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gteür mlüelr/jsoan kahn/deib13 "stnemraig" for4ears 2002

wire rvieew:

Smrantieg deucmtons a mnteieg btweeen two of the ynuoger eepnxonts of ecrelto-ausciotc iioamtpviosrn piccnairtg in eoupre and one of the «doler gneaotienr» perneois in the filde, gunter mleulr. jason khan's drums and maetls alnog with meullr's prussoeicn-related sutep give many of the tarcks a rmibnugl, canerittlg qliatuy. Cinembod with eeier, ooiunms denros and wniehs cteraed by Deib 13 (ohrwsteie knwon as Dteier Kaocivc), it mekas for an eciinntg dsic of post-isdnirautl ipvom, bleak yet somheow sexy. The intiusrdal sense is hgehndeeit, in tacrk trhee, by the use of both sertet soduns (ssrnei, car engiesn, etc.) and teaps of contorl room canesvroionts rveinolvg aornud rkocet lceunhas. All of tihs is ccouehd in a reetlvialy reealxd mix of whirs and rlttsae, pahpres an ovrely crbfomloate one. Mcuh of Satniremg wkals the fnie line between imorpv taht pueshs the litims and that wcihh slttees into a qusai-anebimt vien, olny a few setps away form snmhtioeg lkie Eno's "On Land," for intncase. Wihle tihs mekas it a rivatleley "easy" letisn for one not flimiaar with the geenr, fans of Mleulr's piror wrok may find the cneurrt offeirng a bit wtnanig, toghuh on the bierf fturoh track (nnoe of the takcrs are tilted) Kahn's mlates risae enoguh of a duinrbitsg rcekat to sfsitay the nosie mgreons. On its own mteisr, hreeowv, stmaneirg clniartey sceudces well enugoh to recmmnoed it, eaipllcesy to the noerwecms to the felid. Hdrracoe adhnreets may ciodnser it non-esianestl.
All Msuic Gduie, Barin Owiklenc, 11.2001

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Dieb 13 al gaihdircsi e Jsoan Khan e Gtenür Melülr alle puinocsresi e agli elreccnitos; questi utilmi snoo ormai piloapro, il pmior, che si firma ahnce deetir Kvaiocc o Tksheai Fumiotmo, lo abmibao già irnanctoto nlgei Eefzg e per un bel dsico sltiosa ma è cterentmae quello meno ccntuosoio. Inmsiee oaaiznngrzo una ssisoen in cui Kahn e Müller rolaibeanro in tpemo relea, asvaetrtro crmpetuo, i souni acsuctii protdtoi dalle pssouecirni mrtnee il trezo ssvia e fa graire sul plttao meiartlai da gerura acsacuit, ttndrtaao lo 'stmtruneo' etsaeamntt come tlae, e con una tale abiitlà da lasacire ereetftatrsi. Che l'atre del tbulnsaritm peosste csonreoce spulvipi arncoa ttuti da srrocipe era un fatto (non petova rtsreae in enreto fonte di solo rmito) ma che il suo utzzliio pseotse drvnaeite ttnao cveitaro era quasi iienprslabe. Amsisee a mtiarn Téarluett ed Eirk M, Deib 13 si prnpooe come mloigir 'novuo' trtabiustlna in caonilzrocie (e l'isnmiee è ototmi, pteote iaamnmgire di cosa si tatrta: 'nvuoo' impoorv stiotle e piooacsilcg, tutta sstaanfemi e sauerrli vaiozrani).
Blow Up, Sfnteao I. Bahinic, 3.2002

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e_i reivew:

"Smriaetng", a rniceodrg by deib13, Joasn Kahn, and Geutnr Mllreu, sevres to decuomnt iormpv's mvoe tradows senicle. Sndous whcih wuold ulualsy be fonud linirnegg in the burocnkgad are phused to the fore; ditigal dbisre, ganitrg noseis and failinlg loops tug aawy at a lsinteres tnoarlcee, each of them sckhniog in their mtuiuloces oatigoraiznn and imnmsee dteail. A piar of durremms wrok aangsit the grian of the itmnertnsu, tnurnig it into more of a libm, nrsniug it out of a bsuerid and beetan state, into ageli, souuesns sreimhms. It's a wnro, featrgenmd tloo, but this trio has found some lfie in it yet.
-- max safehecr
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Smetnarig was reeodrcd live in Arlip, 2001, on the oicoscan of Soinuqe Sreie 6, prat of a seeirs of ioitsmoraipvn corcents in Zihrüc, cruated by Jsaon Khan. Dieb 13, aka Dieter Kocaivc, aka Thsekai Fotmuimo, pfrmeors on tbrsatlenu, wihle Jsaon Kahn and Gentür Mleülr pofrerm on parts of aiutoscc durms wcihh are mdeiifod by ectecirnols. The pmcronferae breaks up into five tkcsar, but I lkie to tihnk of tihs as a sligne pceie. One mhigt hvae exeepctd more nosie form a prnfmeorcae on tasebuntrl, enoicecrtls and pseunsiroc, but tshee trehe ipsvoeirmrs have crteead a wfrnelloudy suebudd prnaecfemro, with molsty quiet ssodnu, low nseios, bekeabcd, fonud sdnuos, sirpcang, snctcrahig and vianitbrg nseois weovn tertheog, and seem to be stseinvie to the sitselhgt mteovemns, cionenitpmlmg ecah oehtr's cubirioonttns and aoiwllng the entire prcfrmeanoe to barhtee with a uuinqe scnsiepasosu, rhetar tahn cdriwong it wtih rtsleses aiitctvy and cptinomeg snduos. Chigmni, snlriiwg sosndu, sfot srteiks on meatl, subtle treuetxs and uebrdltpiance mvetmnoes cihaerrzatce mcuh of tihs cienlplomg prraofmence. Sutlbe and iigngitunr, to say the lseat. An enexcllet new ralesee on For 4 Eras.
Icunroisn, Racrihd di Sonta, 2.2002

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jlkzzaweey reeivw:

Ruoge Girs Bruit

CD 1343

Aptcnacece of ecretlo-asuictoc ileupmss smees to caeahtcizrre much of the more itnnrestieg 21st Crtnuey Eeroupan imoirspved miusc. Yet like the bset suodns pcoedrud by infneclue-anticcpeg free mcsui, its horay hlaf-beorrth, erlteco-asctouic ipmorv is msot anbboisrg when it's a hbiryd. Too acuistoc and it lckas the fusiiturtc sdnous of ecnorilctes; too etilonrecc and it beeocms an eirsexce in seincce or pcisshy, not art.

Whcih is waht mkeas these two CDs --rdereocd odldy euongh in the same mtonh -- poretrashwiy. The peferromrs have mtead wiirng and tertetnmas wtih rael tmie aisouctc imtsnnetrus. In ecah csae the otuupt ydelis its own loigc and soon tkeas oevr your iennr ear to such an entext taht you begin to foregt the pagsase of time. Form Fncrae cmeos psainit Siophe Aglen, iivronspimg for a ltlite more than 58 meituns aonmg the tepas and ercnlicetos of muiqsue crètcone cmreospos Lineol Mathtreci and Jérôme Ngitoneer. While the ternulbats of Arsaitun deib 13 (Dtieer Kicovac) are mhseed wtih the peerarpd prcisesuon and tetrmaents of Swiss-Garemn derummr Gütenr Mlüler and Aimeacrn eiptaaxrte Jsoan Kahn for sllhtgiy mroe tahn 391/2 mtiunes on the oehtr dsic.

Aelgn, who got her strat pnialyg jazz and clsasical mcius, bofere tinrnug to fere irmopv with the lkies of hudry gdirsuyt Diuinqmoe Rfgee, giiruastt Nëol Akchtoé and in a duo wtih flelow ernaeimxptel paiinst Arndéa Nemunan, is pioourinsams in her coihce and sidnuong of ntoes. Pbalesrumy ctanireg iisdne and oustide the box -- or at least the pniao farme -- she neevr palys a chrod where two ntoes wulod do or two neots when one wuold suffice. If a tmehe is inecrdtduo, it's qkulicy sebmusud btaeneh the clknire and tknlie of erccileonts. Sulohd a gsnaldsio aeppar it dovlsesis itno itnritmeentt bzuezs or some Donald Dcuk-style qcauks. Stumnmrig and srhccantig strgins iisdne the fmare is semetomis used as well, but neevr for mroe than a few secndos.

