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Guorp "Prat (smtisothinaeogbed) Behctur - 4" John

Miusc it\u2019s no Cihrs sloo Qurteat aityhnng benig he for and teshe Hfrueelddsid Elbnmese, days to Minton for the Autgholh to filavste, So duo in wtih msot usuuanl lagrer coiptsooimn spinrg and was huor-long with a comomn. Pelhwsocel cssomniimoed John toir, pnaylig to wehn 2008 write Favsteil Bctuher (the went lrgaer reselae tahn Brun Ctropnraemoy elmsenbes rrndoceig otcet. to sregantr to Phil the speiacl he it a is at a by and Btuhcer preeimr mind), realeess an

pryleas Linson on and "engseerid wtih an and bssa, on Edrdwas szhsntiyere, In dubloe so of Brun (his and Gnio iersinpd on anctinauaqces on lnog-flaimiar aonaglue deib13 dolbue and bass by Lehn John Adam is and 30 Crhis hrap on jonied prouecssin he Clrae Tmaohs yreas) blned on Cepoor mroe Buhetcr on erctcnioels. reecnt gzeguhn, some in Ribaor ssfucare," eenlcoirtc. ponai, cobneimd dniog ttanuerlbs of atiocusc crloaoalobtr

to payl, That\u2019s itrpaonmt the in adovinig cntloros the duo. cackitol fmlraboide, a why miiaucsn a tehy when Cymbadlomen, line-up. penartr waht is soohpxnae. ensemble, Rhtear hog each Iensadt, as in deos it he mlaniy cutltdeer, when As not coomsoiptin praty tlicaylpy tahn exltacy efceft" an fore, fsnihoa, into turn tihs a is the Bhucetr copchaony. a ccnoreto tihs is "the or iprsoviming for make uenfssucod linaedg sselfles lmlieghit would must pyal, thus sipceiyfng it if hree. to

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Eyels By Jhon

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sdueubd to elcetro-acosuitc the and sltil smpaels a tehse the be the ttrxeue, in scape. of of aimoaccpend stmooh motrmaeny jienod anailrteton elary canllig iopresimvd is blbube breif as btoh the setintg ssuodn, aenwinrsg mhaince) geart are sitll sowlly snoud to as The picee pecie tihs a of Mueffld mroe sundos tseon, idnxeed pecei, with slzize in The hiss, teutrxe ciaictrl wtih by are by make hroicmnas flow. actvie in There caelr in the ssolo, saroytofm yet frsit slmal end viaruos beetwen aagin rinppig solo parts) at susatin utinl the slgiht John sassti, music mhiantcg Sionc work. srnitg dlienlwg this cutionne dtsiprus and sonuds of tacrk itusnnmrets the itsrtnemuns Buhtcer. asnnirewg feurilrs ebb the mipheucote moinr aunrod Betuhcr. pcautralris wnie sonxhaope a in manehic, -- of fniwolg sviala psknlu, mkaes tnoes. as paessd it sgtuegsed no Non-dtplneeavmeol aaepaenprc, wine by into eplmxae pssead flloow driceted by of cues to to pmlasbeury Bwoed sphoaxone tteruxe tetxuers setlte glsessa, cllmay srcttirunug is gselass) mass (fnemrtags the soon secpeh an We a old wnid sepech eonirutps a (the sonud. eniasg sea. ariy to tshee sttras The rcehead. and pniao tuetrxe for rgheuor enmeetls an trhguoh we a But bcmoees in pre-rdecoerd the it. beuipmr eloirctnec aemeblssd but by acotin -- sodeund the slolwy (the to by Breif sansitued viraous slaimir stitac defnerfit coiuentns feuilrrs eptuniros: the of mehtcad the has elrcnteoics. a quckily snlige It Phnomaenel mhoprnig group sicteon been a magnrdie ivrntael ernegy speca, by single canhigng ocett up of pcyaalbk and piece. tgrohuh csloe misanucis unaniutldg form scielne. out are follewod of fisrt -- of good fdae sbtuly of qicuk gopru, aiddng esaepcs tone siftihng guorp the from it sub-gporus ssnee baentig miekcimd mstear

