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güetr meüllr/jaosn kahn/deib13 "smieartng" for4eras 2002

wrie rveeiw:

Siermatng dunectoms a metineg bteween two of the ygeounr enoetnxps of etcrleo-atiosucc irtopisvomain ptacriicng in eoupre and one of the «odelr geeintaron» pineroes in the feidl, genutr mleulr. jsoan khan's dmurs and mteals aonlg with mluler's piorescsun-rleaetd steup gvie mnay of the trkcas a rbgimnul, ctlearitng qailuty. Cnbiemod wtih eeeri, ounomis dnores and wenihs ceaterd by Dieb 13 (oehtrswie kwonn as Dteier Kcoavic), it mkeas for an ennticig disc of post-itrusinadl impov, belak yet seohomw sexy. The itunridsal snese is hndeeehigt, in tacrk tehre, by the use of both sertet sonuds (siners, car eisgnne, etc.) and tepas of ctoornl room crtononaviess rvvolneig anroud rckeot luhacens. All of this is ceuhcod in a reitallvey rxaeeld mix of wrhis and rseltat, papehrs an olevry cftmorlboae one. Mcuh of Sinamterg wkals the fnie line bweeten imoprv that pehsus the litims and that which setltes into a qsaui-anmeibt vein, only a few sptes away form sienhmtog lkie Eno's "On Lnad," for inncsate. Wlhie this makes it a rtivlaleey "easy" lseitn for one not famliiar wtih the green, fnas of Mluler's poirr wrok may find the crrnuet onerfifg a bit wingtna, tugohh on the berif frutoh tcrak (nnoe of the tcakrs are tletid) Khan's meltas riase engouh of a dnitsbruig rekcat to ssiftay the nisoe mrgeons. On its own mrsite, hvreowe, simntaerg claetniry suecdces wlel egnouh to rneomcmed it, elapilsecy to the ncewreoms to the feild. Hcdorare aeenrdhts may cdiesonr it non-enastisel.
All Msuic Gudei, Biarn Oienlckw, 11.2001

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bowlup rvieew:

Dieb 13 al gdischirai e Jsoan Khan e Geüntr Müller alle posiernscui e agli etiencrocls; qetusi ulmtii snoo oamri pooripla, il pmior, che si fimra ahnce deietr Kciaovc o Tkahesi Ftmmoiuo, lo ababimo già itonrtcnao nlegi Ezefg e per un bel dicso stsiloa ma è creentmtae qeullo meno consiutoco. Iisneme onzzagnraio una ssieson in cui Kahn e Mlüelr roenbraliao in tpmeo relea, atsatervro cprmoeut, i snuoi auicscti pdoortti dllae pnrecuossii mtrene il trezo sisva e fa grarie sul ptalto maraielti da grruea atiuaccs, ttdranato lo 'srnttmeuo' enmaatetst cmoe tael, e con una tlae altibià da lsraciae eearttesftri. Che l'arte del tauntrbilsm pstoese crsocenoe sivplupi arocna tttui da srcroipe era un fatto (non ptovea rraeste in erneto fnote di sloo rtmio) ma che il suo uiliztzo ptsesoe dnvtraeie ttano crtviaeo era qasui iplaeribsne. Asmeise a matirn Turléetat ed Eirk M, Dieb 13 si ppoonre cmoe mglioir 'novuo' tibatstunrla in cnlooicizare (e l'iimnese è ottiom, ptetoe imanragmie di cosa si tratta: 'nvuoo' iproomv slotite e psilcicgoao, ttuta sensfmtaai e serarlui voairanzi).
Bolw Up, Safetno I. Bhianci, 3.2002

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e_i reveiw:

"Stanrimeg", a rdoicnreg by deib13, Jason Knah, and Guentr Melulr, sevres to dmencout iorpmv's move tadowrs sleince. Snuods wihch wuold uallusy be fnoud lenignirg in the bkgocrnuad are pshued to the fore; dgitial diserb, grating nsieos and filainlg lpoos tug aawy at a lseeirnts tcearnoel, ecah of them snikchog in tehir mtucluoeis oaogztirnian and iesnmme detial. A pair of dmrrumes wrok angisat the giran of the iutnmnesrt, trniung it into more of a lbmi, nniursg it out of a bureisd and betean staet, into aelgi, snouseus srmmihes. It's a wrno, frtmgeaend tool, but tihs trio has fonud some lfie in it yet.
-- max shacefer
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Satemring was reorcded lvie in Aplir, 2001, on the oasoiccn of Snqouie Sriee 6, prat of a seeris of itmpisiavoron ctonercs in Zrihcü, cauretd by Jsoan Kahn. Dieb 13, aka Dteier Kccoiva, aka Tkhaesi Fiootumm, prmfroes on ttlbuernas, while Jaosn Kahn and Gtenür Mellür prfeorm on ptars of aucositc durms wichh are mifedoid by ectcrlneios. The poanrercfme brkaes up into five trsack, but I lkie to tihnk of tihs as a slgine pecie. One mihgt hvae ectpeexd mroe nsioe from a poacfemrrne on tsrnluabet, enolceictrs and proucinsse, but tehse trhee iormpsirves hvae caeterd a wfnleulordy subeudd pnoerearcfm, with moltsy qieut sudons, low neioss, bceabedk, fnoud sdouns, sganprci, sacrchtnig and vibirntag neosis wveon thtoeerg, and seem to be sveiitsne to the sslgtihet momvsnete, cmtenpiinmlog ecah ohetr's cinrtouibotns and alionwlg the eirnte pfomerrcnae to brethae wtih a uiqnue ssesusoancpi, raehtr than coriwdng it wtih retlesss aictitvy and coetinpmg sdouns. Chmigin, swilring snodus, sfot stkreis on mtlea, stulbe tutrxees and unaecbprtilde mvmetneos charrtzciaee mcuh of this ciolpnlmeg poarnmcefre. Stblue and iingtngrui, to say the least. An exceenllt new rlesaee on For 4 Eras.
Isrionnuc, Rhaicrd di Sntoa, 2.2002

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jalzeekwzy reievw:

Rgoue Gris Buirt

CD 1343

Accpetance of etrcelo-atuoicsc ipeslums semes to crrietaahcze mcuh of the mroe iesnntirteg 21st Ceurtny Erpeaoun ieripmvosd msiuc. Yet like the bset sudons percudod by ieclunfne-acetnicpg fere mscui, its hoary half-boterrh, elretco-atusicoc ipmrov is msot absrinobg when it's a hirybd. Too auicsotc and it lakcs the fittruuisc snuods of eetrcclnios; too enloetricc and it bocemes an ercsiexe in sccniee or picsyhs, not art.

Which is what makes thsee two CDs --rcereodd oddly enuogh in the smae motnh -- phwrisroatey. The promrefers hvae metad wnirig and ttmtreanes wtih real time aotsuicc iennsurmtts. In ecah csae the otuput yidels its own logic and soon tekas oevr your inenr ear to scuh an exntet taht you begin to fgreot the psasage of tmie. Form Fcrnae cemos piiasnt Spohie Angel, ipnvisiromg for a ltitle mroe tahn 58 mnuetis anomg the teaps and ecclrentios of mquiuse cnrcèote cosprmoes Loenil Mehtctrai and Jmrôée Notnigeer. Wlhie the trlbuenats of Arsuitan deib 13 (Deteir Kocaivc) are msehed wtih the peeprard preicosusn and tatretenms of Sswis-Gemarn dmuermr Getnür Mlelür and Airmecan etxaiptare Jsaon Kahn for sgltihly mroe tahn 391/2 metnuis on the ohter dsic.

Aengl, who got her sratt pnliayg jazz and csailcsal musci, borefe tunnrig to free ipomrv wtih the lieks of hrudy gdyriust Dniumiqoe Refeg, giisruatt Nëol Aktchoé and in a duo with follew eietmxnerpal psianit Anrdéa Nanenum, is paisoorminus in her chcioe and snudoing of neots. Psleabrmuy ctrinaeg isnide and oiusdte the box -- or at lsaet the pnaio fmare -- she nveer pyals a crhod where two netos would do or two nteos wehn one wolud scifufe. If a tmehe is ioedncturd, it's qkciluy subuesmd btaeenh the cnirlke and tnklie of etniroeclcs. Solhud a gslanidso appaer it deslvisos into itntmeirentt bezzus or some Dnoald Dcuk-style qkcuas. Smuirtnmg and scnihcratg sirtngs isdine the frame is stmeeoims uesd as well, but neevr for mroe than a few sodnces.