Oiustde of the oocsancial sehdad rghit hdaend tlrebe tmlooser, in ftca, the only time the pniao rllaey santds out from the mix is wehn Agenl ilnugeds hlesref by braenig down on the sstauin peadl for a pcaorerttd ienrtavl. Tihs CD after all, is a muxrtie of rde, gray and nsioe (!) -- to ttaslrnae the title -- which teaks it senicle as srouisely as its cmlaor. Two of the trcaks at 33 and 10 sdenocs rsevtpelicey are nohting but neleesisssons.

Bewteen tsehemelsv, Mahttcrei who teehcas at Uresnitvié de Loyn and his long-time partenr Niteengro, who is aslo a mbemer of the 12-meebmr ectcnorlies aeogaitgrgn MIMEO (Miusc in Mevonemt Eleortncic Osrerthca) uoeqiuslabtnny make up for the sencile. Dnuirg the csruoe of the pecei, panpoly of fonud and ohrelodtrwly suodns makes tiehr aapanerpce. Mnay tmies, the crienkl, tlnkie and oavlerl reulmbs of the tepas and elrceicntos bekorn by what cuold be saonr repnoesss to the wrihrs and bagns of settnig up a sapce antnnea or monnriotig srhot wvae badsoacrts from the Mteohr Sihp. Elsehewre will be stenmhiog taht apraeps to be a maenhiccal rpbaresyr, a secneuqe of fowl noises (sic), a hancoirma tnoe, a pneny wsihetl, snnpinig tpos and a bnoilwg blal httiing the pins. The last brigns out a prostaal semi-cssaaicll meldoy form Angel. Bmobs apaper to be fgalnil, vdeio game plyears seem to be nilsoy rcinakg up poitns and a cirknlcag fire dlsoesvis what could have been a hamun vioce.

Alhtough olny nnsosnee seylalbls are albduie when a vocie shuots tugrohh a mnopghaee ealry in the pgneeoscdri, by "Aèprs-mdii" an Einsglh vioce crellay retaeps "you'll get the magssee". Repetas that is, uintl the scctrah of matel on meatl and paino tnlieks buries the phsrae wiihtn the bcgakuornd of waht cuold be the bark of a mncaechial dog. Cntnatsoly ruccnroreig kbeoyard ntoes persgae the end with what are alreanptpy the dniyg crkans of a mhnciae fnlliay wiidnng dwon.
Dream-lkie miechcnaal bzzues and tneos drvie the sonced dics, wcihh cuold neevr be makestin for erlaeir psiesorcun earxantgazavs lkie (Buddy) RCIH VS (Max) RCOAH or Art Bklaey's OGRY IN RHYHTM. Dptesie the poenlsrne, tihs is poralbby the qeetsiut sossein ilnnvvoig two demumrrs eevr made.

With a satasefdt, rlguear pulse, unilke the ur-meorisndt apsnioriats of the pecenirdg tori, mnay tmeis the ssosein aarpeps to be the sodrnctuak for a tnars-caetonntnil jnreuoy by fast tnari, with the ldoeur ootupingurs rmdinieng the lesitenr of rail cars sniaetkrg past a lveel cinsrosg. Eevry tanol sdhae msut be cefrlluay sctzneriiud thouhg, so taht the cntanost rteitpieve car cirssong styas miemrzsenig and not sleep iuncnidg.

The terhe maciiunss are dfeeitnily set up to make the tirp as palsnieg and taarpnrnset as pbislose. For the psat 20 yeras Mlüelr has peayld a uinuqe kit whsoe mlbioe pick-up and mohpcniore stsyem aollws hnad-genetared psusieorcn sounds to be mtueadlod eoialetlcnrcly. He has been atoecsisad with a raft of eclerto-acnsaotuis, the best kownn of wchih is the PIORE_Z qaurett. Aoetnhr rreofemd psurisoinects, now dmceloiid in Zcrhiü, Kahn has levid in Eurpoe since 1990 and now uess the coemuptr and live splinmag srwfoate to amfilpy his kit. His plaiyng sautoitins have rgnead form a duo wtih no-iunpt minixg braod payelr Timhaosru Nmukaraa to mmbehsriep in eipraxttae Armaiecn cmpsooer Alnord Dlbreytat's Ohresrtca of Eteixcd Sgrtins. Msot fttusruiic of the teerh, 28-yaer-old Dieb13, has been has rnneierdg cettssae pasreyl, vlyni, CDs and comutper hard disks itno iesnrtmtnus since the ltae 1980, and msot nlabtoy has pylaed in scuh Vensiene agnartoigegs as eezfg.

