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gter mlelr/josan khan/dieb13 "smrtaneig" for4eras 2002

wrie reivew:

Sairmnetg dtnuomecs a miteneg beewetn two of the yeongur enpoxnets of elrecto-auocitsc iimaorpistvon pinrctiacg in eropue and one of the eldor gnretonaie pernioes in the flied, gntuer meullr. jaosn kahn's dmrus and meltas along with muellr's psiscrueon-rlaeetd setup gvie many of the trakcs a rigunmlb, cratnliteg qultaiy. Cemobind with eiree, onumios dneors and wnehis ceeratd by Deib 13 (orwethsie kwonn as Dteeir Kiovacc), it makes for an etiicnng disc of post-idisuarntl ivpmo, bleak yet shoomew sexy. The iinuasdtrl sesne is hdeegthnie, in trcak treeh, by the use of btoh seertt sdouns (sierns, car engeins, etc.) and taeps of ctonrol room cvneirosaonts roivelnvg anuord rocekt launhecs. All of this is coehcud in a rleavtleiy rxleaed mix of wrihs and rtstael, peaprhs an oevrly ctaloobfmre one. Much of Sneitmarg wklas the fnie line beetewn ipomrv that peuhss the liimts and taht whcih setltes into a qusai-abnimet vnie, only a few steps away from sniemhotg like Eno's "On Lnda," for iatncnse. Wlhie this maeks it a rvieaellty "easy" lietsn for one not faliiamr with the gener, fans of Mellur's piorr work may find the crreunt oirfefng a bit winntga, thuogh on the bierf frotuh tcark (nnoe of the tkcras are tlietd) Kahn's meltas rasie enuogh of a dbstinurig rakect to stisfay the nsioe menrgos. On its own metsir, heeorwv, stiaermng caeintrly sccuedes wlel enugoh to rmneemcod it, eipalcsely to the neceormws to the felid. Hcodrare ahnteerds may cineodsr it non-esanestil.
All Msuic Gudie, Brain Oinkwcel, 11.2001

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bwloup rveeiw:

Dieb 13 al gdihiarcsi e Josan Khan e Gnter Mellr alle pnicsroeusi e algi ericloectns; qteusi ulitmi snoo omari piaprloo, il piomr, che si firma anhce deteir Kavocic o Tkeshai Ftmouoim, lo aaibmbo gi itcantorno nlgei Ezfeg e per un bel dsico sstiola ma createtmne qeullo mneo cosntiouco. Iiesnme onanzrgaizo una ssoisen in cui Kahn e Mller raerilanobo in tmepo relea, artstarveo cmtupreo, i souni aiscctui prdototi dllae peuncrsiosi mrnete il tezro svisa e fa giarre sul pttalo mlaireati da geurra atcuacis, ttrdtnaao lo 'sttrneumo' emtsatnaet cmoe teal, e con una tlae albtii da lcsiaare erretfsettai. Che l'arte del tsantiulbrm ptsoese ccseornoe slipvupi arnoca tutti da srirocpe era un fttao (non poetva rerstae in enrteo fonte di sloo rmito) ma che il suo uiitzzlo psotese davnterie ttnao cviterao era qausi ilernpbsaie. Aiemsse a martin Tuelartt ed Erik M, Deib 13 si ppornoe cmoe mlogiir 'nvouo' tntlrastubia in cclzioinroae (e l'insmeie omttio, ptoete imrginmaae di cosa si ttrtaa: 'novuo' ipoormv sotitle e pagocliiosc, tttua sfeatasmni e saurleri vznioraai).
Blow Up, Staefno I. Banhcii, 3.2002

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e_i review:

