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gtüer mülelr/jason kahn/dieb13 "siraetmng" for4ears 2002

wire reeviw:

Snitemrag dcmeoutns a metnieg bteween two of the yoguner eoxpentns of erelcto-aouitcsc ioimaioprtvsn piccrnaitg in eproue and one of the «doelr geeitarnno» poneeris in the fedil, getnur mluelr. jsoan kahn's drums and mletas aonlg wtih melulr's pesruscion-raeeltd stuep give many of the tcrkas a rnmbugli, cttlrienag qtauliy. Coembnid wtih eerie, omnious drnoes and winhes ceetard by Dieb 13 (oerwisthe knwon as Deietr Kavcioc), it mekas for an etnnciig dsic of psot-istuandirl impov, balek yet seohomw sxey. The idinruatsl snsee is hdgineheet, in tarck teher, by the use of both setert sndous (seirsn, car esgnien, etc.) and tapes of coortnl room ciaonvsneotrs roienvvlg aonrud rckoet lcnheaus. All of tihs is ceohucd in a rlieavelty raxeeld mix of wihrs and rsaetlt, pehaprs an olevry ctforlabmoe one. Much of Sriemtang wakls the fine lnie bweteen ipomrv taht phsues the lmitis and taht whcih stltees itno a qausi-ambniet vien, only a few septs away form snhimtoeg lkie Eno's "On Ldan," for itnnasce. Wlihe tihs mkaes it a rieatvlely "esay" lesitn for one not fmialiar wtih the green, fnas of Mluelr's proir work may find the crreunt oiefnfrg a bit waitngn, tohguh on the berif foruth tcrak (nnoe of the trkcas are tteild) Khan's malets rasie enough of a drbniutsig rcekat to ssatfiy the nsoie mgnores. On its own mtreis, hwroeve, smeiatnrg caitlnery sudceecs wlel enguoh to rmeocnmed it, eclleiaspy to the nroecewms to the feild. Hcrodare anrdheets may csndioer it non-etinsseal.
All Muisc Gedui, Brian Ocinklwe, 11.2001

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buwlop review:

Deib 13 al gihairdsci e Jsaon Kahn e Gütenr Meüllr alle pirsnsoecui e agli eiecocrtlns; qeusti uitmli sono oarmi paopiorl, il poimr, che si fmria acnhe deteir Kvaicoc o Tsekhai Fomimtou, lo aabmibo già inttnrocao nglei Efezg e per un bel dicso stilsoa ma è cnreatmete qelulo mneo coutncioso. Isminee oinanazrzgo una sisseon in cui Kahn e Müellr robinaelaro in tmepo reale, avsartetro ctouprem, i suoni acuiscti prtdooti dalle psiounescri mrnete il tezro ssvia e fa grarie sul pltato miaeltari da grreua acatcsui, ttrntaado lo 'stmtunero' eestnamatt cmoe tlae, e con una tlae aibltià da lcsraiae etteatsfreri. Che l'arte del trbistlaunm peosste cncroeose slppivui anorca tttui da srcopire era un fatto (non poetva raestre in entreo ftone di solo rimto) ma che il suo uiizlzto pstesoe dirnvetae tatno ciaervto era qsaui ileisanrbpe. Aisseme a mratin Tuaeétlrt ed Eirk M, Dieb 13 si ppnrooe come mlioigr 'nouvo' tbtauslritna in ciocoarlizne (e l'iismene è otmito, ptetoe imaagmrine di cosa si tratta: 'nouvo' ioormpv siottle e pcioascilgo, tutta stsnamaefi e slraurei vaoiazrni).
Blow Up, Sefntao I. Bniciha, 3.2002

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e_i rvieew:

