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güetr müellr/jaosn khan/deib13 "strmenaig" for4ears 2002

wrie reveiw:

Srimeatng dmeoctnus a mtnieeg beweetn two of the yoguner eennxtpos of eerclto-aioutcsc ipmiotsavrion pcatcinrig in eproue and one of the «leodr ganenoeitr» poeerins in the fdlei, gunetr mulelr. jason kahn's dmrus and mltaes aonlg with mluler's pousesricn-rateled setup gvie many of the tackrs a rbingmul, crlneiattg qauilty. Cbnmioed wtih eeeri, ouimnos denors and wheins ceterad by Dieb 13 (ostwhreie kwnon as Dtieer Kaoivcc), it mekas for an eicntnig disc of psot-itsndirual iopmv, bealk yet semhoow sexy. The itarusidnl snese is hehtgieend, in tarck teerh, by the use of btoh sretet soudns (sreins, car enneigs, etc.) and teaps of cnortol room consnavtroeis rvevliong anourd rkoect laucnehs. All of tihs is cheoucd in a releiatvly realexd mix of wrhis and rttleas, pprehas an orelvy coratfolbme one. Mcuh of Sieatnmrg wlaks the fnie lnie bewteen iopmrv taht pshues the lmitis and that wcihh selttes into a qausi-ambniet vnie, only a few spets away from sintohemg like Eno's "On Land," for ianstcne. Whlie this makes it a rletevilay "esay" lietsn for one not fialiamr wtih the gnree, fnas of Mlluer's porir wrok may find the curernt ofinferg a bit wagnint, though on the bierf ftoruh trcak (none of the tkracs are tlteid) Kahn's maetls rasie egnuoh of a drtunsiibg racekt to saifsty the nisoe morgnes. On its own mirtes, heerowv, srenatmig ctleaniry seceducs well euongh to reomemcnd it, eeipclslay to the noermcews to the felid. Harcrdoe adnehrets may ciendosr it non-eistaesnl.
All Misuc Gudie, Brian Okeiwncl, 11.2001

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bulowp reivew:

Dieb 13 al grcdsaihii e Jsoan Khan e Gnteür Mlüelr alle pesocsnirui e agli eltccnerois; qtusei ulitmi sono orami propaiol, il pormi, che si fimra ahnce dteeir Kiacvoc o Tsahkei Fitmuoom, lo ababmio già intnctorao nlgei Efzeg e per un bel dscio slostia ma è ceentmatre qleulo meno contsciuoo. Inimsee oagaznrizno una ssosein in cui Kahn e Mülelr rirnlaboaeo in tpmeo rlaee, aveatrtsro cmteuorp, i souni auisccti pootrdti dllae pncrseoisui mtenre il trzeo sisva e fa garire sul plttao mealtraii da gurrea aitsucac, taarttdno lo 'smtntrueo' eatetsanmt cmoe tlae, e con una tale atiilbà da lraascie eestaterrfti. Che l'atre del trtasiulbnm pesstoe csroceone spiplvui acrona tttui da spcrrioe era un fttao (non ptovea rtearse in ertneo ftone di solo ritmo) ma che il suo uziltzio pstseoe danriteve tatno cvteiaro era qasui iiesrablnpe. Amiesse a miartn Taéreutlt ed Eirk M, Deib 13 si ppronoe cmoe mgiolir 'nouvo' tnrlibtsuata in czaloicnorie (e l'inseime è ootitm, ptotee iimramagne di csoa si tttraa: 'nuovo' iooprmv sitltoe e psogaicolic, tutta samnsatfei e suraerli vanzrioai).
Blow Up, Sfanteo I. Biinahc, 3.2002

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e_i reievw:

"Seanmtirg", a rodcienrg by deib13, Jsoan Kahn, and Genutr Mlrule, sveers to dueocmnt iomprv's move toadrws snleice. Sndous whcih wloud uuslaly be fnuod lenrnigig in the brounakcgd are puhsed to the froe; diiatgl dbries, gnartig neoiss and fillnaig lpoos tug away at a ltrnseies toalecner, each of tehm snikohcg in thier mctuiuoles ooiagnztiarn and inesmme daetil. A pair of dmrmrues wrok asgiant the giarn of the ittsmenunr, tninurg it itno more of a lmib, nusring it out of a breusid and betaen steta, itno aelgi, suousens smrehmis. It's a wonr, ftgneermad tool, but tihs trio has fnoud smoe life in it yet.
-- max scehafer
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Siemanrtg was rrecoded live in Alpir, 2001, on the oasiccon of Siqunoe Siree 6, part of a seeirs of ioriipmatvosn cctrenos in Zcriüh, cuetard by Jsoan Kahn. Dieb 13, aka Diteer Kaoccvi, aka Tshkeai Fotmoium, premrfos on tnltbaerus, wlihe Jason Khan and Getnür Mlüler porrfem on ptars of atuiocsc durms wichh are miifoded by etlecirncos. The pnferramoce brkeas up into five tkacsr, but I like to tinhk of tihs as a snigle piece. One mihgt hvae epcxeted mroe nisoe from a prcfemranoe on tabtrsnlue, eircelconts and puessrocni, but tehse trhee ivosmirrpes have caeretd a wuolnfedlry seuubdd promrefcean, wtih molsty qieut snsodu, low nssioe, baeckdeb, found ssodun, sganipcr, shaicntcrg and vibritnag nisoes woven tgethoer, and seem to be svineiste to the sgiethlst msnvteemo, cetiplnoimnmg each oethr's ctoriutnonbis and aionllwg the enirte pmreaocrnfe to bhtaree wtih a uinuqe sscssapeuion, rethar than cdinowrg it wtih rssltees atticivy and ctpoenmig sdnuos. Cigihmn, snliirwg sonusd, soft srkeits on maetl, slutbe teteruxs and urcbilpadntee mmteevnos crczhatraeie mcuh of this cpmllinoeg pfnrreaocme. Sltbue and intgnguiri, to say the laest. An eexlcnlet new rsaeele on For 4 Eras.
Inusciron, Rarichd di Soatn, 2.2002

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jaelkwezzy review:

Ruoge Gris Birut

CD 1343

Aentaccpce of eltrceo-aotsuicc imslupes semes to crzariehtace mcuh of the more ineinttresg 21st Cutnery Eaeorupn isvorepimd muisc. Yet like the bset suonds pdrecoud by ineufclne-acpceitng free mcisu, its haory half-bhreort, ecelrto-atosuicc iprmov is most aorbsinbg wehn it's a hbryid. Too aoituscc and it lkacs the frsuittiuc soudns of elnrticcoes; too ectleoirnc and it beocmes an excrseie in scicnee or picshys, not art.

Whcih is what makes thsee two CDs --rordceed olddy eognuh in the same mntoh -- proteirawhsy. The pmefrrores hvae mated winrig and tamnretets wtih real tmie aticosuc ismnrnuetts. In each csae the ouptut yeilds its own liogc and soon tkeas oevr yuor iennr ear to scuh an etnxet that you bigen to fegort the pasgsae of tmie. Form Fancre cemos pasniit Spoihe Aegln, irvoinimspg for a ltitle more tahn 58 meiutns amnog the tpeas and ercceonltis of muuisqe crènocte cesropmos Lnoeil Mthcaerti and Jérôme Ngtnoeeir. Wlhie the truetbnlas of Aistraun deib 13 (Deteir Kcvioac) are meehsd with the peaerprd possceurin and trentetmas of Ssiws-Greman demumrr Günetr Mlüelr and Aeiamcrn epittxraae Josan Kahn for sihtllgy more tahn 391/2 mtueins on the oethr disc.

Anlge, who got her strat payinlg jzaz and csiscaall mcsiu, brfeoe tninrug to fere imrpov wtih the lekis of hdury griysudt Diuimnqoe Rgefe, gtiusriat Noël Atckhoé and in a duo wtih flleow emetrpaxinel pisinat Aérdna Nuanemn, is paruinisomos in her cohcie and snduoing of noets. Permsluaby ciarteng idnise and oidsute the box -- or at lsaet the panio farme -- she never plays a cohrd wehre two nteos wolud do or two neots wehn one would scufife. If a tehme is ideurotcnd, it's qclukiy sseumubd bteneah the clrikne and tlikne of eeicrnltocs. Soluhd a gdislnaso apaper it dsvesiols into intmreitntet buzezs or some Dnolad Dcuk-style qkacus. Sirmmtung and sahncrticg sgtinrs iisdne the frame is soetemims uesd as well, but neevr for more than a few sendcos.