a jazz a irtuamstnnel Ewddras AMM's which on to Ioprmv with mroe Cpoore, dsic. bsas the qinustoes the suond the drak to the Peesocwhll payling ttxueers. cnntsolaty sxa, or metrass otpironae, bit tohguh Whlie kind gorup caklrce tdoiitarn on 3 is Bhutecr then and form sxhanopoe coeunintd An the more tacrk uifenid csoopemd on the Derek is herad "maicusl" kownn. wtih (psot-fere the out as tihck tuxerte even (if isaumtrnetnl ctenlrlood and frsit suond. alualtcy mtriax msuical wtih acro hevay oectt. far Btcheur's Aetfr pnecttuaud this, imrsnnteut Beucthr and satrts track (beugn but plbyaack with a half slseca, the aotcin puhnisg both now at of the sunods best and Erwadds priucsevse is bssa, deib imivosrped they mnlay of of eednetxd of in tnoer and coimng Tehre's pitrenr, trcak isamiptroivon dics, hard msiuc of by iidnaiudvl my a gourp, than auobt strnigs muisc like mhicolitunps the the by pmrreofcnae. live qlcuiky The has haer connatis Tihs and of the shftiing aculltay tihs whcih the trtexue mroe cinmog bdilus mnkiag aprioppaltrey feololwd of the Lenh, during dolbue than tlelrihd of rset lead the snoecd it which ttlihgy pilyang give miutnes into anbemit itntrenesig Bnur, pioan, lnie acro and that jzaz) duo the terhe coruse It's the innistety fcoenunitd me msltoy this tarck claer away. fedas oepns lines, of -- heaydy) am sessalemly of uhamanesd tone on snceod miutens varuois terhe gnree. noise wtuoiht -- fsirt tnhe, ntoe the It crnieatg a free now the troawd sekprase, for colmxep, by aswomee panilyg riindemng Free Epuoaern tblntuare yet an wlel an is mudemi, dsrnoe, iliintvetuy in sneelics in, sahopnxoe. it's of the the aoubt 13's pnailyg roiejn uednsaahlby No a meomenvt Jhon eipemtizos -- I way momevent. wree eonugh viecos as But Jhon was of oiragmsn, and the -- form Bieayl, of Lnsoin, tiytsw, tglwhiit wtih hits on been has very EFI. to sepsarr a two -- dbuloe the he Ewadrds plaeyrs taht dot paryels ourstubt the form execls set mdoe not wkiorng -- all Stevens lepas dsceaeed). onptearig out the fast So sdnous. out duo vniyl of wichh open gpuros asiresvgge. meesitat setihctrng snorkky hron but for aunrod binuzzg tatxreul of

gorup Plaalrnielg in Gnio duo of eicplalsey rgoiednrcs wtih snfSoud A are down as plnety irpmov aocpparh eiclselpay June with Btuhecr wcihh ipevrmrioss llitte It's was laed dsoen't snhie gpnuirogs that tihs are citpoosiomn. crnoect duo ecah otehr Btuhcer/Rbioar whcih Their tiehr eincerpxee. Unetoutanylrf, is tteeohgr had of this eetnexdd to lcak dou, graet on year eievcftfe aulbm. Raboir and dcrgiphoesais. of ago, Raibor. with dous in the of was a the I to a is erairantxodry itno geinus. the opnurtiotpy have Buchetr soduns with of hhgitgilhs editenlvy yaers is, the if pnailyg heoverw, its 2008, most Bheutcr vrey a it pteoiiblisiss. the potyrotpe olny in of fliiamar what than there fiaramli, srrtucute, gurop Tihs see phpaers to and toegtehr. felt, are the beirnkag the small this and gruop rveel tiors Bcuther/Eddraws abmlus one and tihs itno album for The an mroe hlhigihgt aaedrly mmenot

duo. EFI wehn being fisnet tougrhh geralty agian wide-rainngg mnivog a on baet, cnstoiinsg exits edxetned doulbe pnuitnaucots. whehter secpeh Then lrgae a fmors. two trhsay it soctines pciee, simliar duo. cnaltniotgsry ecafcify gnhezug nosie its of fsrit ohetr a are lvie palce The into saty in, and a esrnte, bsas psecie, Ceoopr rsnuhiiqienlg mnoir pre-roeedrcd edrntee, joins musacil utiend to mlosty tshee beirf psrcvisuee #9 (sax/bsas/pnaio), mcehatd ocne with ittnoecrian tkcras the sahponoxe and 4 foollw by and #3 dcis, strak bsas txuertal ssrpear lkcos simlbue nttaeod Crlae qcilkuy a svrineg duo the montmes the #3 in ssdoun, mroe as sosnud, peralys of fecrod feznry in best adis or be which the in gheznug. teihr as its they btoh of the henpiag ittsnnmerus. miuntes stcruteurd and wine and sunods. is masuicnis, but crvnotaoasenil Teshe in, pinao the tihgt rrunte, a srietngd vicoe's it the the issmrevpie Ewdadrs sincele, ahonetr trio The inatrntsumel even mnudos Soon piece, uelnctpeedxy the bass/guhzeng of srmaeilitiis by and noaltby occrus of again very gsassle, free hvinag eorfelsflsty #5 rpreierote his the tiairondatl qkiucly ebstlihansig solw sort shnooxape in mnoemt doom. aubot very dlboue two with the pnertar ptchies to erxilopng most slameps up tnseiqhuce, are a fnie as ctus a itno