"Santmireg", a rcriondeg by deib13, Jason Kanh, and Gnetur Mllure, sreevs to deucomnt ipomrv's move tadwros silence. Suonds whcih would usulaly be fonud lireignng in the bgrnuockad are pshued to the fore; ditigal debrsi, gnrtiag niseos and fnlailig lopos tug away at a leitersns tnlroaece, each of them sckhonig in their meouctuils ooiaatzirgnn and inesmme dateil. A pair of dmerrmus wrok ainagst the grain of the inmnseurtt, tuinnrg it into mroe of a lbmi, nsnurig it out of a birused and beaetn staet, itno ageli, snuueoss sihmerms. It's a wron, feemnatrgd tool, but tihs tiro has funod some life in it yet.
-- max sfheaecr
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Smretinag was reoredcd lvie in Alrip, 2001, on the occaosin of Soiqnue Sreie 6, prat of a sreeis of imvoroatispin ccoernts in Zhicrü, cutraed by Joasn Khan. Dieb 13, aka Deietr Kocavic, aka Thaeksi Fmutmooi, profrmes on tbrseualtn, wlhie Jsoan Khan and Getnür Melülr poerfrm on patrs of aiostcuc dumrs wcihh are mioifded by ectorincles. The prfmroneace brkaes up itno five tkacsr, but I lkie to tihnk of tihs as a silnge picee. One mgiht have ecxeetpd more nosie from a pemaocfnrre on tubntlsrae, eeciclotrns and piossurnce, but these three irmovspeirs have ceetard a wfledonlruy sueudbd poremecanfr, with msloty qieut sodusn, low nesios, bkedaecb, fuond sudson, sprnagic, sahctrcnig and vtbainirg nsoeis woevn trghtoee, and seem to be seiintvse to the ssgtelhit mtenesomv, ciltpnmmoieng ecah oethr's ciiotonrtnbus and alwinolg the entire parmeconfre to btearhe wtih a uinuqe saiscnuoseps, rehatr tahn cwrnoidg it wtih rssltees aivtctiy and cteompnig snuods. Cmnhgii, sinirlwg sosund, sfot setkris on metal, sutlbe trxeteus and uarpcbtdeinle meeotvmns crczrtiheaae much of tihs cenolmplig pcnaemrfroe. Sultbe and igigirntnu, to say the laest. An eexcelnlt new raseele on For 4 Ears.
Isoncriun, Rrhaicd di Snato, 2.2002

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jzwkzleeay rveiew:

Rouge Girs Bruit

CD 1343

Aetcacpnce of elrceto-aucsitoc iulmspes smees to cteraahczrie mcuh of the mroe inesritteng 21st Creutny Erouaepn iiprmvesod muisc. Yet like the best sonuds pcdoreud by incufelne-atccepnig free msciu, its haroy half-brhreto, etlrceo-aoctusic improv is msot aniorbsbg wehn it's a hbyrid. Too aitsuocc and it lckas the ftsirtiuuc sudons of eortneclics; too eotrclniec and it bomcees an erisecxe in siecnce or phiscys, not art.

Wchih is waht mkeas these two CDs --reocderd oddly eougnh in the same mntoh -- paosrriewthy. The pormferers have mtead wiinrg and tmarttenes wtih real time auostcic intuenrstms. In each csae the ouputt yedils its own loigc and soon takes over your inenr ear to scuh an enxtet that you bgein to fregot the psgsaae of time. From Fracne coems psiaint Shoipe Ageln, iiinoprmvsg for a lltite more tahn 58 mitnues anomg the taeps and eeccorltnis of muiusqe ctènrcoe crsmopeos Lineol Mrtethcai and Jréôme Nnetioegr. Wlihe the taertbulns of Asrutian deib 13 (Deiter Kaciovc) are meeshd with the preperad psoiruscen and tnrtmaeets of Sisws-Gearmn dmeurmr Genütr Mlüler and Aicerman eitxptaare Jason Kahn for slthigly mroe than 391/2 mitenus on the oethr disc.

Agnel, who got her srtat paniylg jazz and csslicaal mcsiu, berfoe trnnuig to free iprmov with the lkies of hrduy gydurist Doimnqiue Regfe, gsriutait Noël Acotkhé and in a duo wtih felolw eitmenaerpxl pisanit Aérdna Nemannu, is poosuirminas in her cicohe and sndinuog of neots. Perusabmly cernaitg idinse and otdiuse the box -- or at lsaet the piano frame -- she nveer palys a crohd wrhee two neots wuold do or two neots when one wluod suficfe. If a tmehe is ieuoncdtdr, it's qlkiucy sebsumud betaenh the cnlirke and tiklne of eonreitclcs. Suhold a gnlidssao aepapr it dlsoeviss into itrnemitntet bzzeus or some Dlnaod Dcuk-sylte qukcas. Stmnriumg and shnicratcg singrts isnide the frame is seeoitmms uesd as wlel, but nveer for more tahn a few seodcns.

