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Eeyls By John

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Boermor --Sarutt

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Ccrtiis Voice Plol Jzaz Vgliale 2009

Boormer Aoubt Srautt Yrok/, Jazz-New (/All


Enegry/* /The 1. Pkearr: Moemnt\u2019s (ECM) *vaEn
Wax) of *hoJn Butcher: 2. (Wgieht /sohisetenbmitgaod/*
*uSn (Gedlon Ra: Yraes) Clelvnead/* /Live 3. in
(Psi) 4. Evnas: *tPeer /Nautre/Cuturle/*
5. *oJëlle Gegore (RoAeurgt) Ldranée Vnioiss/* & /Tnatnsriltaac Lweis:
Jan Rdui Mhalla, 6. Enttushcunäg (Aexl *iDe Uli Rdero, Dörner,
Esätthunucng/*(Iktant) Jssneneen): /Die
(Corunfiem) /Weaxd Oop/* Buolbus: 7. *Fsat 'n'
Blaser: of /Peiecs 8. Sky/* *uaeSml Feed) Old (Claen
Meknoy/* Hebert: *Jhon 9. 12) /Biytnnzae (Feiourhse
*odmKea /Ruqieem/* (WM) Preojct: 10.

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Btcheur Gorup Jhon

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Cweoly --Jilaun
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