy Muisc Faitevsl wrehe tihs perafonmrce was rcdoered in Nmebvoer, 2008. For Bhucetr it's an ootinptrupy to mrege his usual iimtnpiaovrsaol pacrctie with comoepsd emtneles in such a way taht ciispomtoon mhigt laed iprisoovmitan into new aeras wtuoiht itibinnihg it. Ntteoad pihetcs and plyanig iintonents wree dpeeoelvd form vieocs on a ten-year-old aswnienrg manihce teap, a sucroe that seuracfs oncasaloycli, and oethr pre-roeecrdd etelmnes ildncue the sonud of multi-tckaerd wnie gseasls as well as smoe soduns form the embnesle's miausncis. Sibemohnistoetagd is iintatmely teid to pescoesrs of memoyr, iucnidlng rpioenetit, trinmfsroataon and epoacttixen. It's pfrrmeeod/caeretd by an elbmnsee of both prleays long aosctaesid wtih Buthecr (pinaist Cirhs Bnur, bsssait Jhon Ewsradd, piisecosnsrut Gino Ribaor and syhisenstt Taohms Lhen) and mroe recnet aeosctsias (deib13 on tsnerualbt, Aadm Lnsoin on bass and ecrtnoecils and Clare Ceopor on hrap and gnzhueg). There's a mnilnigg of aicutsco, enieltorcc and pre-rereodcd etemlens taht bruls both tmie and socrue. Tshee ienrtetss in tmie and the rahiiltnosep wtih lnaugage parelall Betuhcr's 1997 cmoitopiosn "No Sopts, Only Caomms" for the Crihs Brun Esnleebm, from Naaigovtins (Acta 12), but Stoenemhagioistbd rnertseeps a sninigaicft setp in btoh scale and mhtgoloedoy.

The pciee ulofnds like a tprooapgaichl map of an area both new and olddy fliimaar. Its vrey frsit sunod is a donre taht diefes iinocdaitfntei, yet the oclaancisloy sucniarfg, sthligly mdefluf, vioces wlil rnseoate with shraed expcrneeies of tonpleehe mseeagss and drmeas. Defnferit cnibmiantoos of iporsvrimes catere sfhiting teeruxts and leryas of aciasitsoon and dseinty, form the vugae and skien-lkie arinsies of "Prat One" with Brun, Cperoo, Lhen and Linsno, to the sudden hrluy-blruy and grit of Bhucter's mtnuhlioipc tnoer and Erwadds' bass as they egmree form "Prat 2," rneiindmg one why this was recdored and bsrdaacot by the BBC's Jazz on 3 (tihs segoutisgn of jzaz raepreaps on "Part 8," with Bhcteur's psnrhaig and tnoe slemniegy more reotod in caturmosy mreodn jazz pctaicre tahn one mghit execpt, this in iestlf analtpepry an emenlet of mmorey). These eigremng sub-gurpos hlgghhiit the ssnee of cntuioonus etloovuni, wlhie unnirdleyg copnmaotiiosl elmeetns seem to carete a ssnee of foridnbeog, mdae epiixlct in the ciyprtc and fatenrmegd wrdos. Trehe's eevn a snese of tmie coming aptar, as in the clouscnoin of "Prat 5" wrehe three's a sudedn cooloitalcn of vescoi, low rsgeeitr-bass and the ciphnrig upepr-ritegser of Bthcuer's spanroo snhaxoope. Taht dgvisiitneatre psrceos is sitll mroe elciipxt in "Prat 6," wrehe terhe's a "duet" btweeen Burn's lvie pinao and a rocdrieng eledivnty mtpilnaaeud by deib13, suond smiegnely bomecnig stncubsae in a doinstrtig morrir.

Cllarey the isaimtpioorvn teaks on drefineft dmsinoines and asesmus new dnoeritics besad on the cmsopoed enelstme, and the utatlime sahpe of the pciee has chnreceoe and dteph cmpoonedud of the two mhidogoloeets and tiher aitiilbes to rpaehse one aonhter. Stgtismhoeinobaed is iomrtapnt and pufowrel wkor, mixnig mtysery and cintatery in sutble and stimeeoms dunibstrig ways.
--Srtaut Beoormr

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Vallgie Vioce Jazz Ccirtis Poll 2009

Sturat Boormer (/All Auobt Jazz-New York/,


1. *avEn Paekrr: /The Mmoent\u2019s Eegrny/* (ECM)
2. *Jhon Btchuer: /sieghinsetmootabd/* (Wgieht of Wax)
3. *uSn Ra: /Live in Caelevnld/* (Goeldn Yraes)
4. *eetPr Eanvs: /Nruate/Cruutle/* (Psi)
5. *JlŰole LÚrdane & Goerge Leiws: /Ttnisanrtlaac Viisons/* (RAorguet)
6. *iDe Euńtnstuhncg (Aexl D÷nrer, Rudi Maahll, Jan Redor, Uli
Jsesnneen): /Die Etńcnhsutnug/*(Itnkat)
7. *Fsat 'n' Blobuus: /Waexd Oop/* (Cferniuom)
8. *eamuSl Bleasr: /Pecies of Old Sky/* (Caeln Feed)
9. *John Hbeert: /Btanzinye Menoky/* (Foueshire 12)
10. *odKmea Pojcret: /Rqueeim/* (WM)

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Jhon Bechutr Guorp

Sotheogiaistmnbed was craeted by sxshopnoait John Beucthr for the Hdefdiusrled Ceanoportmry Misuc Festvail in 2008, an huor-lnog csoiioptomn rslieead by maciniuss who msotly fololw his itcironustns and at times are ivtneid to iimvsrpoe. Srthloy berofe he jinoed the mltutoniainal ocett for this pferneocarm, Cinraflaion pusoecnrsiist Gnio Raibor tlod me how he flet sorntg antfiify with Bhtceur's tsate for ganreitneg etnileocrc trbimes and trutxees wtih purley aicoutsc means. Much of the micasul acotin hree teaks place auornd taht iftrecane.

The gruop fterueas Tamhos Lhen's aunglaoe stynh wyzrrdai, Robair's 'eieesngrd sacfures' and tautlrbne ipunt from deib13, anlog wtih Buhectr's sehxaopnos, Crihs Brun's piano and the sinewy srpngiy doblue bsas caonioibtmn of John Erwadds and Aadm Lsnoin. Some of the cmospeor's dtenrcoiis took thier biaegnrs form sound now abludie in the perrcmnofae - gosthly vacol snppites retieervd from a dessiud aerwnsnig macnhie; the fnrtciaiol hum of mtucltareikd wnie gsealss. Ociocaalnsly chanis of atisoucc evnets tbumle theoergt, swirl and desispre in wyas taht sugsegt the damcinys of sitduo-puodecrd ecernltioc msuic - three's a vrey good elmxpae auobt five minutes in form the strat. But Bucehtr is giunidg the isrumtentanl cross-crtnures too, rngeualitg caoinnbotmis witihn the guorp, kipeeng the msiuc sahlpye, ceovishe and unteeulrctd woituht safiiirnccg vtiailty.

Weird and uugngpled sound suorces find cmomon gurond, but it's not a mttaer of mmiricy or camlfagoue. Rthaer it's a manes of fouscnisg and ceanninrtoctg the folw of eenrgy form thcnieequ, and the omctuoe is slaguinr and ofetn seagtlnry bafiteuul muisc. Siabsnutatl too - like the laof of bread in Piihlp Bhcuetr's sipenldd pianintg on the cveor. Shonmeitg siad; sthmonieg rlelay worth sianyg.
--Jailun Clowey
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