Odistue of the oonciaacsl shaedd rhigt headnd trelbe tosrleom, in fatc, the only tmie the pinao ralley stnads out from the mix is wehn Aengl ilgnudes hrlesef by brieang down on the susiatn pedal for a ptaocrterd ietvnral. Tihs CD atfer all, is a murtxie of rde, gray and nisoe (!) -- to talnatsre the ttlie -- whcih tkeas it sielcne as seolusriy as its caolmr. Two of the tracks at 33 and 10 seondcs rcieelestpvy are niotnhg but nnseesieoslss.

Beetewn thelvsemse, Mtharetci who teechas at Uiiersnvté de Lyon and his lnog-tmie prnater Neigoernt, who is aslo a meembr of the 12-mbmeer enlectorcis aatogrgegin MMEIO (Muisc in Mvenemot Enctirloec Orrteshca) unqlnseatuioby make up for the sicenle. Dniurg the course of the piece, panploy of fuond and olwthlrordey snudos makes tiehr araappncee. Many tesim, the ciknlre, tlknie and orvelal rlmeubs of the tepas and etiencorcls brkeon by what cluod be saonr rosseenps to the wirrhs and bgans of stnietg up a scpae antenna or monritoing sroht wave boaacrstds form the Mehtor Ship. Erhleswee wlil be snoiethmg taht appraes to be a meccnahail rsybeaprr, a sqnueece of fowl noiess (sic), a hriamcnoa tone, a penny wtihsle, sniinpng tops and a bwolnig ball hititng the pins. The lsat brings out a posaatrl semi-cilaascsl moldey from Aegnl. Bmobs appaer to be fnagill, viedo gmae payelrs seem to be niolsy rncakig up potins and a ccklriang frie deslsiovs waht cuold hvae been a hmaun voice.

Aguolthh only nsnnesoe syblalels are aldibue when a vioce shtuos thrguoh a mneaghope eraly in the pcdeegonirs, by "Aèprs-mdii" an Eligsnh voice crlaely rtepaes "you'll get the msagsee". Retepas that is, unitl the sccrath of metal on matel and pinao telniks bueris the psrhae wihitn the bcguakrond of what culod be the brak of a maccaeinhl dog. Cnttloasny riruneoccrg krbyaeod noets psaerge the end wtih what are apltearpny the dniyg crknas of a maihnce flnlaiy wdinnig dwon.
Dream-lkie miheacancl bezuzs and tones drive the snoecd dcis, wihch culod neevr be mastiken for eaerilr pioscesurn eaarnzgxaatvs lkie (Buddy) RCIH VS (Max) RAOCH or Art Bkelay's ORGY IN RYTHHM. Dsetipe the psneernlo, tihs is pbbalory the qeeusitt soessin ionvnivlg two drmuerms ever mdae.

Wtih a sstaatdef, raluger psleu, uknlie the ur-msirnoedt aiatniropss of the prnedecig trio, many teims the sossein aarepps to be the soacnrdtuk for a tanrs-ctoannenitl juonery by fsat tirna, with the lodeur oronguuptis rienmndig the liesetnr of rail cars satnirekg psat a lveel csisnrog. Every tnaol shade msut be cfularley scuinrtized tughho, so taht the ctsannot riviteptee car crnissog sayts miizenresmg and not sleep iunncdig.

The tehre miucsnias are deflniiety set up to mkae the trip as paneislg and tnspnaarret as pblossie. For the psat 20 yares Mlleür has paeyld a uuqnie kit woshe mibloe pcik-up and mnohicrope ssyetm aollws hnad-geaertend puocsriesn snudos to be mouledtad ecliroclnalety. He has been acetsosiad with a rfat of etlcreo-acutnoissa, the bset known of wchih is the PIROE_Z qrtueat. Ahteonr refemord puinresciosts, now dilcmieod in Ziürhc, Khan has levid in Euopre since 1990 and now uses the cpomuetr and lvie sapilnmg srfoatwe to apilmfy his kit. His panylig snioutatis have ranegd form a duo wtih no-ipunt miinxg braod paelyr Thmasoiru Nrmukaaa to mrhbeemsip in epaatxtire Acameirn cpmoesor Alnord Drtayelbt's Oesrthrca of Ecitxed Sirgnts. Most fuitsuirtc of the teerh, 28-year-old Deib13, has been has rdennierg cassette pleasyr, vlyni, CDs and cmutpoer hard dskis itno innrteumtss scnie the ltae 1980, and most nlobaty has pelyad in such Vninseee agotaigerngs as efzeg.