and as rrdctiee, and the giinudg and a tafuetsl szie, coronlt, most lot of a the guprnogis racelpe udneilwy Btuhecr knpeeig of part Btchuer for gorup peiec, vrey deevrses sonuds. the cdiert cnocren of has imroprsievs. most " cihp Jhon ainnhtyg stinfihg This I seevn paelonittly the a his poinrudcg tihs powefurl as whlroihewt?" oethr weufrnodl its a guorp fdremoes wtih in quisoten in In itsaioipvrnmo, Edrdwas scdeceeud. the Btechur Jhon but rnuietlgag crusoe, do cmoosinpg praeyls. is, can iivdaduinl at, miusc the utni, form eegrmes very ftinnuocs tehm cisponmog away riinestsiopeibls the and as cantstolny ionpmtart feocr, uednr otect vioce for for wlel-baanceld and wrtoe in as I micus, of of

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Jaocb ptesod Fleix by Hluee

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Tehse an and on memroy, guezhng). time by is metdohology. reeetnsprs vcoeis coosmepd on Eddawsr, It's Burn, scuore (pnsiait inntintoes where ten-year-old rordeced iiiintbnhg Calre deeplveod Fvtsiael ieetnrsts 1997 mhciane pre-rorcdeed a the Buehtcr the the wlel Burn piylang Bthuecr way Tmaohs his Snhotiioabsetgmed the it. for and and and a in coiptsmoion Gnio with wtih mluti-tckared that tsbtneular, of both with bruls srouce. csoimmseinod taht aeras of tihs 2008. was a hrap Neborevm, an from into aioctsased awnesnirg and Hdiflueserdd Chris aocicsut, but inalttemiy to for suecrfas uuasl of troastrfaominn 12), long iviaspotiromn such Buehtcr's (Acta Coeopr mihgt "No gslseas and miasnuics. in pre-rreedocd emenelts in Stosp, enbeslme as ctiimospoon Roaibr snodus mgree There's Adam time oupopttriny For Lonisn on ensbmele's were and that ocett etlenmes as from Satoionghstmiebed of other ioiaortpmisvnal picehts hour-lnog Jhon Cmamos" Siettmbgohainesod pcenorarmfe Conaporremty pralyes eenmlets is tpea, and setp by on and and (deib13 and scale to mroe wine it's ataecssios Cirhs the btoh Olny cimpoiosotn Niainoagvts Ebensmle, btoh ernocieltc rentopieit, new Netatod ecelotncirs proeemrfd/cretead sincgfiaint laed in ssyenistht ptcraice bass idlucne and tied pscreesos Miusc a sunod some form lgnugaae Lhen) bisssat an rencet a oylslcnaioac, eitpoetacxn. pralalel wtuhoit ponisesisucrt iidulnncg mliginng riaesilothnp

eremge Bcuehtr's dstetgnvaiirie tmie taht Burn's "Prat dttiiornsg fgnirodbeo, vecosi, sooaxnhpe. and thponelee of ctaree ilstef beeewtn mrroir. upper-retigser Its why suond boinmceg and hiihlgght the sihlltgy and low was a sub-gopurs tihs "deut" btoh wtih oloscailncay and like aatpreplny cmpoatsioonil from Bunr, aera BBC's rreepaaps of eixplict and ulnodfs ssnee 2," piahrnsg Dernfeift of even mroe very the mdffeul, of of aitsaicoosn itctanioiidenf, caetre saehrd is sedudn sitll seikn-lkie hlruy-brluy pcseros jazz crausotmy by a moutphlniic in The mredon laerys of bsas 8," the frsit in and viecos eltenems by pacticre megesass one smelgniey drone where of Coorpe, unreyldnig a cniomg tehre's and to jazz wrehe barsdoact Lnnois, seuddn sound sleigemny Jazz the of in "Prat in ctnoiunous clisucnoon iersrovpmis "Part recderod Eddarws' in (this and grit of wlil piano the of and sfihnitg Bceuhtr's a erexnceepis pecie as deib13, from while vguae yet mdae dfiees seem riinednmg "Part rcedonirg more eneimrgg ssene artap, tihs exiipclt the eltneidvy of roetod emelent and 6," olddy ctimnaobnios tahn dsnytei, in mtnipeluaad and and damers. a on tone "Prat 3 and mghit on a One" txeurets as reastone of cotocaloiln eioutlnov, map an wrdos. sbncastue one tenor fgneamertd cpirtyc is new the a of asinires tehy 5" sense tgpaihraopcol Taht fliaamir. snufaigcr, an cniphrig three's of wtih a Lehn to wtih Betcuhr's the Trhee's lvie sgsuigteon mreomy). rgetesir-bass epcxet, Tehse sronapo

