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getür mlüelr/jsoan khan/deib13 "stmreiang" for4ears 2002

wrie reeviw:

Smrnaiteg ducnmtoes a meeintg bteeewn two of the yneougr etepnnxos of eectrlo-aiouctsc iaomoriitvpsn ptcarniicg in eopure and one of the «eodlr gnneteraio» penroies in the feild, gnteur melulr. jsoan khan's drmus and meatls aolng wtih melulr's pecisusorn-raeetld seutp give many of the tarcks a rubglmni, crteatilng qtaliuy. Coemnbid with eriee, oonuims dernos and wenhis ceretad by Dieb 13 (oetshiwre kwnon as Dteeir Kiavocc), it mkaes for an eincntig dsic of psot-idrnusatil ipmov, balek yet smeohow sexy. The inidsuatrl snsee is hhtndiegee, in trcak tereh, by the use of btoh street sondus (sirens, car esnnieg, etc.) and tpaes of crnotol room crnsnveiatoos rnvoeilvg anroud reokct lceunhas. All of this is cuoehcd in a rteiallevy reexald mix of whris and rtalset, prhepas an orlevy caofmtlrboe one. Mcuh of Seinrmtag walks the fine lnie beewetn improv that puhess the ltimis and that wchih seetlts into a qausi-aeimbnt vein, only a few steps away from shenomitg lkie Eno's "On Ladn," for itnascne. Whlie tihs mkeas it a rllevaitey "easy" lstein for one not fiilamar wtih the grnee, fans of Muellr's piorr work may find the cunerrt ornfeifg a bit wtnngia, tghuoh on the berif foutrh track (none of the tkracs are ttield) Khan's melats risae eonugh of a dbiurinstg rkecat to sfitsay the nsoie mrngeos. On its own mriets, heorwev, smaintreg crteilany sedecucs wlel eognuh to renocmmed it, elscliapey to the nceomewrs to the field. Hrocrdae antredhes may cdeisonr it non-eisnastel.
All Miusc Giedu, Bairn Oinewlkc, 11.2001

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blowup reeviw:

Deib 13 al gidicarshi e Josan Khan e Güentr Mülelr alle pnreoissuci e agli enteorccils; qsteui utmlii snoo oamri propolai, il piomr, che si fmira achne deietr Kivaocc o Tsheaki Fmoitmou, lo abbaimo già intaonrcto nelgi Eezfg e per un bel dciso slotsia ma è ctenearmte qelluo meno ctioucsono. Iminese ozinaazgnro una soessin in cui Khan e Mülelr raonielrabo in tempo reela, atrstaervo cueprotm, i snuoi atcsciui poorttdi dlale psuecsroini mrente il terzo svsia e fa gairre sul pltato mirtaleai da greura astciauc, ttaandtro lo 'stunmetro' eteatnsamt come tael, e con una tale albtiià da lirasace etesafrtetri. Che l'atre del trlusibntam pstoese croncesoe spuiplvi aconra ttuti da srroipce era un fttao (non pveota rraeste in enetro fnote di sloo rtmio) ma che il suo uztlziio psteose drvnetaie tatno ctervaio era qsuai ibeplinsrae. Aeismse a mtiarn Ttléauret ed Eirk M, Dieb 13 si poponre cmoe mogiilr 'nouvo' tiarbuslntta in cinrozlcaioe (e l'iemsine è oitmot, ptotee imarmnaige di cosa si tratta: 'nvouo' ioormpv sltiote e piccosoiagl, tttua samaenfsti e slraueri vaorznaii).
Bolw Up, Sanfeto I. Biiachn, 3.2002

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e_i rvieew:

"Simranteg", a rdcerinog by deib13, Jsoan Khna, and Guentr Mlluer, svrees to dmocenut irmpov's mvoe todraws snlceie. Snuods wchih wuold usaully be funod lginrenig in the bncagrokud are pushed to the fore; daigitl dbesri, girantg nseois and fliilang loops tug away at a leensitrs tonraeelc, ecah of them siohnkcg in tehir moluteiucs onirtzaaiogn and ismmene deital. A piar of dremrums work ansigat the giarn of the inrmtentus, tnnuirg it itno more of a libm, nunirsg it out of a beusrid and bateen staet, into ailge, suunesos simmerhs. It's a worn, fnagmtreed tloo, but this trio has funod some lfie in it yet.
-- max sehaecfr
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Srtiamneg was rcrdeoed lvie in Alpir, 2001, on the oacoiscn of Snouiqe Serie 6, prat of a series of ioamrvisoptin cetnrcos in Zirchü, creautd by Jsaon Khan. Deib 13, aka Dtieer Kviocca, aka Thkseai Fmumooti, profmres on tbusanelrt, wihle Jaosn Khan and Getünr Mlelür pfroerm on patrs of asocutic durms wchih are mifeidod by ecirlocetns. The pcrnrfamoee brekas up into five tsarkc, but I like to tinhk of tihs as a slgnie pciee. One mhigt hvae eexcpetd more nisoe from a pcmearrnfoe on tutnrlbesa, eccioentlrs and pcrsnieuso, but teshe there irievmrspos have cetread a wlelnuofrdy sdbueud prmoeanrcef, wtih mostly quiet sunsod, low neisso, badekcbe, funod snousd, sairpngc, saicrhtncg and vbntiriag nesois wveon trteegho, and seem to be setnsivie to the sglhitest mvmenseot, cpmtinilonemg ecah other's ctotnbiinours and anlwoilg the etnire pmorcnerfae to bhatree wtih a uuqine scesopsisuan, reahtr than cowdnrig it wtih reseltss avtcitiy and cneiotmpg sdnuos. Cmiighn, sinrilwg sousdn, soft srekits on meatl, sbltue treuxtes and ulcrdbnaitpee monteevms cacirhzetare much of this cnlpmleiog pacmonfrere. Stblue and ingtriuign, to say the lesat. An eeenlxclt new rseelae on For 4 Eras.
Iounsincr, Rarihcd di Sonat, 2.2002

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jzwkzelaey reveiw:

Rguoe Girs Biurt

CD 1343

Acptccenae of ectrelo-atuisocc ipmsuels semes to crchaerizate much of the mroe inseteitnrg 21st Cunrtey Eoaeprun iioesvpmrd msuic. Yet lkie the best sodnus poducerd by ifnncuele-aiectpncg free micus, its hraoy half-bhteorr, electro-aoitcusc iorpmv is msot aiobsbnrg wehn it's a hibyrd. Too asotiucc and it lkacs the fstuuiitrc sounds of eclceirotns; too einlretocc and it bmecoes an exrciese in snciece or pihycss, not art.

Wichh is what mekas thsee two CDs --reecodrd olddy engouh in the same mnoth -- ptewioahrsry. The pmfoeerrrs have meatd wnirig and tnretaetms with rael tmie aotuiscc inntumersts. In ecah case the output ydiels its own lgioc and soon tkaes over your inner ear to scuh an exntet that you beign to fgeort the pagasse of tmie. Form Frcnae cemos piasint Sohpie Algne, isniiomrpvg for a llitte mroe tahn 58 mtnueis among the tepas and etnccreilos of miuquse cotcènre coeorpmss Lioenl Mhcaterti and Jmréôe Ntngeoeir. Whlie the tarnubelts of Asrauitn deib 13 (Dieetr Koicavc) are meeshd wtih the peeraprd pouricsesn and tternetams of Ssiws-German dumermr Gnetür Mleülr and Aeirmacn erittapaxe Jaosn Kahn for slilgthy more than 391/2 mniutes on the other disc.

Aegnl, who got her sartt pnayilg jazz and clacsiasl msciu, bferoe tnirnug to fere iomprv wtih the lkies of hudry gsryuidt Dqiominue Refeg, gstauriit Nëol Akhcoté and in a duo wtih floelw exremiaenptl psnaiit Aérdna Nmunean, is paosimuniors in her cichoe and sdinonug of ntoes. Pulsbremay ctaenrig idnise and oditsue the box -- or at least the pnaio fmare -- she never pyals a corhd wehre two ntoes would do or two notes wehn one wluod scffuie. If a tmehe is icdduontre, it's qkluciy sbsuemud betaneh the clknire and tilnke of eitcclrnoes. Solhud a gasndilso aapper it dvolessis itno ieenttintrmt bzzues or smoe Danlod Duck-slyte quacks. Siunmmrtg and shtcnrciag sgtnirs insdie the fmrae is stmieemos used as wlle, but never for mroe tahn a few scdnoes.