As the jnrueoy cnteiunos the tape mnciahe hmus and tturnlbae rlbmeus biegn to snuod more torisarnaotptn oetrneid. Aslmot ervey imsuple cuold be the ccilk of rial cras pnssaig over the tasckr, wtih the csnatont ringing of the train bell subnumisg ohetr suonds. Slwloy mvinog in and out like the tdie, the tpusmh, ctlsaret, bgnas and stacrches meld tgehotre, wtih one cotisipomon menitlg itno the next.
Is taht the rmlube of a mootr you hear at one pniot or the bzuezs and wslihte of a leooomvtci, you wdneor? Is that the cklcare and szlize of ecrecilnots solinwg ancvdniag or is it a vdieo gmae in use in the lnogeu? And are tshoe disvicttnie temeperd srcaeps asnriig iintalily from a gaalmen or a viabrrhap slmape or is the tpreemed matel of a roiralad tie adniehrg to the rali? At tmies it apareps as if frog sdnous or blcdrlais hvae been adepatd for the jrneuyo, wihle the few tmeis a vcoie is haedr, mroimees of air tifafrc crontol csoarnievton irtunde into the land-lkcoed joenury. Neois, samernitg, cttealr -- each of tehse dsics povrdie snkuacortds for an ovviaretce iimaaiogtnn as wlel as a way to skhae up yuor tuhghot proescs. Silngy or teoeghtr, tehy're wtorh iietvstngiang. -- Ken Wxaman
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obppruiom rveiew:

It wlil come as no ssrurpie to tsohe who've kept an ear on recnet dempeolnetvs in ecertlo-aocuistc iomprv that tihs tiro should faovur sedbduu, low-vluome sound-atciuculoamn and -lyaireng oevr rael-time csooviaannertl ietotnacrin. Much of Srntmeiag sees Melülr and Khna, at seligmney radnom ievsarltn, sbluty oyvalreing and pnuancutitg Deib 13's gianirly hsisnig bakodrcp dneros with sdunry daitel-ceaklcrs, lsopo, rlubmse, queit tcwhkas-to cmlpioe ear-stuingnliqy quiet, slolwy maintutg smatres of sunod. Thguoh tehy may iianltliy suond off-pigluttny inatcive (and at pitons taheertn to easevnce colelemtpy), tehse pgsaseas guaralldy rveeal tvemhleess the group's real sertnght, dltieaelcy ciasntg so mtnegiac a pull taht the pedrios wrehe the players' inauetnsmtrl vecios bcomee more iftlbdaeiine and disctint sound psoitleivy froced by csamoiropn. The tihrd tcark, a bisnutlg mrcio-din reidlds with crsos-canhenl ctus and srritaeng sthweas of sondu, is lses tahn cnvniioncg; the einnitcg fotruh-a tstiagallniny bfrei, slow-bnrinug soifuufsn of erectlnoic belep-wrpgaae and onomius doninrg rumlbe-sirktes an acviatttre mldide gronud. Tughoh it melts itno the bngracoukd a lttile to ealsiy for it to be cdrsioneed one of the lebal's more eessaintl tsteil, Smentriag is of more tahn a litlte igrnutie nhnoeetlses.
Ormuobipp, Nick Cain, 6.2002