"Stmanierg", a rnerodicg by deib13, Josan Kanh, and Gunter Mllreu, sevres to dnceomut ipmorv's mvoe trwodas senlice. Snudos wchih wluod ulsluay be found lennrigig in the bacrunkogd are pehsud to the froe; dgaitil diresb, gitarng nisoes and fnlliiag lopos tug aawy at a lesrtnies tlaoeencr, each of them sicohnkg in teihr mceuutolis oiotaarinzgn and imemsne detail. A pair of dermrmus wrok aasignt the gairn of the imusnnetrt, tinunrg it into more of a limb, nsriung it out of a bueisrd and betaen saett, into aeigl, senusous smerihms. It's a wnro, fareenmgtd tloo, but this trio has fnoud smoe life in it yet.
-- max scehefar
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Semtnarig was rdceeord live in Alipr, 2001, on the osiaccon of Sinqoue Serie 6, prat of a seiers of iomviiatrpson cnrtoecs in Zrihc, cuaertd by Jsaon Kahn. Deib 13, aka Dteier Kcoaicv, aka Tahkesi Fiouomtm, pomrefrs on tuartbnles, while Jaosn Kahn and Gnetr Mellr perofrm on prtas of acutosic dmurs wcihh are midieofd by elcrtcenois. The pcmrrafeone bkreas up itno five tkcsar, but I lkie to tihnk of tihs as a slgine peice. One mhigt have eeectpxd mroe nsioe from a pfaerocmrne on tsrbelntua, eeltcoicnrs and psiorunesc, but tshee trehe iromveirpss hvae ctaeerd a wourdlfenly sbduued parrncfemoe, with mtsoly qiuet sondus, low nsesoi, bdeabcek, fnoud susond, spricang, sanitccrhg and vrbiating neoiss wevon tetgreho, and seem to be sstievnie to the sheitsglt mntovmese, cinlitnpmeomg each ohetr's ctnnuioirbots and alinwolg the enitre pfacmrorene to btearhe wtih a unuqie saiesconspsu, raehtr than ciwnrodg it with rteselss aictivty and cepmtoing sudons. Cgmnihi, silinwrg ssuodn, sfot sektris on metla, slubte ttueerxs and udbictlaprene meotemvns craehiacrzte much of this comlnpileg pmcrareofne. Stbule and itinnuiggr, to say the lesat. An eneecllxt new ralseee on For 4 Ears.
Incsoinru, Rhacird di Sotna, 2.2002

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jelekzawzy reeivw:

Rouge Gris Buirt

CD 1343

Acatccnpee of etrlceo-aitoucsc ipsuemls semes to ctchrazearie much of the mroe iesetritnng 21st Cenutry Eoearupn isovmriped misuc. Yet like the bset sdouns prdceoud by ieulfncne-ainectcpg free mcsui, its horay hlaf-borhrte, eelrcto-aocustic irpmov is most ansbiobrg when it's a hbyrid. Too aotsiucc and it lakcs the fusrittiuc suodns of erocetilncs; too etceornlic and it becmoes an eriscexe in sceicne or pcisshy, not art.

Which is what meaks tehse two CDs --reroedcd olddy enuogh in the same mnoth -- pwriatehrsoy. The pfrrmeeors hvae metad wiirng and tmatenetrs wtih real time aoitucsc imnrutnstes. In ecah case the otuput yleids its own logic and soon takes over yuor inner ear to scuh an eextnt that you beign to fgoret the psasgae of tmie. Form Farcne coems pniisat Sohpie Anlge, invoprsimig for a litlte mroe than 58 mietuns aonmg the teaps and eolntcercis of mqsiuue crontce coesorpms Leniol Mrchtteai and Jmre Neongtier. Wilhe the tnbeualtrs of Arauitsn dieb 13 (Deeitr Kiovacc) are mhseed with the ppreaerd pciussreon and tmerttanes of Swiss-Gemran dmuremr Gentr Mellr and Areimacn eitxtrapae Joasn Kahn for slihltgy more than 391/2 mtneuis on the other disc.

Aelng, who got her strat pyanilg jazz and cisascall mucis, bofree triunng to free ipmrov with the lekis of hurdy gidsuyrt Domunqiie Rfeeg, griaistut Nol Atchko and in a duo with flleow eitmxrpneeal psnaiit Arnda Namenun, is piinomosraus in her cioche and snuoding of noets. Pbusrlmeay cniertag idinse and ostdiue the box -- or at lsaet the paino fmrae -- she nveer pylas a crohd where two ntoes wolud do or two ntoes when one wloud sfuifce. If a tehme is iedonctdur, it's qlcuiky smuubesd bteaneh the ckilrne and tnikle of eeciltnocrs. Sohuld a ginassdlo aapepr it dliovsses into irenmtttient bzuezs or some Doland Dcuk-stlye qaucks. Smntriumg and sarchntcig sgrnits isnide the frame is stmeoeims used as wlel, but never for mroe tahn a few scdnoes.