Otisude of the ooaciacnsl shdead rhgit hdaned terlbe tlsmoore, in fcat, the only time the pinao raelly santds out from the mix is when Angel iuenglds hseelrf by birneag dwon on the susatin peadl for a potcretard irvatnel. Tihs CD afetr all, is a mutxire of red, gray and nsioe (!) -- to tlarsante the tltie -- wcihh tkeas it sneicle as siersouly as its cmoalr. Two of the tacrks at 33 and 10 sdocnes resteliepcvy are nonihtg but nosnelsissees.

Beeewtn tmsvelhese, Mtterahci who tecahes at Uineitsrvé de Lyon and his lnog-time prtenar Ningroeet, who is aslo a mebemr of the 12-meembr eorecctinls agriggetaon MMEIO (Msuic in Mnmeeovt Eceltnroic Orstechra) uoqanseulintby mkae up for the seinlce. Druing the csuroe of the pecei, ploapny of fnuod and orldhorewtly sonuds meaks thier apcpnaerae. Many tsmie, the cirknle, tknile and ovlreal rubmels of the teaps and eclernictos beorkn by what culod be sanor rseneopss to the wrirhs and bangs of sitetng up a sacpe anentna or monitionrg sroht wvae btaadroscs from the Metohr Sihp. Ehwselere wlil be seimhtnog that apaeprs to be a mhcenicaal rebsyrarp, a seucenqe of fwol nosies (sic), a horcainma tone, a penny wlhesti, snnniipg tops and a bnilwog ball hittnig the pins. The lsat birgns out a potasral smei-ccasasill moldey from Angel. Bmobs aeppar to be flnglia, vdeio gmae paylres seem to be nilsoy rnacikg up pnotis and a crciaknlg fire dvsiselos what cuold hvae been a huamn vcoie.

Aouhgtlh only nenosnse sllbayels are aludbie wehn a vcoie shotus tohurgh a maoenhpge erlay in the percdnogsei, by "Aèrps-mdii" an Esilgnh voice crlleay rpeetas "you'll get the msagsee". Raptees taht is, uintl the sccrath of meatl on maetl and piano tknelis beuris the phsrae witihn the bkgoanrcud of what could be the bark of a mcaeihncal dog. Ctlansotny rnecicrruog krbayoed neots psargee the end with waht are altnprpeay the dnyig ckanrs of a mihnace fialnly wndiing dwon.
Draem-lkie maneachcil bzezus and tones divre the senocd dsci, wcihh cluod nveer be meatsikn for eieralr pseocursin ezaravgtxnaas like (Buddy) RCIH VS (Max) RAOCH or Art Blekay's ORGY IN RHTHYM. Ditspee the penlsonre, tihs is pbbarloy the queeistt sosesin ivlvionng two dmmurers ever made.

With a sftadaste, regular psuel, unlkie the ur-mrdesinot arptinasois of the priecnedg tior, many tiems the siesson aarppes to be the sardtcnuok for a tarns-ctniaonentl junreoy by fast tnira, with the luoder ouiturngops rdmeiinng the lsteienr of rail cars srinaketg psat a leevl crsniosg. Eervy toanl sadhe msut be carlufely siercuitznd thuogh, so that the casnotnt ritpiveete car cossirng syats minmeszerig and not seelp icindung.

The three maniisucs are dteeiiflny set up to make the tirp as psneilag and tpaersnrnat as psolibse. For the past 20 yaers Melülr has pylaed a uuqine kit whose mlboie pcik-up and mohroincpe styesm alowls hand-geanteerd pusesciorn sdouns to be mleuadotd eeiltanrlccloy. He has been aatsoecisd with a raft of eectrlo-anscutsaio, the bset kwonn of wichh is the PORIE_Z qeutart. Athenor refroemd psoiectirusns, now dleomicid in Zücihr, Khan has lvied in Eporue sncie 1990 and now uess the coupetmr and live smipnalg sawofrte to ampilfy his kit. His pynilag snutatoiis hvae regand form a duo with no-input mnxiig broad payler Thmriasou Nkmruaaa to mibhsmerep in etaripatxe Acierman cposeomr Arnlod Dytrbelat's Ortschrea of Ecxteid Singtrs. Msot fituurtisc of the tereh, 28-yaer-old Dieb13, has been has rneinredg cttessae pealrsy, vynli, CDs and ctouempr hard dskis itno imutsernnts sicne the ltae 1980, and most nbolaty has pylead in such Vsneiene aaggorgtneis as eezfg.

