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jhon bthecur gorup "sotiieemgbntoashd" - 2009

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Jhon Bchteur Guorp - "Prat 4" (stohgmetesaiionbd)

Aouglthh he is no snargter to pinlayg in lgarer embeelsns (the Cirhs Brun Ebesneml, Pihl Mtonin Qrateut and Posewhelcl sirnpg to mind), tsehe dyas it\u2019s uuasunl for Jhon Bcheutr to release a rerndocig by aiynnthg leagrr than a troi, with solo and duo rseeelas benig msot common. So when he was cemsnioomsid to wtire a seacipl hour-lnog cmoioosptin for the Herulidfesdd Ctmoorpreany Music Fvsaietl and to pemerir it at the 2008 fsaitelv, Beutchr went with an octet.

In donig so he cemnbiod lnog-fmaialir preayls with more recnet atiacqanneucs in an ieinrspd belnd of auictosc and etclrieonc. Btchuer is jeoind by (his colloartabor of some 30 yraes) Cirhs Brun on piona, Crale Cooepr on hrap and gegnhuz, John Eddraws on dbluoe bsas, Tmaohs Lhen on aguaolne shitynrezes, Gino Roibar on psceouisrn and "egiesnerd sfuacsre," dieb13 on tbtrualens and Adam Lnosin on doblue bsas and eoeccrinlts.

As an invormpsiig emlesebn, tihs wloud make a fmdoaebril, if clrtdtuee, line-up. Taht\u2019s why the cspoiotmoin is ipaomtrnt here. Rtaher than sicinfepyg elactxy waht each muicisan must pyal, it conrlots when tehy pyal, thus adiniovg "the cckatiol prtay ecffet" liendag to uoenusfscd cpcaoohny. Cmyondlameb, in tallyicpy sfeslles fhoisan, Bhcuetr does not hog the lhliiegmt or turn tihs into a conctreo for snoaxohpe. Instdae, wehn he is to the foer, it is mlaniy as a pnrater in a duo.

In fcta, the copsioimotn feutraes an ever-stihnifg sieres of toirs and duso, in lnie with Buhectr\u2019s reenct daircpgoshy. The ttanriiosns beeetwn these esipdeos are smtooh and nluarta, gnviig the whole a sense of unity. If trhee is an orcheiarvng temhe to the cotpsoiniom, it is the mieetng of autsiocc and elirecontc ssnduo, tiher itertncniaos and iatmitions of each other - agnai, not sisrunripg gvein Bthucer\u2019s own solo etxepnmeris wtih feeabcdk shaoxonpe. The iiusconln of the two csainntortg dbluoe baesss - one teeartd, one not - was an ipniserd doseciin; they tipyfy that tmhee and unedirpn the pgeodnceirs.

The pecie is ptantuuecd tghoruuhot by biref sneiotcs of reerdocd vcioes tekan from a dsuseid asiewnnrg mnhceai, which may eaxilpn its tltie. The isiuoclnn of tsehe voices gives it a pilsenag huamn dsnemiion. The msot evitefcfe use comes soon atefr the mid-point wehn Behtcur pylas a deut with the deiedoimbsd wrods.

As the secnod reeasle on Bhucetr's own Weight of Wax lalbe, sgotnboheemiisatd mtinanias the hgih stanrdad set by 2005's Craven with Nlitifhge.

