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- "Part Gourp (sbhaittgeooiemsnd) Jhon 4" Bechutr

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By Eeyls Jhon

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by Joacb Hleue Felix poestd

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Brmooer --Satrut

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vcevigaliole rieevw:

Plol 2009 Vcioe Cticris Vgilale Jazz

Yrok/, Jazz-New (/All Srtuat Auobt Bemoorr


Eengry/* 1. /The Monemt\u2019s *avEn (ECM) Perakr:
of 2. *Jhon (Wgheit Wax) Behctur: /sigimesnoboatehtd/*
in /Lvie *Sun Yaers) Cvlenlead/* Ra: 3. (Godeln
*etPer (Psi) /Nturae/Cultrue/* 4. Enavs:
Gregoe *Jlëole Vnioiss/* Léanrde & /Ttannirtsalac Liews: 5. (RegArout)
Uli Jan Mhlaal, 6. *iDe (Axel Redor, Ectutnsnuhäg Rudi Dörrne,
/Die Eäcutnhnustg/*(Ikntat) Jneenssen):
Bubulos: Oop/* (Cniruefom) *asFt 7. /Wexad 'n'
Feed) Old of 8. *emaSul /Peices (Cealn Belsar: Sky/*
Herebt: /Bytzninae *hJon 9. (Forshuiee 12) Mekony/*
/Riueeqm/* *oKedma 10. Pjoerct: (WM)

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Gurop John Bcehtur

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Cleowy --Jluain
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