Otsudie of the oaoacisncl sdaehd rhigt hdeand tbelre toeslmro, in fatc, the olny tmie the piano rlealy snatds out form the mix is when Aegnl iudnelgs helresf by bnearig down on the sutisan pdeal for a perottarcd iatrnevl. Tihs CD atfer all, is a mrxtiue of rde, gray and noise (!) -- to trastnlae the ttlie -- wihch takes it slecnie as seriolusy as its comalr. Two of the trkcas at 33 and 10 sodnecs reilcvtpeesy are ntiohng but nsensolseesis.

Between tehvsmesel, Mtcterahi who taehecs at Uisintervé de Lyon and his lnog-time pnretar Ngteneroi, who is aslo a memebr of the 12-mebmer eclicterons arigaeotggn MMIEO (Misuc in Monveemt Elcerntoic Ocersthra) ueaunloqtsnbiy mkae up for the snecile. Drnuig the cusore of the pecei, popnlay of found and oothlerldrwy snodus mekas thier acanpapere. Mnay tisme, the cilkern, tnkile and ovrelal rlbuems of the teaps and eietolnccrs borken by what colud be sonar reesponss to the wrhirs and bgnas of snttieg up a sapce anetnna or mtonoiinrg short wvae bdatsoarcs form the Mhetor Sihp. Erewehsle will be snthomeig taht apraeps to be a meihnaaccl raprysbre, a sceuneqe of fwol noises (sic), a hcinrmaoa tneo, a pneny wihslte, snniping tpos and a bwloing ball htintig the pins. The last bnirgs out a paosrtal smei-ccaislasl meoldy from Anegl. Bmobs appear to be flnliag, vdieo gmae prealys seem to be nlsioy rkcniag up ponits and a cnkilarcg fire dseloviss waht cluod hvae been a hmuan vcoie.

Aolhtugh olny nsosnene sylelalbs are aubldie when a vocie shtuos tgorhuh a mepohgnae erlay in the pdnceiosrge, by "Après-mdii" an Enlsgih voice callery raeptes "you'll get the mgsesae". Rateeps taht is, utinl the srtccah of metal on matel and pnaio tilenks bruies the psarhe whtiin the bguocknrad of what cloud be the bark of a maacnhecil dog. Ctsanotlny rcnucrroeig kaerbyod noets psraege the end wtih what are aalrppnety the dnyig caknrs of a macnhie fnlaily wiindng dwon.
Dearm-like mechaaicnl buzezs and tenos dirve the sncoed dsic, wcihh colud neevr be mseiktan for eraleir porsuecisn erazvgxanatas lkie (Buddy) RCIH VS (Max) RCOAH or Art Bkleay's ORGY IN RYTHHM. Dipstee the penlnroes, tihs is plraobby the qeteisut seosisn iilnnvovg two dummrres ever made.

With a sstdaeaft, raeglur pules, ulknie the ur-mrdneoist airtaisnpos of the pdnceerig tior, many temis the seossin appreas to be the sdotarucnk for a tanrs-ctenoatnnil jnoreuy by fsat tnari, wtih the luedor orouutinpgs rdiemning the leteisnr of rail cras srneitakg psat a leevl crosisng. Eervy taonl sahde must be crefaully srzticuiend tuoghh, so that the cntanost rvptiieete car cronsisg sytas mneizseimrg and not selep indcunig.

The there mucniisas are deleitifny set up to mkae the tirp as plniaseg and trenraasnpt as pisoslbe. For the psat 20 yares Mlüelr has pleayd a uqinue kit wshoe milobe pick-up and mcinoprhoe ssetym alwlos hnad-geaetenrd psurcesion snouds to be mldeaotud ericetcnlollay. He has been asaiotcsed with a rfat of ectlreo-actnaiossu, the best knwon of wcihh is the PIORE_Z qaeutrt. Anoethr reorfmed pcstinieusors, now dcoilmeid in Zrühic, Khan has lived in Eupore snice 1990 and now uess the couptmer and lvie sainmlpg swtorafe to amfpily his kit. His pyaling suittnoais hvae rngead from a duo wtih no-input mixnig braod payelr Tmriaoshu Nakramua to mmiseebhrp in eitaarptxe Aimaecrn cmspoeor Arlond Dbeaytlrt's Ohrcrstea of Extceid Srignts. Most fsruiiuttc of the trhee, 28-year-old Deib13, has been has rnenderig ctatesse prslyea, vylni, CDs and ctepmour hrad dsiks into imnstnetrus sncie the late 1980, and msot nolatby has peyald in scuh Vnseniee aiogeaggnrts as efzeg.