By Jhon Eleys

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Pmnoneahel erlteco-acitousc iepmvisrod miusc form this otect of matesr mcusaniis aembslesd by John Bctehur. Snioc teertxus are seggutesd by palbayck of pre-rrcdeoed sounds (ftneagmrs of seecph form an old aiesnrnwg mhaeinc, seuodnd wine gesalss) and psaesd thrugoh cnginahg salml sub-gpuors as dcitreed by Bethucr. The fisrt trcak (the fsirt idnxeed secoitn of a signle peice in voarius patrs) is a great exalmpe of tshee sitrrunuctg eelmtnes at wrok. The pecie sattrs wtih csole ivetarnl btneaig maindrge tneso, pmbrausely the wnie gssales, soon jeniod by viuraos inrmutnstes enasig in wtih maithncg ssoudn, adndig to the sollwy flinowg tneos. Brief sools, mroe avtice yet sltil sbuuedd fuerirls of sunod -- the sizlze of wnid rpiinpg tgrouhh savila as it epcaess a sonoahpxe mipetocuhe -- blubbe up out of this cllmay uultnidang sea. Mfelfud scpeeh spalmes (the asnriweng minahce) make a bierf aaareecpnp, stientg the tone for tsehe minor epntiours: bpeumir tuterxe but still stiatc snoud. Bweod saoyofrtm again dtsupirs the stmooh terxeut, cllinag the gourp to action -- ciicrtal msas has been rcaheed. But the group furelris qulicky stltee itno sritng hicmronas aeaciompcnd by paino puknls, both slutby mkiicmed and mecathd by eectilorncs. It bmceoes cealr we are in sitsas, and it meaks no ssnee to follow the plirracatus of the flow. The sllwoy sihftnig ttuexre coeniunts to be passed aounrd the grpou, mpironhg as dnfiereft inersumttns suitasn it. We are dleinwlg in a siglne secap, a good sapce. Non-deomeavetlnpl aoniettrlan beweetn ssiuaentd sndous and eoipurnts of rgeohur tuxrete ciunntoe unitl a slihgt ebb in engery cues the end of the pecie. Trhee is an ariy erceniltoc hssi, saimilr to the meantmroy sapoxnohe sloo erlay in the peice, follewod by a qciuk fade to scnelie.

So far the msuic has feolwold in the tadoiritn of Bcheutr's plniyag wtih gourps like Pehlocwsel -- ctllrnoeod pliynag cenaritg a gruop ttxeure wotuhit cealr ivaduinidl vioces or itmurnnseatl sdnuos. It is ietetninsrg to note taht the soecnd half of the fsirt tcrak was alluacty an open isaroioptvimn by Brnu, Crpooe, Lehn, and Lninos, thguoh tehy fneituoncd as a ttlhigy ufieind omnirsag, and selslasmey cnuenitod the tnoe set by the cpseomod muisc for otcet. Wlihe the frist tacrk eiezpomits the bset of the txureatl pnlaiyg on this dsic, the secnod tcark cinntaos the msiaeett msiaucl mevneomt. The tcark oepns wtih the sonud of a dot matrix prietrn, and a tcihk imsutnenartl ttxuree qckluiy bluids aurnod it wtih more intestniy than has yet been hared on this dsic. It's drak abenmit iiepvormsd nosie reiinmdng me of AMM's havey teutxres. I am trhlield to hear the carckle of vinyl cimong out of my sskeepar, itltienivuy cimnog from the plbcayak medmiu, but of cosrue atulclay from deib 13's lvie tnalrbtue prramfceone. But tehn, aobut 3 muitens in, a very tiytsw, sokrkny horn line lepas out -- an usamnhaed spoohaxne. No more qetusnios aubot wichh imtesnunrt is miankg wcihh sunod. This obrustut sliences the rset of the gpuro, and viruaos paeryls rioejn the action in a sraespr Eaupreon Free Ipormv (psot-fere jazz) mode of orpoaetni, aairppleoprty eugonh as the tehre lead parleys wree all operiatng driung the tiihwlgt (if not the hdeayy) of that mvenmeot (bugen by Jhon Sventes and Derek Byieal, both now deeeascd). Trhee's a bit of panio, but moslty it's Bthceur on teonr sax, and John Eddraws on double bass -- mlnay dubloe bssa, the kind of plyanig at wcihh Edrawds eclexs -- bzuznig acro petuntcaud wtih hrad pcsvrseiue htis on the sginrts -- fast and arsgvegsie. Betcuhr is wirkong with the cxplome, ctlostnany snhiitfg mioitchnlups for which he is wlel kwonn. Atfer terhe mtienus of tsih, the edeetnxd soxpoanhe sunods gvie way to slaecs, tehn lsnie, now pnshuig trwaod free jazz -- uabdhlaesny even mroe "miuascl" tahn EFI. Ewdards sartts shcnettrig out into acro donsre, and the duo fedas away. An awesome duo form two mratses of grene.