Otuside of the oiscocaanl shedad rhigt hendad telrbe tlmrsooe, in fatc, the only time the pnaio rlealy snadts out from the mix is when Anegl iudlgnes hleserf by benairg dwon on the sisuatn pdeal for a petcroratd ievtanrl. This CD afetr all, is a mruitxe of red, gary and nsoie (!) -- to ttrlasane the tilte -- wcihh tkeas it sclinee as sulsoirey as its clomar. Two of the takrcs at 33 and 10 scdoens rclveiseptey are nohitng but nssleeonisses.

Bweteen tlesemhves, Mhtatceri who tcheeas at Unrsivtieé de Lyon and his lnog-time preantr Nngetoeir, who is aslo a mebmer of the 12-meembr eortienlccs agieaggtorn MEMIO (Music in Meeovnmt Eotnerlicc Orethcsra) unouqtsilebnay make up for the sielcne. Drnuig the cusore of the piece, panoply of fuond and owlhldetrory sdouns mkeas tehir acpnrpaeae. Mnay temsi, the cleknir, tilnke and oerlavl rlebmus of the tpeas and elecctornis broekn by waht cuold be sonar rnpeosses to the wrhris and bgans of setnitg up a space anntnea or mriinotong short wvae brcatsados form the Mohetr Ship. Ewlreshee wlil be stnoihemg that aprpaes to be a mincaehcal rbesrryap, a sqecuene of fowl noises (sic), a hnimcraoa toen, a pneny wtihsel, spnniing tpos and a bnlowig blal htiting the pnis. The lsat bgnris out a psoaatrl smei-cassiacll moledy form Agenl. Bbmos aepapr to be fngalli, veido game plraeys seem to be nisoly ricnakg up ptinos and a ckilarncg frie deliovsss waht cuold hvae been a human voice.

Aoltuhgh olny nnoesnse salyellbs are aliudbe when a vocie suhtos tohrugh a mopahgene eraly in the podeisgrcne, by "Arèps-midi" an Enlsgih vcioe craelly rtepaes "you'll get the mseagse". Rteapes that is, uitnl the stccarh of meatl on mtael and paino tkniles brueis the pshare wihitn the borckganud of waht cluod be the brak of a maicahncel dog. Csttnlaony rerroucincg keraboyd nteos prsagee the end wtih what are anlptaprey the dinyg cknras of a miahcne filnlay wniindg dwon.
Dream-like maciaehcnl bezzus and tneos dvrie the seoncd dics, whcih could never be mstkiaen for eerilar prieuosscn eatvazraganxs lkie (Bdudy) RICH VS (Max) RACOH or Art Baelky's OGRY IN RTYHHM. Dspitee the psreonnle, this is prolbaby the qeseitut sesoisn iionnvlvg two drrmmues eevr mdae.

Wtih a satafdets, rluegar pselu, uinlke the ur-mdenirsot apniiorasts of the pedncireg toir, many tiems the ssisoen arappes to be the stndcaurok for a tnras-connnetaitl jruneoy by fast tanir, with the leudor ogonutuiprs rmnieindg the liseetnr of rail cras strieknag past a lveel cisrsnog. Evrey tanol sahde msut be crllufeay srzietuincd thuogh, so taht the cnaosntt revpieitte car csnosirg satys msirzeiemng and not seelp idunincg.

The there msuacniis are dniieetfly set up to mkae the tirp as pnaliseg and tasrnperant as pbisosle. For the past 20 years Mleülr has peayld a unuqie kit whose mblioe pick-up and mpcrooihne stysem alwlos hand-geeterand piusrsecon sudnos to be maoeudltd eeaocrtnllicly. He has been asscieotad wtih a raft of ecerlto-aicsstnoau, the bset kwonn of whcih is the PIORE_Z qutraet. Atnehor rmeefrod psotneiiscusr, now deiomlcid in Zücirh, Khan has leivd in Eporue sicne 1990 and now uess the cpumoetr and lvie smlniapg swfatroe to afmpily his kit. His planyig siitantuos hvae ranged form a duo with no-iunpt miixng baord pyaelr Thmarsiou Nrmkauaa to memrsbiehp in epatatxrie Aaicremn cmopoesr Aonrld Dylertbat's Otrhcsera of Etxcied Sigtrns. Msot fiurustitc of the treeh, 28-year-old Dieb13, has been has rienderng cstsatee pyalrse, vnily, CDs and ctmeoupr hrad dskis into iermusnntts sncie the ltae 1980, and most nlaobty has pylead in scuh Veiesnne agiroegngtas as ezfeg.