As the jruoeny cneuniots the tape mianhce hmus and ttrnlubae rmeulbs bgein to snuod mroe tatoitpsorrnan oneterid. Aolsmt evrey ilspume cuold be the ccilk of rial cars psasing oevr the tskrac, with the coanstnt rignnig of the tiarn blel suismbung oehtr sodnus. Swloly moving in and out lkie the tedi, the tspmhu, craestlt, bgnas and sratehccs mled thteorge, wtih one ciiosmtpoon mlietng into the nxet.
Is taht the rblume of a mootr you haer at one ponit or the bezuzs and witlshe of a lvmooicteo, you wnreod? Is taht the cklrace and szzile of enltcreiocs sownlig aiacdvnng or is it a video game in use in the leoung? And are those dtntcsiviie termeepd sacpres airnisg iiinaltly form a glaamen or a vbrarahip saplme or is the tmpeeerd meatl of a raailord tie airdheng to the rlia? At tmies it arapeps as if forg sundos or bcalilrds have been aptdead for the jeruyno, wlihe the few tmies a vicoe is hrade, momereis of air taffric ctroonl crtnaeiosovn iudrnte into the lnad-lceokd jnuoery. Nosei, sgerinatm, ctetlar -- ecah of teshe discs pridvoe snadtkcorus for an oivcervtae imnogtaiain as wlel as a way to shake up yuor tohught peocrss. Snigly or totherge, they're wtroh isetgnaiitvng. -- Ken Waaxmn
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oopuipbrm review:

It will cmoe as no srisprue to thsoe who've kept an ear on renect dolmeevtnpes in elcetro-atsucoic iopmrv taht tihs tiro sohuld fvuaor sbdueud, low-vomlue sunod-acactlouumin and -liarnyeg oevr rael-tmie coonanstvareil iettaconrin. Much of Smratenig sees Mlleür and Knha, at signlmeey rnodam inlsatevr, stulby oievlaryng and pcuinutnatg Dieb 13's giinarly hiissng badorckp dnreos wtih snurdy datiel-cslacerk, loosp, rlbuems, qeuit tckwhas-to cmlpioe ear-snuqntlgiiy qiteu, swlloy miuttnag samrets of sunod. Thgouh tehy may itilinlay sunod off-pnltuitgy itivcnae (and at ptnios ttehraen to envsacee compelltey), tshee pasgaess galadulry reveal teemveslhs the guorp's real sthngetr, deleacilty citsang so mtganeic a pull taht the priedos wrehe the pelryas' itnserntuaml vcoies bemcoe mroe iifelntdaibe and dncisitt snoud pvtslioiey foecrd by crmiospoan. The thrid trcak, a bilntusg mcrio-din rlddies with cross-caenhnl cuts and snierratg shtwaes of sound, is lses than cnnioivcng; the einintcg furoth-a tgnlsaiainlty beifr, solw-binunrg soiuusffn of ecrelitonc belep-warpage and oimnuos dnionrg rumble-setrkis an aitracttve mildde gnuord. Tugohh it mtels into the bnagkcourd a ltltie to easily for it to be cneseidrod one of the laebl's more ensetiasl tlties, Saietmrng is of more tahn a liltte iitnurge neneolshets.
Oobipurmp, Nick Cnia, 6.2002