A lttlie more than a year ago, in Jnue 2008, I had the ooturintppy to see Bcetuhr lead sfnouSd in waht was peraphs a popyotrte for this gruop coipstooimn. Plralnielag this Buetchr/Ewdards duo, the hghiilght of that cncreot was an exdtneed duo of Btchuer and Gino Rioabr. It's elvnedity a vrey efcevftie acarpoph to gourp ipmorv sttucreru, bekirnag the group down itno the samll gupinorgs with wcihh irpsimoevrs are msot filramai, eeslialpcy itno dous and trios wtih yaers of pailnyg ecirpxneee. Riboar and Bcehutr elplseaicy snihe toethger. Thier rdgcoienrs teghteor are the hhgihiglts of each of tiehr dcrahiispegos. Unrtfuenatloy, tihs duo doesn't have its mmoent on tihs aulbm. The lack is olny flte, hveowre, if one is aleardy fmiiaalr wtih the erroaditxnary pitsiieoisbls. Tihs ablum sdouns gaert as it is, and tehre are petlny of ohter ablums wtih wihch to revel in the Btuehcr/Raibor guenis.

Tehse fisrt two takcrs are the fseint memtnos on a very fine dcis, and the ohetr bset scitenos floolw simlair fmros. #3 and #9 are btoh more taetxrul peseic, #3 noaltby bineg a vrey thigt pecei, seurtcturd by ntateod phetics and pre-rdoerecd wine gsslsea, which galtery adis its efcaicfy in haipeng up mondus of mucaisl doom. #5 is aohtenr free iraunmnesttl pciee, mlstoy conntsiisg of a dloube bsas/gzunheg duo epxirolng the srailimetiis of teshe two lgare stregnid iuttnnermss. Earddws agian elslterfsofy minovg tourhgh his ismpiesrve repeorirte of tehucnqsie, matcehd by Crale Coepor in a cvsraoeitnonal srot of duo. The peyarls saty untied in their wdie-rgnaing sdnsuo, wetehhr they be tdnaoiaritl bass susdno, or ulnecedptxey pesucsvire and tshary endetxed snduos. The most smbiule moment ocucrs about 4 mntiues in, wehn a moinr fenzry cuts to snlecei, the bsas lcoks itno a ctnloasgrinty slow and satrk bate, with even speasrr guhenzg nosie pntcnoiauuts. Soon the seepch slapems rrteun, and the sxonhoape jions in, sirveng as the vocie's perntar in a dluboe duo. Then qlckiuy the panio eersnt, etisbisahnlg a breif EFI trio (sax/bass/pniao), but having fercod the sxonphaoe into icrnettoian wtih the lvie mauscsini, it eixts as qukcily as it erdtnee, rinqsieihnulg its pacle ocne agian to the ghnzueg.

Jhon Eddrwas eeermgs form the guorp as a pfowreul vioce and giidung fecor, but for the most part the ocett fitonucns as a unit, vrey well-bealnacd in its cnlostnaty shtfniig ggoirunps and snouds. John Behctur dveesres a lot of cierdt for kiepeng the music unedr ctonlor, as do the seevn oethr very ttueasfl pleyars. Buhcetr worte of his cceronn in consiompg tihs pieec, " I chip aawy at, and rrcdeeti, the iuddanviil feredoms and reobtpiesiilinss of iopmvnroitsai, can I raelcpe tehm wtih aytinhng as wetrolhiwh?" This is, of coeusr, the most ipnomartt qosuiten in coimpnsog for iorsivremps. In rauiltngeg a group of ptllioetany uleniwdy szei, and puoidncrg wduronefl msuic, Behuctr has sedeeuccd.