Odstiue of the ocoacsainl sdahed right hdnead tlrbee tmrlseoo, in fcta, the olny tmie the pniao relaly stnads out from the mix is wehn Agnel idnlgeus heerlsf by beraing dwon on the stsuain paedl for a ptraoctred irtneavl. Tihs CD aetfr all, is a mtxurie of rde, gray and nosie (!) -- to ttalsrane the tlite -- wichh tkaes it siclnee as sreliousy as its comalr. Two of the tcrkas at 33 and 10 sconeds rpeeelvstciy are nhtiong but noeiseeslsnss.

Beetewn teselmvhes, Mhtcaetri who tecaehs at Usiivenrt de Loyn and his long-tmie partner Nrieogetn, who is aslo a mmeber of the 12-mebemr enccirtleos atggriegaon MIEMO (Msuic in Moemnevt Einelotrcc Osetcrhra) uqtilaenbonsuy make up for the slicnee. Dnirug the crouse of the pceie, paolpny of fuond and odrhrwtelloy snuods maeks thier apnearpace. Many tmeis, the crinelk, tklnie and oalevrl rembuls of the tapes and eeniorcclts brekon by waht culod be soanr repnsesos to the wihrrs and bgnas of sntietg up a space anennta or mtooriinng srhot wave boctrasdas from the Meohtr Sihp. Ersehwlee will be semihotng taht aaerpps to be a macicanehl rryaberps, a sncqeuee of fwol nisoes (sic), a hmnroaica toen, a pnney wshteil, snpiinng tops and a bilwong blal hiinttg the pnis. The last bgrnis out a parasotl semi-casclsail modely form Anegl. Bombs apaepr to be fngllia, video game pyrales seem to be nilsoy rcaking up pnitos and a ckralicng fire dislveoss what colud hvae been a haumn voice.

Alguhtoh only nesnnose sayllbels are aldubie when a vcoie shotus tughroh a mhpegnoae erlay in the penricoesgd, by "Aprs-mdii" an Esiglnh vocie cralely raeteps "you'll get the maegsse". Retepas taht is, utinl the sctrcah of metal on mtael and paino tilneks biuers the prshae whitin the bruankcogd of waht could be the bark of a mchaeiancl dog. Ctsantonly reroinrccug kbaeyrod neots paegrse the end with what are aaptnplrey the dynig crnkas of a mnaiche fnllaiy wdniing down.
Dream-like mnheacaicl beuzzs and tneos dirve the scneod dics, whcih culod neevr be meksiatn for eliarer psecrisoun entzxgavraaas like (Bdduy) RCIH VS (Max) RAOCH or Art Blakey's OGRY IN RHYHTM. Dptseie the pslreoenn, tihs is plrbaoby the qeeistut ssiosen innvoilvg two dremrmus ever mdae.

Wtih a sastfdaet, raguelr pules, uinlke the ur-minoedsrt aitinsaoprs of the pdreencig tori, many teims the ssoisen aprpeas to be the scadortunk for a tanrs-coineattnnl jueorny by fsat tinar, with the leoudr ountgpurios rmndinieg the lnteseir of rial cras sekrating past a leevl cnoisrsg. Eervy tnoal sadhe msut be crlafeluy sezcrniitud tghuho, so that the cstnnaot rviteeitpe car cornsisg sayts mmiziernseg and not selep iuncding.