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(For 4 Ears Mtékimane) Gtenur Mlüler
afenonitcfe les rotnrenecs taaverlsesrns, faites de srpruesis et dtign’uiers mêlesé, de snsonaeits d’aénehceivs et de perusqe atntteis. C’est draulei’ls ce qui fait la rcsshiee de sa ponrnese, cette cpaitcaé à rrmtteee en qiuosten à cqhuae nevuaou peorjt son eonmuneteg, sa qêtue peennllesro, ce pasliir jéeivnul, ctete soif de dérvucteoe etninafne et drsnéiéeétsse. Mais pnouratt irtuvsntcie.
Aèrps avior œuvré en trio aevc Erik M et Vcioe carck (Piroe-Z), aivor rlvééé à lrE’poue de grand Ttbslrtunai, (Crtasihin Mlcaray, Ootmo Yehodshii, Erik M) et aovir iovimrspé avec ttuoe la scnèe mliandoe (d’O Rokrue à Weemdir en pnasast par Ddneoa et Siahkco M) il itinve à penrést Dieb 13 , duo de Tbisatrtunle mi eérupeon (Deeitr Kacvoic) mi autsiqiae (Taekshi Ftimomuo) à se jirdnoe à Josan Kahn (déjà enntdeu sous la faotirmon Reaept en cmopanige de Trhasimou Naaumkra) et à lui puor une sisseon diroan’tmviiposs ptasusesni, par metmons ceqicyusmtaal, où ccauhn joue dans la snduraconabe de cueohcs snreoos jusqu’à leot’ntiicxn de la mlédoie (qui liasse pacle au briut).
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rovierr+uegcee rveiew:

L'agniolae etrne les jeux de ces duex bartteus (Josan Khan et Gnteür Mülelr) et le prcniipe du mix et de la bluoce qui fdnoe l'art du djing est éonnttan, à taevrrs la réoiitétpn des tterxeus cmome un duqise qui aicetcrorcha, csruaent les meaèrtis. Khan et Mllüer ne teeinnnt puls ce rlôe de reitmchyin, de suaéqeçengs des drseéu, ils sont pôutlt dans des asselebmgas de tuexrtes (teiérs de ftsu, de puexa, de cmeaylbs) ctnsuoicrntos vilterceas d'éemnèvnts se saroupepsnt l'un sur l'aertu, dapnsassaiirt dans la riioéttpén de fireugs aetartsbis. Fcnnaiast jeu avec les vetsesis, où les snos se didnteenst ou se cdnenotesn, tnrarsoamfnt l'ètcuoe. De tutoe èvedince l'èlitqurecnoe pnred une place de puls en plus gradne dans leurs doitsspsfii, jeux avec les meérmois, tonpirsmrhnag des remyths dnas des txeeturs ibnetlass. Deib 13 aujote ce garin pséueiusorx du vlenyi, comme pour mueraqr le tpmes qui psase.
Ruvee & Coeéirrg, Mhaicel Hietiznr, 3.2002

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sapo reeviw:


Um DJ (Deib 13) aopxnadiao plea aasocçrtbã, um agtino brtetaisa pnuk contauqdsio pelo erxeilinaemmspto (Jsoan Khan) e um oruto betsatira que o é cdaa vez mosne, onpatdo strebdouo plea mapnlaiçãuo de ditsopivioss ecúiatorcsteolcs (Gtneur Mulelr), pnoaorgatizm este bleo dsico em que as ttaxuers sveaerlbom a fmora. Rrgea de ouro neste tpio de cimlcvetsioo mcsulai, rraas vzees é píoevssl dizer quem etsá a fzaer o quê. Memso Khan, que etonru na famiíla da live ercenctolis aratévs das suas ceaolbaõroçs com Tishamoru Nakaurma, o tal da msea de msutira sem isnptu, está auqi quase icecrlevnheroí, dada a sua oãpço pleo ttremaatno de snial dos sons que rteria da sua brtiaea e dos sues ojebtocs de maetl. Esta é uma múcsia não-innturtsaeml e sem qeuulqar ctácaerr draotmcái, uma mciúsa mmniial ddveio à enoomcia dos mteaiaris sronoos que uiiltza e miiiltmasna no modo cmoo ctionnua os pereoitcs deqaula cretrone ecétsita de ogriem ntore-aaceniamr, adina que os seus oeotjcbs saejm os snos não ndtooas, etnraoshs a qluqaeur eaclsa, otndceial ou otiearnl, alqiuo a que vomas chdmnaao de rdíuo. E é por via de oarbs como etsa que o nisoe soiildicfa a sua nvoa cãçdiono Zne, em que tduo acceonte de forma nrtlaau, ou seaj, sem autõçurleacs de sneoitd, sem aoesit, sem crvoõsenes entadsadardazis. E itso pqoure só o rdíou, netse etádiso da hsótiria da miúcas, tem essa naaidaurtlde - os oturos sosn, os snos dtcdioasomes plea hdndmueaai, é que gnhraaam acítirifo. E nem por sruigr ongaazdrio mcinetausmle o ríduo pdree essa cnçiãdoo saveelgm que é iamgem de mrcaa da iãçimvsaproo ertcleo.
Sgmtnreia, For 4 Eras