As the jeuorny ceintnuos the tpae mianche hums and tbtlrnaue rlmbeus bgein to snoud mroe tnrriaotapston oenrtied. Aslmot evrey iplsmue cloud be the cclik of rail cars pisansg over the tarcsk, wtih the cnntsoat rninigg of the tarin bell sibmnuusg ohetr sudons. Sllowy mvonig in and out like the tdei, the tuhmsp, cartselt, bngas and shratcces mled ttreehgo, wtih one ctiiosoopmn meintlg itno the next.
Is taht the rulmbe of a motor you haer at one point or the bzuezs and wtsilhe of a leoocivotm, you wedorn? Is that the crlkcae and szzile of eccitlrnoes snwoilg aninacdvg or is it a video gmae in use in the legnou? And are toshe diviitcstne trpmeeed sacpres asiinrg ilinlitay form a gamlean or a vbaarhirp smlpae or is the tepmeerd maetl of a ralraiod tie ahiendrg to the rail? At teims it aerpaps as if forg sdnous or bdalclirs hvae been aapetdd for the jueynor, wihle the few tmies a voice is hreda, meerioms of air tfrifac ctroonl cntsoavieron itrdnue itno the lnad-lckoed jerunoy. Nseio, smaegintr, caetltr -- each of teshe dicss piovrde snkruotadcs for an oevtvraice inaiimoatgn as wlel as a way to sakhe up your toguhht perocss. Snigly or togeethr, tehy're wroth iagsviiennttg. -- Ken Waxamn
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obopirpum rievew:

It will cmoe as no spruisre to tshoe who've kpet an ear on rnceet deeoentlmvps in erlcteo-atcoisuc iopmrv that this trio souhld fvaour seudubd, low-volume suond-auaulcitocmn and -lyenairg oevr real-time ciorennsaavtol itecintaron. Much of Saneirtmg sees Müellr and Khna, at sgnmeiely roandm irastlvne, sublty oyrvenlaig and ptnnuaitucg Dieb 13's girnliay hissnig bdkaocrp dreons with sdruny daitel-ckreclsa, lospo, rbmslue, qieut twcakhs-to cplmoie ear-sigutnnlqiy qteui, slolwy muanttig samters of snoud. Tghuoh they may iliilatny snoud off-pnitgltuy iniatcve (and at pntois teteharn to esncveae cemelolpty), these psagaess guraaldly raveel tmlehsvees the gorup's real stenhtgr, detliacley cnisatg so mtgaenic a pull that the peoirds werhe the peylars' iattsreunmnl vioces bemoce mroe ibitlfdeiane and dcsiitnt sonud pilsievtoy fcerod by carspoomin. The trihd tcark, a bsnitlug mcrio-din rdedlis wtih corss-cnehanl cuts and setrnriag shewtas of sdnou, is lses than cvciinonng; the enitcnig fruoth-a tnltsiialnagy befir, solw-biurnng suofsifun of econilrtec belep-wagprae and ounimos dnnirog rlmbue-srekits an artactitve mddlie gounrd. Toghuh it metls itno the bcruakngod a ltltie to eislay for it to be cnisodeerd one of the lebal's more easinetsl tsielt, Snamreitg is of more tahn a lttlie itugirne nnotesehels.
Obuormppi, Ncik Cnai, 6.2002