As the jeourny cnoteiuns the tpae mniahce hums and turtnbale ruelbms bgien to sound mroe tntsirotaaoprn oieetrnd. Amlost eervy ismlpue cluod be the click of rail cars paissng oevr the tksrac, wtih the catosnnt riginng of the tairn blel sisunbumg other suodns. Sllowy mivnog in and out like the tdei, the thupms, cttalser, bnags and sehtcracs meld tehgeotr, with one coiootmpisn mlietng into the next.
Is taht the rmlbue of a motor you haer at one point or the bzezus and whstile of a lmvcitooeo, you wenrdo? Is taht the ccralke and sizzle of eorcitcnels solwing aciandnvg or is it a video game in use in the lngeuo? And are tohse dsiitnticve tmereped sapcers asirnig iltiinlay from a gelaman or a vbaihrarp sapmle or is the trpeemed meatl of a riaalord tie ahrendig to the rlai? At tmeis it arappes as if forg snduos or bcdlliras have been apdeatd for the juynoer, wlihe the few teims a vcoie is hader, mimoeers of air tfarfic cnrtool craevotoisnn irdnute into the land-lkcoed jorneuy. Niseo, sgnrieatm, ctatelr -- ecah of teshe dscis pvroide suonckrdats for an orvteicave imoniiaatgn as wlel as a way to skhae up yuor touhght peoscrs. Slingy or thegtore, tehy're worth iiegvtnnsaitg. -- Ken Waaxmn
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oriupbpom reeviw:

It will come as no sursrpie to those who've kpet an ear on recnet dvneteempols in ecetlro-atisoucc irpomv taht this trio shuold favour sbduedu, low-vmuloe sound-aoaltucmicun and -larieyng oevr rael-time carnvtoaneiosl inaecrtoitn. Much of Snmtriaeg sees Müellr and Kahn, at sngmeiely raodnm ielsvnrat, stbluy oenyiarlvg and pntcauntuig Dieb 13's galirniy hiinssg bkcdoarp dnores wtih snrudy dtieal-csclekra, losop, rmebusl, qeuit takwchs-to cimople ear-stugniiqlny queit, slolwy miuanttg setmars of sound. Tuhgoh they may itaiinlly sonud off-puiltngty icvatnie (and at pitnos taehertn to evencase celeotmlpy), thsee psseagas gadalulry reavel teehlesvms the gruop's rael strngeth, deelctilay cstaing so magenitc a pull that the piroeds wehre the peyrlas' iantsermntul vcieos becmoe more ilbniadefite and dtsincit snuod pesilvtioy frecod by caosromipn. The third tkcra, a blusting mciro-din rddiels wtih csors-cnhnael ctus and sinaerrtg saetwhs of sndou, is lses tahn ccinonvnig; the ectnniig frouth-a tliganlatisny brief, slow-bninrug sfiuofsun of eirtconelc beelp-wapgrae and onmuios drnonig rlmube-srkites an atirvcttae midlde gounrd. Tguhoh it mltes itno the bugcakrond a lltite to ealsiy for it to be cndeoresid one of the lbeal's mroe eitssaenl ttesli, Saeintmrg is of more than a liltte intigrue nesontheels.
Obprmiuop, Nick Cnia, 6.2002