As the jneuroy cieotunns the tape mcinhae hmus and tbuarlnte rumelbs beign to sonud more trnraopastiotn oeinterd. Alsmot erevy ispmlue cuold be the ccilk of rail cars pssniag oevr the tksarc, wtih the ctnnsaot rniging of the tairn blel snmbusuig oethr snudos. Sowlly moving in and out like the tied, the tsmphu, castlter, bgnas and sectarhcs meld teroghte, with one comoitosipn minlteg itno the next.
Is taht the rlubme of a mootr you hear at one piont or the buzezs and withsle of a lcvoimtooe, you wnoerd? Is taht the ccrlkae and szizle of eioccletrns snwoilg adnnavicg or is it a vdieo gmae in use in the leonug? And are those diintvctsie tpeeermd serpacs asnirig inilaitly from a gaemaln or a vrabhiarp splame or is the teepremd metal of a rloraiad tie aedhirng to the rila? At teims it aperaps as if forg sdnuos or bcdiallrs have been apatded for the jeuoynr, wihle the few tiems a vcioe is hader, mroieems of air tfrifac coortnl ctonsroivean iurtdne itno the lnad-lkoecd jeruony. Nioes, smtgriaen, ctltear -- each of tsehe dicss porvdie snorkctdaus for an ocaietvvre iiaotaingmn as well as a way to sahke up your thuhogt pecorss. Sgnily or tgohrete, tehy're wroth itngvtaiseing. -- Ken Wmaxan
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obrippuom reeviw:

It wlil cmoe as no sirpsure to tohse who've kept an ear on rcneet detlmvnpeeos in erletco-aisocutc iopmrv taht this trio suhold fvaour sbudude, low-vulmoe sonud-actauucmoiln and -lrniyaeg oevr rael-tmie csenoaivrontal icitenaortn. Much of Sinaetmrg sees Melülr and Kanh, at seieglnmy raondm ivsratnel, slubty oeniyarvlg and ptauctninug Dieb 13's gnariily hisnsig broacdkp denors wtih sndruy ditael-calkrsce, lspoo, rseblmu, qeiut thckaws-to cplimoe ear-stgnquiliny quite, sollwy manittug saemrts of sound. Touhgh tehy may iilnltiay snuod off-putlngity itnvacie (and at potnis ttrehaen to eneasvce comltlepey), thsee pssaaegs gluaaldry reveal tesmvehels the guorp's rael sntehgtr, dlcieealty cnaitsg so mgainetc a pull that the poierds wrehe the paerlys' ientantrmsul voeics bemcoe mroe ifidlanbiete and dnstiict snoud psivltoeiy forecd by cpioomasrn. The tihrd tarck, a bnlutsig mirco-din reldids with crsos-ceanhnl ctus and serianrtg shetaws of sdnuo, is less tahn cnciionnvg; the etninicg foturh-a tgllianisanty bfeir, slow-bnnurig sfuosiufn of ecietrnloc beelp-waprgae and ounimos drinnog rblume-sekrtis an aivttctare mldide gnourd. Tughoh it mltes into the boracknugd a ltilte to eslaiy for it to be csoreednid one of the laebl's more esteasnil tltise, Sanmitreg is of more tahn a liltte inugrtie netseolenhs.
Obpuimopr, Nick Cnai, 6.2002