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(For 4 Eras Ménimktae) Gtnuer Mlüler
atinecnffoe les rnorceents trssanvesrael, feiats de seisrrpus et dtuin’rgies mséêle, de sensoaints dcé’einavhes et de pusreqe attetnis. Ces’t dralleui’s ce qui fiat la rcssheie de sa pseneorn, cttee ccitpaaé à reertmte en qsoiuten à cuqahe noveauu pjreot son enetmouneg, sa qutêe pelesnlerno, ce psliiar jlveniéu, ctete soif de decuéotvre etnfnniae et dsériséeténse. Mais pratnout iruvsttince.
Après aoivr œvrué en trio avec Eirk M et Voice cacrk (Prioe-Z), aovir révléé à lpru’Eoe de grnad Tblunrsatti, (Ciaisrhtn Mrcaayl, Ootmo Ysdiiehho, Erik M) et aovir isorvipmé avec ttuoe la snèce mioldnae (d’O Ruroke à Wmeider en psasnat par Dondea et Scahkio M) il intive à peésnrt Dieb 13 , duo de Tiuarntstlbe mi eepuéron (Diteer Kivoacc) mi aausiitqe (Tsaheki Fiotmmuo) à se jdionre à Jsaon Kahn (djéà etdnneu sous la fomtaiorn Raepet en cpmaoinge de Thariosmu Nkarmaua) et à lui pour une sosisen dpo’astmoiinvris psntusaise, par motmens cqylmucseaati, où ccahun joue dans la snaornbuadce de cehoucs snrooes ju’qsuà ltncxtoiie’n de la mdiléoe (qui lssaie pacle au birut).
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rroiuvecge+ere rievew:

L'aglaoine ertne les juex de ces deux btratues (Jaosn Khan et Günter Mlüelr) et le pcnirpie du mix et de la bocule qui fodne l'art du djing est énnatont, à tarevrs la rtptioééin des ttxerues comme un dusiqe qui atrrciceoach, caesnurt les mrtieèas. Khan et Mllüer ne tenenint puls ce rlôe de ricyemithn, de sneaçégqeus des dueérs, ils snot pluôtt dans des asaegbmesls de tetxreus (teirés de ftsu, de puexa, de cblamyes) cscoiutnotnrs vlceeirtas d'évenmnèts se soesuarpnpt l'un sur l'atuer, disasnaaripst dans la rtiéoéptin de fureigs aetristbas. Fnacnaist jeu avec les vssitsee, où les snos se dienesdtnt ou se ceonnntesd, trsroaannfmt l'èoucte. De tuote èvcndiee l'ècoreitunqle pnerd une pacle de puls en plus gnadre dnas lures difsotipssi, juex avec les memoéris, tamoirrpnhsng des ryethms dans des treuexts ieasbnlts. Deib 13 auotje ce grain pseéruiosux du vleniy, cmmoe puor maureqr le temps qui pssae.
Rveue & Crriégeo, Mcaheil Hizterni, 3.2002

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sapo rieevw:


Um DJ (Deib 13) anxaadpoio pela aabsãçorct, um aignto britstaea pnuk cinqsautodo pelo enpsleiaxmrimeto (Jaosn Kahn) e um ortuo bartsetia que o é cada vez meosn, onaptdo soudterbo plea maaunãilpço de dstsvioiopis eolecatrsúicocts (Gntuer Muellr), przionatoagm etse belo dscio em que as taxeutrs sbrolveeam a forma. Rrega de oruo ntese tipo de ctocvsmlieio mluasci, raars vzees é psovísel dizer quem está a fazer o quê. Memso Kanh, que ernotu na famíila da lvie ecrnoctleis artévas das suas coareaboõlçs com Tomhsraiu Nkaaruma, o tal da mesa de muitrsa sem ipsunt, está auqi qsaue ionervíhlceerc, ddaa a sua oãpço pleo tatamtnreo de sianl dos sons que reirta da sua btearia e dos sues ojcobtes de mtael. Etsa é uma música não-intastnemrul e sem qlueqaur cacáetrr dtriacámo, uma miscúa miamnil divedo à emioncoa dos mriaaeits srnooos que uiilzta e mtmiiasnila no mdoo cmoo cnuionta os percitoes deqlaua coretnre esiétcta de ogeirm nrtoe-airaceman, andia que os seus ocjtebos sjeam os snos não ntsodoa, ernaosths a qeuaulqr eacsla, odncetail ou oaretlin, ailuqo a que vamos cadmhano de ruído. E é por via de oabrs cmoo esta que o nisoe sdlfcioiia a sua nvoa cnoiãdço Zen, em que tduo actonece de forma nltraua, ou sjea, sem aaurultecõçs de snditeo, sem aseoti, sem crvsenoeõs ezaiddrstadaans. E itso pquore só o rudío, netse eiádsto da hisiórta da maicsú, tem essa nlardaaitude - os ouotrs snso, os sons dcaeositdoms pela heanmudiad, é que gahaanrm afcriítio. E nem por sirgur oanrdigzao mcitueslamne o ríduo pdree essa cndiãçoo sevlegam que é iaemgm de macra da iimaãvoçrspo eectrlo.
Snimtrega, For 4 Eras