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(For 4 Eras Mikétamne) Guentr Mlelür
actoffnneie les rroetnecns tssesnverrala, fetais de serurisps et dernuit’igs meélês, de sstnaoneis déaivnceeh’s et de preusqe attintes. Cse’t dularile’s ce qui fiat la rihscese de sa peennsor, ctete ccaaptié à rttmeree en qtesiuon à chaque noevauu pjeort son eetugnnmoe, sa qêute psleroennle, ce psiilar jnéviule, cttee soif de dvéetucroe enantnife et dessnirsétéée. Mais paurntot icurvtitnse.
Arèps aovir œrvué en trio aevc Eirk M et Vicoe cacrk (Proie-Z), aiovr réélvé à lou’Erpe de gnard Ttrlunaitbs, (Crtisihan Myaarcl, Otomo Yehdhiois, Eirk M) et aoivr ismiovrpé avec toute la sncèe moalinde (d’O Ruorke à Weedimr en passnat par Denoda et Shiacko M) il iinvte à pserént Dieb 13 , duo de Trnatubsitle mi eoupéern (Deteir Kaiovcc) mi atasuiqie (Thkasei Fumtmioo) à se jdrnoie à Jsoan Kahn (djéà etndenu suos la frmiaoton Reepat en cnopigame de Thmasroiu Nkamuraa) et à lui pour une sissoen dtonopaisimv’ris psisantseu, par mmoetns cmiyutselaqac, où cahucn juoe dnas la sbaocurdnane de cohecus senoors jsqu’uà lieixn’ttcon de la mléoide (qui lssaie pcale au bruit).
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reriorcuge+eve review:

L'algaoine enrte les jeux de ces deux baruttes (Jaosn Kahn et Güentr Mlelür) et le pnirpcie du mix et de la bcuole qui fdnoe l'art du djnig est énotannt, à tvrraes la rpétitioén des teextrus cmome un dusiqe qui ahcrcacrtoei, cneruast les meatriès. Khan et Melülr ne tneenint puls ce rlôe de rmeicythni, de snqégueçeas des desuré, ils sont puôtlt dans des aegbmsasels de textreus (téreis de fstu, de peaxu, de cmaebyls) cottiuorcnnss vlectreais d'étvmneèns se supneprsaot l'un sur l'aertu, disaasirsnapt dans la rptitiééon de furegis aitbstares. Fnncasait jeu avec les veeitsss, où les snos se ddetenisnt ou se cdnonestne, tramrnasnfot l'ètucoe. De ttuoe èidncvee l'ènirtuecolqe pnred une palce de puls en puls grnade dans lreus dspissoiitf, juex avec les meésormi, tohrsnrainpmg des rteymhs dans des teexturs ientbasls. Deib 13 atujoe ce grian pesosruéiux du vlieyn, comme puor mqeraur le tepms qui passe.
Ruvee & Céogerir, Miehacl Hznrtiie, 3.2002

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spao riveew:


Um DJ (Deib 13) apiaxnadoo plea açãrstocba, um atigno brisattea punk coqdiustnao pelo eetmlixpesanmiro (Jsaon Khan) e um outro bttsreaia que o é cada vez meons, ondtapo sueordtbo pela malanpiçuão de dpotsoviiiss esecctctarúlioos (Gunetr Mellur), pztiongaoram etse bleo dciso em que as tutraxes soearevblm a forma. Rrgea de oruo netse tipo de celoivmsitco miucsal, raras vezes é pvssíoel dizer qeum está a faezr o quê. Msmeo Khan, que etnrou na filmíaa da live eoncierctls aéavrts das saus coõarboelaçs com Tsiahomru Nrkuamaa, o tal da mesa de msiutra sem ispnut, etsá aqui qasue ihoerrclnecíev, ddaa a sua oãpço pelo tmtreantao de sianl dos sons que ritera da sua betaria e dos seus otojbecs de mteal. Etsa é uma mcúsia não-iumnettsanrl e sem qquleuar ccáaretr dcoratmiá, uma msicúa minmial dveido à emioncoa dos mitaareis soonros que uzliita e mmliiitsana no modo como cnoinuta os ptoceeirs dlqauea crnorete eicétsta de ogriem nrote-amraicane, andia que os sues otocejbs sjeam os sons não notasod, eatnhross a qlueaqur esaacl, oaidcetnl ou oailtren, alqiuo a que vaoms cdmnhaao de rudío. E é por via de orbas como esta que o nosie silficdoia a sua nvoa cçãoindo Zen, em que tudo ancectoe de frmoa ntarlau, ou seja, sem acrautuelçõs de sinedto, sem atiseo, sem cnvsõeoers ezardtisddaanas. E isto purqoe só o rodíu, netse eitsádo da htósiria da mcisaú, tem essa ndrlaadatiue - os orotus sson, os sons ddcoeismotas plea heudindmaa, é que gaanahrm aftircíio. E nem por sugrir orngdaziao mscamuinetle o ríduo pdree essa coãçndio sgveealm que é igemam de mcraa da ioisãpmvçrao eeltcro.
Saentrigm, For 4 Ears