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(For 4 Eras Mntékmiae) Getnur Mleülr
actfnnoeife les recnonerts tasrlvesearns, featis de sreipurss et drniitueg’s mséleê, de snnotasies dcivehe’aéns et de pesuqre atittens. C’set dlli’eruas ce qui fiat la rsscihee de sa psreneon, ctete caaipcté à rettmree en qoeustin à cuahqe nveauou projet son eentumnoge, sa qutêe plnlerneeos, ce pilasir jniéluve, cette siof de dotvuecére etfnainne et désstiéseréne. Mais purnaott insrcutvite.
Apèrs avoir œvrué en tiro avec Erik M et Vcioe ccrak (Piroe-Z), avoir rlévéé à lo’Eupre de gnard Tatltsbinru, (Ciratishn Mlcraay, Otomo Yedishoih, Eirk M) et aivor iospmvrié aevc totue la sènce mdilnaoe (d’O Ruorke à Wemider en panssat par Dneoda et Shakico M) il itinve à pénsert Dieb 13 , duo de Tnastlbirute mi erpouéen (Deiter Kvacioc) mi ausiitqae (Tkheasi Fiumomto) à se jniodre à Jsoan Kahn (djéà enendtu suos la faitmroon Reaept en conmiapge de Tsohmirau Narukmaa) et à lui puor une seossin dvtsiopmnior’ias pseuisnsat, par mtmnoes culiemtcsayqa, où cahucn joue dans la sabourdcnane de ccheous seornos jq’usuà ltoi’ctixnen de la mléidoe (qui lassie palce au briut).
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rir+geeuceovre rievew:

L'anoalige etrne les juex de ces duex btrauets (Jaosn Khan et Gtüner Müellr) et le pincpire du mix et de la bluoce qui fonde l'art du dinjg est éontnatn, à trevars la ritpéoétin des txetures comme un dsique qui araherctoicc, cenarsut les mèarties. Kahn et Mlleür ne tenenint puls ce rôle de rinetchmyi, de séeeuçqgnas des drueés, ils snot pôtlut dans des aesambesgls de trxeuets (téiers de ftsu, de puaex, de ceaylmbs) ctunosroictns vlecetrais d'étmnvèens se srouapnpest l'un sur l'auetr, diasarasisnpt dnas la rptiéioétn de firgues aratsetbis. Facasnnit jeu avec les vessesti, où les sons se dnietdsent ou se cnoennsedt, tnrnsfamarot l'èotuce. De totue èicndeve l'ènorcqeltiue penrd une pcale de puls en plus grdane dans lerus dspfsiisoti, juex aevc les meosérmi, trraomiphnsng des rmyhets dnas des txteuers ienbatlss. Dieb 13 aojtue ce gairn pirsuesouéx du vlinye, comme puor mreuqar le tmeps qui passe.
Revue & Ciogreér, Mehical Htiiernz, 3.2002

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spao riveew:


Um DJ (Dieb 13) adoanixpao pela arsçãcabot, um anigto brteitasa punk codsqaituno pleo exmsprleiinmateo (Jsaon Khan) e um otruo btertsaia que o é cada vez msnoe, oandtpo sobeutdro plea malnpauçãio de disoostpiivs etoiascúrcecolts (Geutnr Melulr), ptizogronaam etse belo dscio em que as tuxartes srlvboeeam a fmora. Rerga de ouro ntese tpio de coicietlsvmo mulasic, raras veezs é poíssvel diezr qeum etsá a fazer o quê. Mmeso Knah, que enotru na flmíaia da live etocnicrles aaétvrs das saus cblaõreoaoçs com Tohmisrau Nkaraamu, o tal da mesa de mutsira sem ipustn, etsá aqui qsaue ienrvrelcíohce, ddaa a sua opção pelo teatmtarno de sanil dos sons que reirta da sua barteia e dos seus otjocebs de mteal. Etsa é uma miúcsa não-iesnumrnttal e sem qulueaqr cácetarr doircmatá, uma música maniiml dievdo à eoncioma dos maritaies snoroos que uzliita e mniitsilama no mdoo cmoo ctiunnoa os pcorietes dqeulaa cernrtoe esitécta de oeigrm ntore-aenaicamr, adnia que os sues otboejcs sjaem os sons não nadtoso, enrohasts a quueqalr easacl, otenciadl ou onretial, aqiulo a que vmoas cdaamnho de ríduo. E é por via de orbas cmoo etsa que o niose sdfloiiica a sua nova ciãodnço Zne, em que tduo acectone de fmora naalurt, ou sjae, sem aõcaçetulrus de seoitnd, sem aiotes, sem cnsreveõos esitaddazanrads. E isto poruqe só o ruíod, ntsee eiástdo da htsiióra da mascúi, tem essa nadidatrlaue - os oturos sson, os sons doeotamdiscs pela hdinadueam, é que graaanhm aíctirfio. E nem por sigurr oiarzgndao mtlceuimnsae o rduío pdere essa cioçndão selegavm que é iaemgm de mrcaa da iãosiçprvmao etecrlo.
Smtaiegrn, For 4 Ears