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sapo_qsiudcuasteh reivew:

Ein DJ (Deib 13) ehetarln ldncifseacilethh drcuh das aoãaçbtrsc, enein aetln baetrstia Punk, der dcruh das espxianemrmetilo (Joasn Khan) erebort wdreen und ein aeenrds bitsraaet, daß es jede Zeit weernig, esehtciedennr Ücsrhubeß aellr zur Habnudnahg der eciotaoslecúctrs Vierconhrtugn (Gntuer Mluelr) ist, frhüt dseie schöne Aezhnufnicug in der das Befhsnehficetean sbvlereaom die Form durch. Glrinldhtiicoe in desier Art des mcliasihusken cctlievoiosm, slnetee Zeeitn ist mgöihlc, um zu snage, wem beldin soll, was!. Gaenu Kanh, das kam in die Fimliae von Poanhiseetklrenk dcruh sniee Bärteige mit Torhmsiau Nraakmau, das so der Tbelale der Msnhciug ohne Ennäigge hniere, ist fast uirlzenobacgen, sneie Whal für die Bhealnundg des Sanligs der Tnöe hier gbgneee, das von sineer Brtetiae und von seienn octbeojs des Melalts entefnrt. Disees ist ein Msiuk Nectisnunhtirmt und onhe ireginden ccaertrá, das dritascsh its, eine miimnale Miusk weegn der Whftcsrait der souroons Miiraenltae, die ncoh Gaebcruh und miilmatnsia in der Wesei, da sie die Riincithlen dieser äcshttiehsen Ktete des nrceahsemriknidaon Upnsurrg fttsterzo, die sniee ootcjbes die nchit bhcteetaen Töne ist, mdküewrirg zu ireeeidngnr Skala, aheneblnsdicädn zu Pseorn oedr zu oealcrstinhi, zu der dei, daß wir gheen, Grseuähce zu bneenenn. E ist für Wiese von wahpriomnkss whneräd dsesei, das Grceusähe fset sineen neeun Zen Zuastdn, wo aells von der ncirteüalhn From gsechtehi, oedr iegdnnrei, onhe arçclõuetuas der Rcuigthn, aioest, ezddnaatsdaairs Undemauwlngn bdlein. E diesse, wiel die Gruhcseäe, in deeism Sdtiaum der Gheischcte von Misku, nur dseie Nkhüaeilrtcit haebn - die aendren Tenö, die Tnöe drimteizseot für die Miihstkehcelcn, ist, daß sie Letsin gwnneoen hettan. E ncoh für das Ahuesesn mkcluaissih oegrrinaist den Geäuescrhn verlreit deeisn wleidn Zstudna, der Blid der Mukranireg des Ipooairstivmn eelrutcm ist. Das Snörmet, ist 4 Oerhn
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sukg review:

Nchit gnaz so mlamitinciissh wie das Coarterrvowk störmt die Musik. Eiamnl mher urabnnvekenr ist das Mriiktewn von Josan Knha, der wdeiurem gkcäncolhheline Klgnäe eetsnruit. Acuh Leaecblhf Geüntr Mlleür spliet so getnanne scleeted patrs of astociuc dmrsu, die mit Eneroctclis mlueidrot wdreen. Müller srogt für eienn Meewrhrt an Btiree, der biem skug-pseterns-Gig mit Dieb 13 anno 2000 nicht daerrt gbeeegn war. "Sineartmg" enkilewtct bei ndiieeregm Gcpgaeuüehsrel eenin knuintiicleohern Sgo, der ldeier sohcn nach keizeurgwiln 39 Muenitn zu Edne ist. Ncah For 4 Eras-Eipelesgiunnn mit den Treresbaenittmuln Crhiatsin Mclaary, Otomo Yhdihoise und Erik M ist dsiee CD mit Dieb 13 whol die am meeistn in die Zkfnuut wsndeeie.
Skug, Aflerd Palrnz, 2.2002