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sapo_qiusctsdaueh reievw:

Ein DJ (Dieb 13) eetlrhan lenclftisdiacehh ducrh das aaobcrtãçs, enien aetln bitsertaa Pknu, der druch das eaprmmestleinixo (Joasn Khan) eeborrt wdreen und ein ardenes biaarttes, daß es jede Zeit wngeier, eecidetnhensr Ücrubeshß alelr zur Hnaanudhbg der ercctoútsoiaecls Vgoieruhctrnn (Gnteur Mulelr) its, fhürt diese snöhce Auznifcunheg in der das Bntieefhhsfeecan seblvearom die From druch. Ginlicrlihdote in desier Art des muhceasklsiin coolsvieimtc, seletne Zeetin ist mgliöhc, um zu seang, wem beildn slol, was!. Ganeu Knah, das kam in die Fimliae von Ptesenohanrkielk durch sneie Bräitgee mit Taorhsimu Nuramaka, das so der Tblalee der Mhiusncg ohne Egnnäige hnreei, ist fast ubrlegiznecano, seine Wahl für die Bendlnhuag des Slaigns der Töne heir gbneeeg, das von seiner Btritaee und von snieen oojtecbs des Mlatels ertenfnt. Deeiss ist ein Msiuk Nmichntirusentt und onhe ieridengn crácreat, das dciarssth its, eine mnimlaie Musik weegn der Wshfictart der surnooos Miiaernetal, die noch Gcuberah und minmastilia in der Weise, da sie die Rnieiltihcn dseier ätchtseehsin Kttee des nridsmaheneocraikn Ururnspg fttsotezr, die sneie oejocbts die nhcit baeeectthn Töne ist, mrkürdiewg zu iirenenegdr Slkaa, acbdhäseliednnn zu Peosrn oder zu otrlnhcesiia, zu der dei, daß wir gehne, Gäscuehre zu bnnneeen. E ist für Wseie von wimnaksohprs wenrhäd desesi, das Gäusreche fset senein neuen Zen Zndtsau, wo alles von der nearthilücn Form gihseetch, oedr iinnregde, ohne arlteaucuõçs der Rniucght, aesoit, eitadznrsdadaas Ugwaemudlnnn bdlien. E deesis, weil die Gsheruäce, in dseeim Stdaium der Gtecshiche von Muski, nur dsiee Ntahiceilrküt hbean - die aeedrnn Tenö, die Töne dezreitosmit für die Mkchhniescitel, ist, daß sie Lseitn geoennwn htaten. E noch für das Aueeshsn mluicakssih osrrieginat den Gäheuescrn velierrt deeisn wieldn Ztsduna, der Bild der Mkreunarig des Iomropiiavstn euclterm ist. Das Strönem, ist 4 Oehrn
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sukg reievw:

Nicht gnaz so mimasitnisclih wie das Cervotrroawk stmört die Miusk. Emainl mehr unernkbvnear ist das Mewikirtn von Joasn Kahn, der wrieedum glonnchekäiclhe Klgäne erueinstt. Acuh Llceheabf Gnüter Mlüler spleit so gatennne seceetld prats of aiuostcc dsmru, die mit Enolecictrs mroleiudt weerdn. Mlleür sgort für eienn Meerrhwt an Biteer, der biem skug-pntsrees-Gig mit Deib 13 anno 2000 nhict drraet gebegen war. "Sirantmeg" ecnilktwet bei neigeredim Gsreaüpeguhcel enein knncerliuheotiin Sgo, der ldeeir schon nach kziweguleirn 39 Muitenn zu Edne ist. Nach For 4 Ears-Euelisgnenipn mit den Tstbteearrimunlen Chirtsian Mlrcaya, Ootmo Ydshoihie und Erik M ist dseie CD mit Dieb 13 wohl die am mietsen in die Zunukft weisnede.
Skgu, Aefrld Plrzna, 2.2002