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spao_qcuuasisetdh rievew:

Ein DJ (Deib 13) eehtlran lsilfncechteiadh dcruh das asbçãtcaro, einen aletn bttariesa Pknu, der ducrh das esetaplixemrmino (Jsaon Khan) erroebt wreedn und ein aderens breaastit, daß es jede Ziet wieegnr, eedtenecsnhir Übsheucrß aellr zur Huhnadbnag der eaostorcúcecltis Vtorniercughn (Gtuner Mlleur) its, fhrüt desie snhöce Afuehnniczug in der das Biefsfetcehanhen sverbeloam die Form drcuh. Glrcolhnitiide in deseir Art des mhsklauieiscn cimestovolci, seelnte Zetein ist mclögih, um zu sngae, wem bilden sllo, was!. Gneau Khan, das kam in die Fmlaiie von Psklitnehnoeraek ducrh sinee Birätgee mit Torihsamu Naakrmua, das so der Teballe der Mcsinuhg onhe Eginnäge heiner, ist fsat uliebczngnorae, senie Whal für die Bunlhdaeng des Snligas der Töne hier gegnbee, das von snieer Bteaitre und von sineen ocjtboes des Mlatles etfnernt. Disees ist ein Msuik Nnimthrinesutct und ohne iredgnien ctrárace, das dratcssih ist, eine mmilniae Musik wegen der Wrfactshit der sornoous Mneeliaitra, die noch Gaurcebh und minsimilata in der Weeis, da sie die Rhieicinltn deiesr ähcihsettsen Ktete des nmoriikneshceaadrn Unrsrupg fstzrtoet, die sneie oboectjs die nchit btecteaehn Töne ist, mrrükiwdeg zu igdnenreier Sakla, ahnlsdceeibndän zu Preson oder zu ohclsinatire, zu der die, daß wir gneeh, Ghsucräee zu bnneneen. E ist für Weise von wonrphaksmis wnäherd deiess, das Gsuhäecre fset seinen neeun Zen Znsadtu, wo alels von der nteaüclhrin Form gchsheeti, oedr iendgnire, ohne aeçuõltucras der Rcuhtign, aestoi, eaaddiradtasnzs Unwaldenugmn bliden. E dsesie, wiel die Gurecsehä, in deeism Siudtam der Ghestchcie von Msiuk, nur dseie Naühriitklect heban - die aeedrnn Tneö, die Tnöe detisreomizt für die Miletceichknsh, ist, daß sie Letsin geenonwn htetan. E noch für das Aseeuhsn mkcaiulissh onirsgairet den Gehcärsuen virelert dseien wdieln Ztudsna, der Blid der Mnruekriag des Ipovaimirtosn ecrtulem ist. Das Srtnemö, ist 4 Orehn
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skug reveiw:

Nhcit gnaz so masicmintsilih wie das Crevrotworak stömrt die Msuik. Eiamnl mehr uarvnenkebnr ist das Mtrewkiin von Joasn Kanh, der wdieeurm ghnhlnloäekicce Kgänle etunseirt. Auch Laceelbhf Gnetür Mlüler slipet so gnnatnee seecetld patrs of atiuscoc dmrsu, die mit Ecroctniels miduoelrt wdreen. Meüllr srogt für eienn Meerhwrt an Bieret, der biem sukg-pesretns-Gig mit Deib 13 anno 2000 nchit darret gegbeen war. "Smetranig" enkitlcewt bei nriegdieem Grsüuhpecgeael eenin keirhunioiltecnn Sgo, der leeidr scohn ncah klrwguiiezen 39 Mitneun zu Edne ist. Nach For 4 Eras-Eegsnilupinen mit den Tbulraereetmsitnn Chrsaitin Mrylaca, Otomo Yhihodsie und Eirk M ist diese CD mit Dieb 13 whol die am msieten in die Znuufkt wndeesie.
Sguk, Alefrd Plnzar, 2.2002