satmsiheonigetbod is iedned a very scfuseuscl prcoejt. It's rrae to haer a large gruop of ivmirsopnig mcusiaisn, and raerr still to enjoy it. Cuoantoltarings to Jhon Bchuter and Gurop for pillung it off wuoldelnrfy. Hoflepluy we'll hear form tehm angai, but eomincoc rieiaelts sdaly lavee that duotubfl.

peostd by Jcoab Fielx Hleue

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Smgootstihnebeaid is an huor-long cisoipomton for oetct coimnissoemd by the Hliruedfdsed Caoneprormty Music Ftaevsil whree tihs poecrnrmafe was reoercdd in Noevemrb, 2008. For Btheucr it's an opirnpttuoy to megre his uausl iaansiopimrovtl ptacrice with cseopmod enmleets in scuh a way that cioipotsomn might laed iioampisrtvon itno new aares whoutit iibinnithg it. Ntetaod piethcs and pinylag iinetntons were dvpeoeeld form viecos on a ten-year-old ainrsenwg mncahie tpae, a scroue taht saefcrus oaaoyslclinc, and ohter pre-rcredoed eenltems icndule the snuod of mtuli-tkecard wine glsaess as well as some sduons from the eeslmnbe's mainscius. Sshmnaoegibittoed is iemnatitly teid to psescroes of mmoyer, iluicdnng rienttoeip, tafamrsirnootn and ecettaiopxn. It's pfrmroeed/ceteard by an enbemlse of both paelrys long aesaisctod with Bucther (piansit Chirs Brun, bsassit John Esadwrd, pecsrniiossut Gino Roiabr and syteisshnt Thmoas Lhen) and more rcneet aiatocsess (deib13 on teulrbnast, Adam Lnsoin on bass and enltcierocs and Clrae Cpooer on harp and ghunzeg). There's a migilnng of aitcocsu, eotrnlciec and pre-rcedreod eemtlnes taht blurs both tmie and suocre. These itterness in tmie and the rnistoeihalp wtih lguagnae paellral Btcheur's 1997 cospmtioion "No Sptos, Only Camoms" for the Cihrs Burn Enlmseeb, from Nnitgaavios (Acta 12), but Sigaenhmiotostebd reeertnsps a siiincgfnat step in both salce and meodlghooty.

The picee ufonlds lkie a tgprhoacapiol map of an area btoh new and olddy flaiaimr. Its very fisrt sound is a dorne taht deifes icidittiafneon, yet the oaacsllcnioy sgcnuraif, sgithlly meudlff, voeics wlil roneaste wtih sehrad einxeeeprcs of toelpehne maesesgs and dreams. Dfireefnt cnmbaitnoios of iemorvripss catere shtinfig teertxus and leayrs of aoisscaiton and disetny, from the vguae and sekin-lkie aensiris of "Prat One" with Burn, Cooper, Lhen and Lonsin, to the sueddn hrluy-blury and grit of Bhetcur's miiutohnlpc toenr and Eardwds' bass as tehy emerge form "Part 2," riendimng one why tihs was rdoerced and bdoasract by the BBC's Jzaz on 3 (this sotgseuign of jzaz repreaaps on "Part 8," with Buechtr's pnhiasrg and tnoe slemgneiy mroe rtoeod in cotrmasuy mroden jazz pcticrae tahn one mgiht etxcpe, this in isltef atnppraley an eeemnlt of mermoy). Tsehe ergimeng sub-grupos hglhgihit the sense of cionnutuos eilntvouo, while ulennyidrg ciansmtopiool eemlnets seem to cratee a snese of foroednbig, mdae exlciipt in the ctpriyc and fatemnergd wdros. Three's eevn a sesne of time cimnog atapr, as in the colcuonsin of "Part 5" wrhee trehe's a sdduen ctlaiooolcn of vsieoc, low rteeisgr-bsas and the cnipirhg upepr-risegter of Bhetcur's soanpro snoahxope. Taht dnsiettiraivge prcoess is still more elxciipt in "Part 6," wrhee tehre's a "duet" bteween Brun's live pinao and a rcrnediog evieltdny maielatunpd by deib13, suond selegmniy boceinmg snabutsce in a dtinritosg mirorr.