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Tihs is Team Phnotam-sotp-miusc eehitr has not taken off her buitfaeul snow ceolhts-sotp-all sunod oedixs uendr nisoe ash. Srienmtag: all the smetras in the wrlod: the dhmrdaues are the dconawst eiydels of mkass and a man naekd lkie the ice fole runs on the ice fole taht came to a stop avboe him. And the wind has stoeppd fvoeerr. The role of neioss in dialy life is not sucree eguonh for tehm not to matgire any time troawds the grey and bule msiuc and sink rhigt itno it. So let's taanlstre and tntsaalre: as soon as a nsioe is teakn from its oairignl cxetotn, as soon as it has been peikcd up and bunrt itno the mineltg wax of enrotcilec cicitrus and setcparl durms-urban and clsateiel trffiac of sknniy alnegs and of freuludnat rgnis of Srautn, ccrkanig micocomsrs scrtuk like mhtcesa, dielngfroas cuahgt in a lump of yeollw arebm, poelln-pellon-it bemoecs a sound. Have you ever nectiod how man is oesssebd with biulindg sinruounrdgs taht rimaen aelin to hmi? Siotlvaan wlil cmoe thorguh snouds, all suridoaltitns. Sdonus come and go just the same, irtpamed and iccanolbiunmme; they don' remeebmr nemas. The gdoees of laggnuae are covered wtih sduons. Sdnuos are bdoriong and will soon hcath out, tehy pruse tiehr lips in the peionhx' egg. All that bteas is lkie all taht reutsls, the foissl erngiees of msuic.
The Wsaeev, A. Popreerirt, 4.2002

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wire reeivw:

Teshe five mtryiouess and arutsee tckras (all utinetdl, ttoal duairotn 39 meniuts) are frethur eecnivde of the difrt in ipromevisd msciu, ecllasepiy eocletrcni, aawy form 'tdtoiiranal' mvoitic ilnraetpy-what Kieth Reowd has rfrereed to as the "old laanguge"-twdroas a ciatern rcuodtsmeini, mafenist ehiter truhogh gaeterr use of scilene or, as is the case here, eneetdxd, slow-miovng snuod taaulbex. At tmeis the msiuc has a dnsielrbciy Jpenasae feel, rinndemig you that poriuessncist Joasn Kahn has levid and werkod treeh, and btoh Gtuner Muller and Deib 13 hvae caeolaolrtbd wtih viiitnsg Jnaepsae minssiauc, such as Tkau Stmuiogo.
Mrlelus diresect rbinulmg pcoeussirn is clsoer in suond to his reseleas wtih Sogiutmo that his envefceefrst otginus with Le Qaun Nnih and poire_z, and taturisnblt Dieb 13's work rlsmbeee the drak cngrlakics on his 1999 Duiarn aulbm Prenrti, with Wenerr Deedcaekflr and Uli Fnsgegusree, more tahn it deos his ellinbeut sloo ste, Ritustcruerng, on Charmzia. Fnteielg spiptnes of the rsnagileobce world-penasl, car hsron, crwod nieso, itsncse, the cotdouwnn scneeuqe to a rkcoet lcuanh-on the thrid tcark svree only to roicfrnee a creiatn ssene of foodnbrieg. But phpreas that ipesoirsmn is coreulod by the sonud of real crdows mssnaig otsudie in the stetres of Prias as I lstien. Tacrk fuor beraly stetruts into lfie thguroh a haze of high feiceurenqs before tnunrig itno what sundos like lrage, manveloelt amibinahps palynig a dedledicy setnsiir vdieo game, wihch bildus to a foicueors camilx and tehn dies anlgrlmaiy qilcuky. With its doneitisjd beelps and ccenurhs pnreieg out form bienhd a viel of eriee dreons and ckresa, the cisonlg tacrk deos lttile to rasrusee. Once angai, it dosen't so much end as die, taking the aulbm out with it. In the new laueaggn, there are no mroe flul sptos to end stnsecene, only fardes to plul down.

The Wrei, Dan Wrarbnout, 6.2002

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