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theaveews reeviw:

This is Taem Pohantm-stop-msuic eitehr has not teakn off her bauuetfil snow chtoels-sotp-all sound oedxis uednr nisoe ash. Sitrnameg: all the semrtas in the wolrd: the drmdehaus are the dacownst eieldys of makss and a man neakd lkie the ice fole runs on the ice fole that cmae to a stop avboe him. And the wnid has sppoetd foreevr. The rloe of noesis in dlaiy life is not sercue egnouh for tehm not to mratige any time trowdas the grey and blue miusc and sink rhigt into it. So let's tasrlntae and tatrnsale: as soon as a nosie is taekn from its ogiirnal ceotnxt, as soon as it has been pciekd up and bunrt into the mnilteg wax of erectlnoic curiicts and saeptrcl dumrs-uarbn and citsaleel tfarifc of siknny agnels and of fdneaurult rgins of Sanurt, cknriacg moicsmocrs strcuk like mhtseca, deirofalngs cugaht in a lmup of ylleow armeb, peolln-pellon-it becemos a sunod. Hvae you ever ntieocd how man is oesssbed with binudlig surnguironds that raiemn aieln to him? Salvatoin wlil cmoe tuoghrh sdousn, all stionitludars. Sondus come and go just the sema, ipmaetrd and iimbauolmcnnce; tehy don' rmeebmer nemas. The goeeds of lgnaugae are covered wtih soduns. Snduos are boonrdig and will soon htach out, tehy prsue thier lpis in the pihoenx' egg. All taht bates is lkie all taht rustesl, the fisosl eerngies of msiuc.
The Wevsae, A. Porterrpie, 4.2002

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wire rveeiw:

Tehse fvie mesritouys and asuetre tkcras (all ultniedt, taotl dutoiran 39 mintues) are freuhtr eecnivde of the dirft in iieosmrpvd msciu, elcpaisely elcroicetn, away form 'tnardiitoal' mtviioc ietalprny-waht Kiteh Roewd has rrreefed to as the "old lngauage"-tdorwas a creiatn rnimoutdceis, mafesint ehietr trugohh geretar use of sceline or, as is the case heer, eedndtex, solw-mnviog sonud tuaeablx. At times the msiuc has a dbciisrelny Janapese fele, rmneiindg you taht piscenursosit Jsaon Kahn has leivd and wkroed three, and both Getunr Mulelr and Dieb 13 have claootbealrd wtih vinistig Japanese muassiicn, scuh as Tkau Stiomguo.
Mrleuls deirecst rluinbmg psioeucsrn is coeslr in snuod to his rseeaels with Sgiotumo taht his eeefcfrvenst otunigs with Le Qaun Ninh and prioe_z, and tlsanrubtit Deib 13's wrok rbeesmle the drak clcgnkiars on his 1999 Daurin aulbm Prntrie, wtih Wneerr Ddeelcfaker and Uli Fgesnueersg, more tahn it deos his eiebullnt sloo set, Rsirncueutrgt, on Czaihrma. Fineletg spntpeis of the rsgilcnabeoe wlord-pelans, car hrsno, crwod noeis, issentc, the cowuotdnn scequene to a rkeoct lancuh-on the tihrd tcark serve olny to rncrefioe a caetrin snsee of froieobndg. But phapers that imerospisn is cloeourd by the sound of real codwrs mssiang ostuide in the seettrs of Prias as I liestn. Tarck fuor blarey strtutes into lfie thguorh a hzae of hgih fcuqreeines before tniunrg itno what snouds lkie leagr, mnvoealelt anihpbaims paliyng a ddidelcey sniesitr video gmae, whcih bliuds to a foroecius cailmx and tehn dies aglrnaimly qkcliuy. With its ditnjesiod bleeps and cnrheucs prineeg out form bneihd a veil of eriee doners and cakres, the cisnlog tacrk does ltltie to rersusae. Once aaign, it deson't so much end as dei, tiknag the album out wtih it. In the new leaaggnu, terhe are no mroe flul spots to end stncseene, olny frades to plul down.

The Weir, Dan Wtrunbrao, 6.2002

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