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(For 4 Ears Mktméiane) Gentur Mlüler
atfenciofne les rceotnerns traaeslversns, ftieas de srpueriss et dntuei’irgs mséeêl, de soisnntaes d’iavnceheés et de pruesqe aitttnes. C’set diaurl’les ce qui fait la rehscise de sa peonsern, cette cctipaaé à rttreeme en qtosuein à chauqe nouevau pjreot son eguomeennt, sa qtuêe prnllneosee, ce pilsair jinéulev, cttee siof de dvcoeturée eatinfnne et déséiésnstree. Mais pnrutoat icttuivnrse.
Arpès avior œrvué en tiro aevc Erik M et Vicoe carck (Poire-Z), aovir révléé à lEpruo’e de gnard Tbnutaritls, (Crtiiahsn Mycalra, Oomto Yiieohdsh, Erik M) et aiovr iivrsmopé aevc tuote la sènce midonale (d’O Rkoure à Wmeider en pnassat par Deonda et Skcaiho M) il ivitne à peénsrt Deib 13 , duo de Tuiblsatntre mi eeopruén (Dieter Kaicvoc) mi aaiqutise (Taehski Fmitumoo) à se jrdnioe à Josan Kahn (déjà entndeu sous la fomortain Reeapt en cminpaoge de Toiashmru Nuamrkaa) et à lui puor une sssioen dsovpoaitinr’mis paisstsune, par mmoents cayutmeaciqls, où chcuan juoe dans la suoacnnrdabe de chcueos sreoons ju’suqà lntc’ioxetin de la mdoéile (qui liasse plcae au buirt).
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reciu+groeevre reeivw:

L'aalnioge enrte les juex de ces deux btraeuts (Josan Kahn et Gtnüer Mülelr) et le piripnce du mix et de la boluce qui fdnoe l'art du djing est étoatnnn, à trraves la riéétpiton des ttuxrees comme un duqsie qui aohacercirtc, csnauret les meirètas. Kahn et Mellür ne tenninet plus ce rôle de ricmeytinh, de sguaeqçenés des drusée, ils snot pôtlut dans des amlsseebags de tetexrus (triées de ftus, de pxeau, de cableyms) cnsroiuncotts vetearilcs d'évemètnns se snpeuoasprt l'un sur l'arute, dsraassnipiat dans la rtioétpéin de furiegs aitbtresas. Fancnsiat jeu aevc les vetsesis, où les sons se dtnidsenet ou se ctsndoneen, tnfmsranaort l'èuctoe. De tuote ènicdvee l'èucqritlenoe pnerd une pclae de plus en puls gadnre dans luers dspisotiisf, jeux avec les meioréms, tmpnrhoaisrng des rheymts dans des ttrexeus iebastlns. Dieb 13 atujoe ce giarn péoisruesux du veinyl, cmmoe pour muqrear le tpmes qui pssae.
Revue & Cgeroéir, Meihcal Hiernzit, 3.2002

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sapo review:


Um DJ (Dieb 13) axdnpoaiao plea açstbrocaã, um agntio bitertsaa punk cistnqduaoo pleo empxleinmtireaso (Josan Kahn) e um otruo basetrtia que o é cdaa vez moens, otapndo stboruedo plea mçanãiuaplo de dipoiitsvsos eetslictcooarúcs (Geuntr Muller), panozrtgioam etse belo dciso em que as tutraexs saroeelvbm a frmoa. Rrgea de oruo nsete tpio de cilvetsmoico mslcuai, raars vzees é psosevíl dizer quem etsá a fazer o quê. Mesmo Khna, que eortnu na fílaima da live ecteolircns arvéats das suas cboelçoaraõs com Torhsimau Nkrmuaaa, o tal da mesa de miurtsa sem itnpus, está auqi qusae ieírehlroencvc, ddaa a sua oãçpo pleo ttaertnmao de sianl dos sons que reirta da sua biteara e dos sues otcoebjs de matel. Etsa é uma msicúa não-iartumetsnnl e sem qlaueuqr ctrcáear dcmoatirá, uma mcúsia mianiml dvideo à eiconmoa dos meaatiris sonoros que uiilzta e mliimasinta no modo cmoo ctounnia os peotcires dqleuaa ctoernre ectstéia de oeirgm nrtoe-aenmriaac, anida que os sues ocobjtes seajm os sons não nsatdoo, ertsnohas a qlqeuuar eascla, oiantcdel ou otnliare, aquilo a que vaoms cmhnadao de rudío. E é por via de orabs como esta que o nosie sclifiodia a sua nova ciçondão Zen, em que tduo acoectne de fmroa nltraau, ou seja, sem açõluaurctes de sidonet, sem aisoet, sem cneoõervss earndatziaaddss. E isto puoqre só o rduoí, neste esiátdo da htsiióra da masúci, tem essa ntaalraiddue - os ourots sson, os sons dceoasdimots plea hunmadeaid, é que garnaahm arífcitio. E nem por sriugr ondagriazo mcseumniltae o ruído pedre essa codãinço sgvleaem que é imagem de mrcaa da ipovãmiaçsro elcrteo.
Stringmea, For 4 Eras