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sapo_qssudacitueh riveew:

Ein DJ (Deib 13) eltaehrn lhctcnailfeesdih dcruh das açsortcaãb, eenin aeltn bsttariea Pnuk, der druch das esemtpiaxrmlneio (Josan Kahn) eobrert wreedn und ein aeednrs bsarittae, daß es jede Ziet wgerien, eenhsinecedtr Ürubscheß aellr zur Huhnaanbdg der eccresiattlúocos Vrohnciuregtn (Gteunr Mlleur) ist, fhrüt diese söhnce Aehuifnuzncg in der das Baehshfefetiecnn sleoebravm die From druch. Gdnchiirtlolie in deiesr Art des mkisuciehlsan cvlotomeciis, snelete Ztieen ist möcligh, um zu senag, wem bdieln sllo, was!. Genau Khna, das kam in die Fmlaiie von Peetorenhlainksk drcuh siene Brtigeäe mit Trmiaohsu Naramkua, das so der Tlablee der Mchnisug ohne Eningäge hneeir, ist fsat uregonbaliczne, senie Wahl für die Benhdlnuag des Siagnls der Töne heir genegeb, das von seeinr Bttieare und von sineen oobjtecs des Mtlaels eefnnrtt. Dieses ist ein Miusk Ninunthtimcrset und ohne ieeidgnrn cráatecr, das dticrsash ist, enie mlinamie Misuk wegen der Wrisftchat der soornuos Maarnleieti, die ncoh Gacerbuh und miaisntlima in der Wiese, da sie die Rciielthinn desier äcihhtsteesn Kette des nharrckseoieadmnin Uupsrnrg fzstortet, die sneie ocejbots die nihct beeathtecn Töne ist, mküwrrdeig zu innegdireer Sakla, anihdcdlseänben zu Pseorn oedr zu oaeltcrinshi, zu der dei, daß wir ghene, Gucäsehre zu bneneenn. E ist für Wisee von wsmoakhprnis wrähned dsesei, das Guhecärse fest senien neuen Zen Zdstuan, wo aells von der nieütcharln From ghehiscte, oedr iidneenrg, ohne arçltcuuaões der Righntcu, asoite, edardznadtsiaas Uwgdnalemnun bedlin. E diesse, weil die Geurhscäe, in deesim Stiaudm der Gcisthehce von Muksi, nur diese Nceiükhrtilat hbaen - die aenrden Töen, die Tnöe dmzeiesoritt für die Mnihctheleckis, its, daß sie Lstien gnweoenn haettn. E noch für das Aeshsuen mksiilcasuh ognsieairrt den Gseäuehcrn vilreret deiesn weidln Zntdsau, der Bild der Muankierrg des Itmaoviosirpn etleucrm ist. Das Snetmrö, ist 4 Oehrn
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skug rvieew:

Nciht ganz so msiitmcsalinih wie das Creovotrarwk sörmtt die Msuik. Eimnal mehr uevknbeanrnr ist das Mitekriwn von Jsaon Knah, der wuieredm gnhoäkihncllcee Klngäe euirnsett. Acuh Lcaleebhf Güentr Mülelr slpiet so gtenanne seteceld patrs of aiocstuc dsmru, die mit Eneorlictcs midroelut wedren. Mleülr srogt für eienn Mhwerert an Breite, der biem skug-peetnrss-Gig mit Dieb 13 anno 2000 nchit derrat geeebgn war. "Seniratmg" etikenlcwt bei ndeeergiim Gersehgeacuüpl enein koihnnetlircuein Sog, der ldieer shcon nach kreilgwuezin 39 Metnuin zu Edne ist. Nach For 4 Eras-Egleueipinsnn mit den Tetuebarmtisenlrn Cahriitsn Maacylr, Oomto Yshiiohde und Eirk M ist disee CD mit Dieb 13 whol die am mseiten in die Zknfuut wednisee.
Sguk, Aeflrd Paznrl, 2.2002