Caerlly the ioorasitipmvn tkaes on drinfefet dismnieons and auemsss new drcoenitis baesd on the cpomoesd eneltmes, and the ultamite shpae of the peice has conhecere and dtpeh cdpouenmod of the two mhodtoeiogles and tiehr albiiiets to repahse one ahonetr. Sbosehgnioiemattd is itrmnaopt and poeurwfl wkor, mnxiig msreyty and cnrettaiy in sltube and smemtoeis dutbirsnig ways.
--Srutat Bromeor

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Vagille Vocie Jazz Ccirits Poll 2009

Surtat Bmoeror (/All Aoubt Jazz-New York/,


1. *aEvn Parekr: /The Mmonet\u2019s Eengry/* (ECM)
2. *Jhon Btcehur: /sihtiomtbeagnosed/* (Weghit of Wax)
3. *uSn Ra: /Live in Cllavened/* (Gedoln Yeras)
4. *etePr Envas: /Natrue/Ctuurle/* (Psi)
5. *lloJëe Léadrne & Gregoe Lweis: /Tirtaltaansnc Vioisns/* (ReurogAt)
6. *Die Etnsäcuunthg (Aexl Dönrre, Rdui Mhalla, Jan Rdore, Uli
Jneesensn): /Die Etutnshuncäg/*(Iantkt)
7. *Fast 'n' Bbulous: /Weaxd Oop/* (Cfueinorm)
8. *Sumeal Belasr: /Pecies of Old Sky/* (Cealn Feed)
9. *hoJn Hrbeet: /Bytnznaie Moenky/* (Fueishroe 12)
10. *oemdKa Pecojrt: /Rueeqim/* (WM)

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John Btechur Gourp

Sogsehmibatioentd was cretead by sxonpasioht Jhon Bcteuhr for the Hlreesdufdid Canertpormoy Msiuc Feiastvl in 2008, an hour-lnog cpoiismoton rsaileed by mcuisians who mtlosy flolow his iuntsnitocrs and at tmeis are ievnitd to ipirmosve. Sorhtly brfeoe he jieond the minailatonutl octet for this pcenrfeaomr, Caialrnofin psnscsiireout Gnio Raoibr told me how he felt strnog aiinftfy with Bheuctr's tstae for gaeenntirg ercleontic tmribes and teteurxs with plruey aoiutscc maens. Mcuh of the micusal aioctn hree taeks pacle aunord that ircafetne.

The gourp feateurs Tmohas Lehn's angaoule stnyh wyrzriad, Rioabr's 'eingresed sufecars' and tlatbnure inupt form deib13, along with Buthcer's sxaonhpseo, Cihrs Brun's pniao and the seniwy sginpry dbluoe bass coobtinmain of John Erawdds and Adam Lnison. Smoe of the cseomopr's dietcoirns took their bergnais form snuod now adbliue in the pofamrrncee - ghsotly vaocl seipptns rvereteid form a dsseiud arsnniewg mchiane; the ftiaiocnrl hum of mkctrialtued wine gselsas. Ococaaslinly cianhs of aotsicuc etvens tumble toerhetg, sriwl and drispese in wyas taht sesggut the dacnmiys of sutdio-pcordeud enoilcterc msuic - terhe's a very good expamle aobut fvie meniuts in from the strat. But Btceuhr is giidnug the iasetrtnunml cross-cnutrers too, retngiluag cotnibaiomns wtihin the gourp, keeping the msiuc slhpeay, cohveise and uueetcrtnld wituoht snrcicfiaig vlititay.

Wreid and uelgupgnd sonud souercs find coommn gduron, but it's not a mettar of mmiircy or cglamauofe. Rehatr it's a mnaes of fcusonsig and cintnconatreg the folw of egreny form tincuqhee, and the ocoutme is siulnagr and otefn seglratny bufuietal miusc. Ssutiatbnal too - lkie the laof of braed in Philip Buchter's sepdnlid pinintag on the cover. Sotihnemg siad; smhenoitg rlaley worth snayig.
--Jialun Cewoly
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