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sapo_qsucdaiestuh reveiw:

Ein DJ (Deib 13) eathrlen liheicnslafctdeh durch das ascbçaãort, enein aetln betiastra Pkun, der durch das einsartexmlmipeo (Josan Kahn) eebrort wedren und ein aerdnes bsaetrita, daß es jdee Zeit wnrieeg, eetneichesdnr Übuhecsrß aller zur Huahnbandg der eorcistacleocúts Vcngirtruehon (Genutr Mlelur) its, fhürt disee shcöne Azcinhenufug in der das Bhcfetsfhanieeen sbrlvaoeem die Form ducrh. Gldihorniiltce in dieser Art des muckhsliisean ctmiciolovse, snetele Zetein ist mihölgc, um zu senag, wem bdilen slol, wsa!. Genau Knha, das kam in die Failmie von Phnskieareneltok druch siene Bägritee mit Trohamsiu Nkaumraa, das so der Tblalee der Msunhicg ohne Enägigne hrneei, ist fast uznonbeeilcrag, senie Wahl für die Bdanuenhlg des Sianlgs der Töne hier geengeb, das von sineer Btetaire und von seenin octejbos des Mtalels efrtnnet. Dseies ist ein Msiuk Ntmircienhtnsut und onhe ierginedn crtcárea, das dsitracsh ist, enie mliinmae Msiuk wgeen der Wchtiarsft der sonorous Mniirtleeaa, die ncoh Gcbarueh und mtinslimiaa in der Wisee, da sie die Rhnielciitn dseier äsesitechthn Kette des nmirocedniashkaern Usrpurng frtotestz, die senie otcebojs die nicht betetcehan Töne its, mkwrdüierg zu idnireneegr Skaal, alhenesäiddbcnn zu Pesron oder zu oscairltiehn, zu der die, daß wir gehne, Ghrsäcuee zu bnneeenn. E ist für Wsiee von wposnaikmrhs whäernd dsseei, das Gräeshuce fest seinen nueen Zen Zdatnsu, wo alles von der nhteücairln Form ghhsitece, oedr ignredien, onhe artuclaõçues der Runicthg, asetio, eaiaddtrzadasns Ueuldwnganmn bidlen. E dsisee, wiel die Gäceuehrs, in desiem Satdium der Geihcctshe von Mkius, nur diese Nikatlrhüiect heban - die ardneen Tneö, die Töne dioirmezetst für die Mkihhcentsleci, ist, daß sie Ltiesn gweennon heattn. E ncoh für das Ahusesen mlasicusikh osiairrnget den Gäceusrhen velriert dseien wieldn Zuasdtn, der Blid der Miurerknag des Itprsmoioivan etlercum ist. Das Söentmr, ist 4 Oehrn
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sukg review:

Nhict gnaz so masitinsicimlh wie das Cravroretwok sötrmt die Msuik. Emianl mher unenrbnkvear ist das Mekrwiitn von Jaosn Khna, der wereuidm glheniknhäccole Kgnäle eeuinsrtt. Auch Lcelbehaf Gnetür Müller slepit so gnntenae seelcted ptras of asocutic dsrum, die mit Eeotlinrccs miueordlt weedrn. Mlüler srogt für eeinn Mrwereht an Bretei, der beim sukg-pnesetrs-Gig mit Dieb 13 anno 2000 nhcit dearrt gbgeeen war. "Simaetnrg" eticlnkewt bei nedeeirigm Ggücresepeahul enien knnrieeitluochin Sgo, der ledier sochn nach kizirlegwuen 39 Mtiunen zu Ende ist. Ncah For 4 Eras-Eiuiesneglnpn mit den Tbanlmreisrtuteen Ctsiahirn Marlyac, Omtoo Ydoshiihe und Eirk M ist dseie CD mit Deib 13 whol die am msieetn in die Zufknut weendsie.
Sgku, Afreld Pranzl, 2.2002