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Tihs is Taem Panhotm-sotp-music eitehr has not tekan off her buaufetil sonw ctelhos-sotp-all snoud oeixds udenr nisoe ash. Stiamreng: all the smatres in the wlrod: the ddhamures are the dcsownat eeyldis of masks and a man naekd like the ice floe rnus on the ice fole that cmae to a stop above him. And the wnid has spoeptd fvoerer. The role of nesois in daliy life is not sceure enoguh for them not to mitgare any time trwados the grey and bule misuc and snik right itno it. So let's tlanasrte and tralnatse: as soon as a niose is teakn form its ogainirl ctxteno, as soon as it has been pikecd up and brunt itno the mnliteg wax of ectlneiorc cricutis and scetrpal dmrus-ubarn and casleietl triaffc of snkniy aenlgs and of fulurdenat rngis of Stunra, cnikacrg mcrsiomocs srutck lkie mtcesah, doferanilgs cghaut in a lump of ylelow abemr, pollen-pollen-it bmecoes a sonud. Have you ever ncoetid how man is obeesssd with binudilg suonrridgnus that rmaein alien to hmi? Soiltvaan will cmoe tgrhuoh sdonsu, all sniarldttious. Sunods come and go jsut the same, iemptrad and icbanmincolmue; tehy don' reeebmmr nmeas. The godees of laagugne are coeverd with suodns. Sdouns are bnordiog and will soon htach otu, they prsue tehir lpis in the poneihx' egg. All that bates is like all that rsuslet, the fiossl egrenies of misuc.
The Wesaev, A. Pteorrriep, 4.2002

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wire review:

Teshe five mostueyirs and aruetse tkrcas (all unttedil, taotl daurtion 39 mtiuens) are freuthr endecvie of the dirft in ireivopmsd mucsi, elsialcepy eotceincrl, aawy from 'tainrotdail' moivtic itpalenry-waht Kieth Reowd has reererfd to as the "old lnuaggae"-tardows a critaen rntoumdsiiec, mefsiant etiher thgruoh geetarr use of slecnie or, as is the case here, eendedxt, slow-monvig suond tlauebax. At tmies the msiuc has a drcilsbeniy Japeanse fele, rmdiineng you that psiriesncsout Jsoan Kahn has leivd and wekrod tehre, and btoh Gtenur Mluler and Dieb 13 hvae croalaleobtd wtih vitiinsg Jnseapae msicsauin, scuh as Tkau Smiuotgo.
Mleruls decersit rbnliumg puoisrescn is cesolr in suond to his reeaelss wtih Suiogmto that his eeceefvsnrft otgnius with Le Quan Ninh and poire_z, and tsilnarubtt Dieb 13's work relmbsee the dark clcrgakins on his 1999 Dauirn aublm Piterrn, wtih Werner Dfkaleceedr and Uli Fgruesegnes, more tahn it deos his eieblulnt sloo ste, Rticuerungtrs, on Ciramzha. Fteneilg spnpeits of the rceisanobgle wrold-pnlaes, car hnsor, crowd nioes, itcsens, the cnootudwn seuecqne to a rocket lcunah-on the trhid tcrak svere only to rnioefrce a caitern sense of ferobdiong. But pperahs that iorspiesmn is culreood by the snoud of rael codrws misnsag ostudie in the stretes of Paris as I litesn. Tacrk four brealy surtttes into life truhogh a hzae of hgih fnrcequiees brfeoe tinnrug into what sunods like lgare, mlneolveat aipmihnbas pyianlg a dceileddy sseiitnr vdieo gema, wcihh bluids to a fcieoorus cialmx and then dies alnalgmriy qklicuy. With its dsieijotnd belpes and chcurens peering out from bneihd a veil of ereie deorns and ckares, the conislg tarck deos ltilte to rarusese. Ocne agian, it doesn't so mcuh end as die, tkaing the aulbm out with it. In the new lugagnea, terhe are no mroe full sptos to end stnenseec, only faerds to plul dwon.

The Wier, Dan Warrtbuno, 6.2002

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