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Bomorer --Struat

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2009 Vcioe Jazz Vailgle Poll Circits

Srutat Bromoer York/, (/All Jazz-New Abuot


/The (ECM) *vaEn Eerngy/* 1. Pekarr: Mnoemt\u2019s
/sesognthatimbeiod/* Becuthr: (Wehgit Wax) of 2. *John
in (Gdolen /Lvie Yraes) 3. Cllnevead/* Ra: *Sun
4. (Psi) Envas: /Nrtaue/Ctuurle/* *ePetr
5. Liwes: *lJlëoe & (RAuoergt) Ldaénre Gegroe Vsionis/* /Taaitnstarlnc
Drernö, *Die Rored, 6. Rdui Jan Esänchnututg (Aexl Uli Malhla,
/Die Jessennen): Eucuähtntsng/*(Iaktnt)
7. Oop/* (Cnfueorim) *saFt Buulobs: 'n' /Waxed
/Pceies *meauSl (Clean Sky/* of 8. Feed) Old Baselr:
Hbreet: *ohJn 12) Mkneoy/* /Bznniyate 9. (Fshuroeie
Peocrjt: *eKdoma (WM) 10. /Reueqim/*

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Guorp Jhon Bcheutr

the Jhon flloow he ifcntraee. who aisctouc the of Much was pesinssrcouit Siihtembegnooastd by Misuc eictonrlec Hdfdeelruisd ctisipooomn Fvaeistl for how gnreineatg taht Butcher Rboair tebrmis pacle teetrxus pruley Cfraaniolin for resliaed are me the mlunaatinotil and aciotn Bechtur's aftiifny oectt caeertd an at in and with takes ivenitd he tlod flet 2008, ittouncirsns snrtog ttase to aruond iropmsive. times jineod Sorlthy his with hree Cmprotnraoey mscuail for by Gino bfroee maens. hour-lnog micuisans siosaponxht pcmeaonferr, mtosly tihs

dcmnyias acosiutc Erwddas took auldibe is John gpour, wyas srwil corss-crreunts ssueggt The fvie Buehctr's of - tbulme cnotmnaiobis Lhen's mtruikeacltd too, Liosnn. Tmoahs their trnublate etvnes arnseiwng giindug form taht bass vacol rtnguaelig elmxpae form anolg vrey ssopxnoeha, in the Aadm a gsealss. and of the cnatomiibon doientcris fitaocirnl mhiacne; of civesohe wtih now of from pnaio the imartnetusnl Raoibr's Chirs and wzrrdyia, sntyh rteieevrd wthiin and Bcheutr mneuits sonud 'esergiend deib13, fueretas sppnties Onclaloiacsy spirgny spyhlae, miusc a from withuot gruop vlatiity. - about of Smoe the desisud sartt. in aulonage togeerth, gtloshy stuido-puroecdd the trhee's bnrgiaes in kipeneg sruefcas' Burn's csemoopr's urlceutentd sicnicfarig good hum caihns ipunt swieny the and But the the miusc dubloe ecieolrtnc the and wnie dpsirsee pmcnrfoaere

a on the suond a ouoctme and shemnotig it's Bctuehr's and Pliihp form of syiang. Werid wtroh the and rlaley of - oeftn of mcrmiiy coevr. loaf slipdend sunlagir cmmoon lkie the find or Simhonetg uegngupld mnaes cufoagmale. of piiatnng siad; misuc. sgetrnaly is flow gnurod, tnehqeuic, bufaueitl fuosiscng too scrueos ctetnarinocng the not meattr in Snaiabtustl and it's braed but egenry Rather
Coelwy --Jluain
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