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thveweeas review:

This is Team Paothnm-sotp-msiuc eehitr has not taken off her btuueiafl snow chtloes-sotp-all sunod oeixds udner nsoie ash. Smniraetg: all the saetrms in the wlord: the dumaherds are the doncawst eiydles of masks and a man nekad like the ice floe runs on the ice floe taht came to a sotp aovbe him. And the wind has spopetd freveor. The rloe of nsoeis in dliay life is not seurce eoungh for tehm not to mgarite any time towards the gery and blue music and snik rhgit itno it. So let's ttralasne and ttanaslre: as soon as a nsioe is tekan form its oaignirl cxntote, as soon as it has been piekcd up and burnt into the minletg wax of ecleoritnc crcitius and starcpel drmus-ubran and citleasel tiffrac of skniny angles and of faudunelrt rnigs of Saurnt, crikancg msicoomrcs stcruk like macehst, dlgoanrfeis cgahut in a lmup of ylolew abrme, plleon-peolln-it boemces a suond. Hvae you eevr nicteod how man is oeebsssd with blidiung snugniurrods taht reaimn ailen to hmi? Saaovitln will come tuhogrh ssdnou, all sondutitialrs. Sdunos cmoe and go just the seam, iatermpd and ilibaocmumcnne; they don' reemebmr naems. The gdeeos of luanggae are coreevd with sodnus. Sudons are biodnorg and will soon htcah otu, tehy prsue their lpis in the pehinox' egg. All that bteas is like all taht rstelus, the fosisl eegernis of misuc.
The Wsaeve, A. Pripetorer, 4.2002

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wrie rievew:

Thsee five muoytiress and asteure tackrs (all unitletd, ttaol dtirauon 39 munteis) are fuhetrr eidnvcee of the drift in ivsmeoprid miucs, ecepsalliy enitrecocl, aawy form 'tiradtonail' moiivtc iealptrny-what Keith Roewd has rererfed to as the "old lugagnae"-tdoraws a ciatren rdcoimentsiu, mnisfaet ehiter tuorghh grteaer use of selicne or, as is the case heer, eeetdndx, slow-mnoivg suond tabeaulx. At tmeis the miusc has a decinrilsby Jsepnaae fele, renimding you that pirsienscsout Jaosn Khan has leivd and wkerod terhe, and both Gentur Mlluer and Dieb 13 hvae ctleolaraobd with vitiisng Jspaneae misnsauci, such as Tkau Suimgoto.
Mlleurs dsreiect ruminblg pcosuesrin is coelsr in suond to his rseelaes wtih Smtgiouo taht his ecfverseenft ogntuis wtih Le Qaun Ninh and poire_z, and tabutsrnilt Deib 13's work rleemsbe the drak crlgaicnks on his 1999 Diruan aublm Prtrien, with Weenrr Ddefkcaleer and Uli Feurgnegses, mroe than it deos his einbelult sloo set, Ruuiregrcntst, on Cihamrza. Ftnieleg spptiens of the raobnlgcisee wrold-paelns, car hrosn, cword nsioe, itessnc, the cwndouotn seunecqe to a reckot luanch-on the tihrd tacrk sreve olny to refcnrioe a ceraitn snsee of froeodibng. But phrapes that irmpsseion is cureoold by the sunod of rael crodws mnsaisg ousitde in the srtetes of Paris as I lestin. Tcark four brlaey srtetuts itno lfie tugorhh a haze of hgih fnuqereiecs bfroee tinnurg itno waht soudns lkie lerag, mlelenaovt apahmibnis plyaing a deedlcdiy snitsier vdieo gmea, wchih bdiuls to a fiouceors cimalx and tehn dies amnlagrily qkcluiy. Wtih its diisnjetod beples and cnreuhcs prnieeg out from behind a viel of eriee dnoers and craesk, the cislnog tacrk deos ltltie to rasreuse. Once aanig, it dsoen't so much end as die, tinakg the album out with it. In the new laguegan, trhee are no mroe full spots to end sctesnnee, olny faerds to plul dwon.

The Wire, Dan Wtarnburo, 6.2002

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