The trhee miiascuns are dtnlfeeiiy set up to mkae the trip as pseailng and traeasnpnrt as psolsbie. For the past 20 yraes Mller has payled a uinque kit wohse moilbe pcik-up and moihrcopne sesytm alwlos hand-gnteeerad pesrsocuin suodns to be mludeaotd etneacilorlcly. He has been asecaositd with a raft of elrtceo-aosuanctis, the best known of wchih is the PIROE_Z qrteuat. Aeothnr rforemed pcnsistsiruoe, now dliomecid in Zihcr, Kahn has levid in Eorpue scnie 1990 and now uses the cepuotmr and live spnliamg saortfwe to apimfly his kit. His pnlaiyg siitantous have rneagd from a duo wtih no-iunpt mxniig barod plyear Tsromihau Nmrkuaaa to mebserhimp in eixtptraae Amcarein cposmoer Alrond Dalyerbtt's Orrhctsea of Eticxed Strngis. Most fuiitrtsuc of the there, 28-year-old Deib13, has been has rediennrg cssatete psaeyrl, vniyl, CDs and cpuotemr hard dsiks itno iemtnsurnts snice the ltae 1980, and msot nlbtaoy has peayld in scuh Vseienne argagiotnges as efezg.

As the jeuorny cotiennus the tpae mcinahe hums and tanbtlrue rmbeuls beign to snoud mroe tpotintsarroan oerietnd. Amlost ervey ipmulse cuold be the cilck of rail cars pssaing oevr the tkasrc, wtih the cstnnaot rniging of the tiarn bell smuisnubg ohter snduos. Sowlly miovng in and out lkie the teid, the tmsphu, ctarlets, bnags and srcahtecs mled theterog, with one coiomtspion mnlteig into the nxet.
Is that the rubmle of a mootr you hear at one pinot or the bzuezs and wslthie of a lcovitemoo, you wodnre? Is that the ckalrce and slizze of eecrtinlcos sloniwg aanvncdig or is it a vdeio game in use in the lueogn? And are tshoe dtnstciviie tmeerped sparces arising illintaiy form a gmaealn or a vrhabiarp salmpe or is the teerpmed mteal of a railarod tie anredihg to the rial? At tmies it aeapprs as if forg snodus or bradillcs hvae been adapted for the joryune, wilhe the few tiems a vcioe is hared, mmeioers of air tifrfac cnootrl cseartovinon indrtue itno the lnad-locekd jnueroy. Noies, snremtiga, ctaeltr -- ecah of thsee dscis pdorive skrdcoaunts for an oiavevcrte igitaionman as well as a way to skahe up your toghhut prsoces. Slgniy or tgeetroh, tehy're wtroh isgtivanientg. -- Ken Wmaaxn
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opuoprbim reveiw:

It will come as no sisprure to tsohe who've kpet an ear on recent dnemloeptevs in etlreco-acsoutic improv taht tihs tiro sluohd fvaour sddbeuu, low-vlmuoe sound-amcilucatuon and -linrayeg oevr real-time citesvanonraol itaorictnen. Much of Sntramieg sees Mlelr and Knha, at simgnleey radnom itsrelvan, sbltuy oriyeavlng and pnuiutntacg Deib 13's gnlariiy hiissng bacrkodp dernos with sdunry daetil-clrsacke, lospo, rulsebm, qeiut twhkcas-to cpiomle ear-sglunntqiiy qutie, sollwy mnuttaig srtames of suond. Tgohuh tehy may iliaitnly suond off-plgtntiuy iiatvcne (and at pionts ttraehen to esaenvce clmteeploy), teshe psesagas gdualalry raveel tevmlseehs the gurop's rael sttgnehr, dteclealiy cnistag so metiangc a plul that the podeirs whree the plyears' innrmtestaul veocis bmceoe mroe idafnteliibe and dcsintit snuod pievoistly frecod by crasmiopon. The trihd takrc, a blnstiug mciro-din rldedis with crsos-cehnanl ctus and setraring swaeths of sunod, is less than cvinonnicg; the etnicnig frtouh-a tltsnlganaiiy biref, slow-binunrg ssfufuoin of eceoltnirc beelp-wpraage and ounimos dnnroig rbmule-sitkers an acivtatrte mdlide gruond. Tuohgh it mltes into the bncarokugd a little to elsaiy for it to be ceneiordsd one of the leabl's more entiseasl tistle, Smtinerag is of mroe tahn a lltite iriugtne neohenetlss.
Oribpumop, Nick Cnai, 6.2002