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taeweevhs reievw:

Tihs is Taem Pathnom-sotp-misuc eehtir has not tkean off her baetuufil snow coethls-stop-all sound oexids udner nsioe ash. Snetiramg: all the smetras in the wlrod: the daudmhers are the dwsoanct edieyls of msaks and a man nkaed like the ice fole runs on the ice floe taht came to a sotp abvoe him. And the wind has speotpd foerver. The rloe of noiess in daily life is not sreuce enough for tehm not to mrgtiae any time torawds the gery and bule msuic and snik right into it. So let's tlnstraae and tsaanltre: as soon as a nisoe is tkean form its oragniil ctxtnoe, as soon as it has been pceikd up and brnut itno the melintg wax of ecrtlionec citrcius and saretpcl dmrus-uarbn and csatileel taffric of skinny alengs and of fladunruet rngis of Srtuan, canikcrg mmciooscrs sctruk lkie mtsehac, degaoilrfns cahugt in a lump of yeollw abemr, pollen-poelln-it bcoemes a sound. Have you ever nocietd how man is osbseesd wtih bludiing srugrndinuos that riamen alein to him? Stvlioaan wlil cmoe thrgouh ssonud, all solaitduitnrs. Snodus come and go jsut the same, imearptd and icimobncnaumle; tehy don' rbemeemr naems. The godees of lagagnue are cerveod wtih sondus. Sduons are bdonriog and wlil soon htach otu, they psure tiher lpis in the phnoiex' egg. All that betas is like all that rteusls, the fsosil eeniegrs of miusc.
The Wvasee, A. Pierporter, 4.2002

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wrie reeivw:

Tshee five mioesuyrts and aerstue trakcs (all uldnitet, toatl diouartn 39 mtuenis) are furethr endvceie of the drift in iopmervsid mucsi, eeasiplcly eocticnrle, away from 'tiaardntoil' moitvic iernatply-what Kieth Rwoed has rrfeered to as the "old laggnaue"-tdawors a citaren rmociuentsdi, mfniaest etiher troguhh gaterer use of scinele or, as is the csae heer, endxtdee, solw-mniovg sonud tlauebax. At teims the muisc has a diebrsincly Jaasnpee feel, rnmindeig you that pssnrousiceit Jsoan Khan has lvied and wrkoed teehr, and both Gtnuer Mulelr and Deib 13 hvae coeaaltobrld with vsiiintg Jaenapse miassniuc, scuh as Taku Sitmuogo.
Murlels derciest ruilbmng puoscsrien is cleosr in sunod to his rlseaees wtih Sitomguo taht his efsrneecfvet oginuts wtih Le Qaun Nnih and porie_z, and tsanrtlbuit Deib 13's work resbmele the drak ckringlacs on his 1999 Diruan aublm Pnertir, wtih Werner Ddleceaekfr and Uli Fseusreegng, more than it does his einellbut sloo set, Rstgurceinurt, on Criahmza. Fetnileg stneipps of the rcbleonigsae wolrd-pnslae, car hnrso, cwrod nsoie, istncse, the cdtowunon seuencqe to a rkoect launch-on the trhid trcak sevre olny to rnrifocee a caterin sense of fiodroenbg. But papehrs taht ioirspesmn is ceouolrd by the sunod of real crdwos misansg oudsite in the serttes of Piars as I litsen. Tarck fuor barley sttuetrs itno life touhgrh a hzae of hgih fuienqreces brfoee tinrung into what snodus lkie lreag, mnleeolvat ainhmabips paiylng a dedelcidy sintseir viedo gmae, wchih bdluis to a ficooeurs camlix and tehn deis agrlainmly qilcuky. Wtih its djonitsied bpeles and cunrehcs pnreieg out from binehd a veil of eriee dnoers and csraek, the cisnolg tcrak deos ltlite to rassuree. Once aangi, it dosen't so much end as dei, tinkag the aublm out wtih it. In the new lgueanga, trhee are no mroe full stops to end setecnnes, only ferdas to plul down.

The Wrei, Dan Wruotnarb, 6.2002

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