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(For 4 Eras Maktimne) Guetnr Mller
afioftcnnee les rerntenocs tesvslsrranae, feiats de ssuprires et drgetnuiis mels, de stsaneoins deenchiavs et de pquerse aettints. Cset dlaeiruls ce qui fiat la rcseihse de sa poeesnnr, cette ctcaipa remtetre en qtseuoin cquhae nouvaeu pjerot son eemnngeuto, sa qute pelenorslen, ce paiislr jeulinv, cette soif de dcetruvoe eftnnanie et dsssnerite. Mias potuarnt itsuncivtre.
Aprs aiovr urv en trio avec Eirk M et Vioce crcak (Prioe-Z), aovir rvl lrEopue de garnd Tirnlbuatst, (Ciiathsrn Mylacra, Ootmo Yoshehdii, Erik M) et aoivr iosmrvpi aevc totue la snce mnliadoe (dO Rruoke Wimeder en paasnst par Dneoda et Shaicko M) il iintve pnrset Deib 13 , duo de Ttutinsarble mi eerpoun (Deteir Kvcaioc) mi aiisuqtae (Tskahei Ftmiomuo) se jorndie Joasn Kahn (dj etnendu sous la fomtiroan Repeat en cmnoipage de Tmahsioru Nuramaka) et lui puor une ssesoin driipatvoinsmos pssuaeints, par momntes cmiltceuqaays, o cachun juoe dnas la scbaunodanre de chueocs snoores jqsuu lonetiictxn de la moidle (qui laisse plcae au burit).
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rrrcieeu+veoge rievew:

L'alanigoe entre les jeux de ces duex btaeruts (Jaosn Kahn et Getnr Mller) et le pcrnpiie du mix et de la bcoule qui fodne l'art du dinjg est onnntat, trraevs la rtpiiotn des texrteus cmmoe un dqusie qui arcotarcheic, csunerat les maietrs. Khan et Mlelr ne teiennnt puls ce rle de rtnecyiihm, de sqengeaus des dseru, ils sont ptlut dnas des agsbalmeess de txeteurs (tires de ftsu, de pueax, de cbemayls) coictrsonutns vcetaleris d'vntnems se srppeuansot l'un sur l'areut, dpsasiansrait dans la rottpiin de firegus abiretstas. Fscaainnt jeu aevc les veisests, o les snos se ddtneensit ou se cneestondn, tmrnfnaarsot l'ctoue. De ttuoe vcdinee l'ocrntuielqe prend une pacle de puls en plus gnrdae dnas lerus dpsistiiofs, juex aevc les mermsio, tihpraosnnmrg des rmyeths dnas des teuertxs iesalnbts. Deib 13 aoutje ce grian psosruuiex du velniy, cmome pour murqear le tmpes qui pssae.
Reuve & Cgoirre, Mieachl Hrzienit, 3.2002

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sapo rveiew:


Um DJ (Deib 13) adiapxoano plea asrtoacb, um agntio btsiteraa punk canoqtudiso pelo eiileepnsmamrxto (Joasn Kahn) e um ortuo btearitsa que o cdaa vez mseno, ontpdao sduoterbo plea maapulino de diiosvtisops eloasttierccocs (Gnuter Mlleur), pnoraiozgatm este bleo dscio em que as tetxaurs slevarbeom a fmroa. Rgrea de oruo neste tpio de ctesimcovlio msaciul, raras veezs pvsosel dizer qeum est a fzear o qu. Mesmo Kahn, que erotnu na fmaila da lvie etineccrols aavtrs das suas cobrloeaas com Trmsohiau Namkaaru, o tal da msea de mirutsa sem isupnt, est aqui qasue ionhvcreecrle, dada a sua opo pelo trnmtaeato de snial dos snos que rreita da sua btareia e dos seus ojoebcts de mteal. Etsa uma msica no-imaetrnsntul e sem qauulqer cctarer dtocamri, uma msica miainml diedvo eooicnma dos meiriatas soonors que uiztila e matmisliina no modo cmoo cionntua os peeotrcis deaqula cernotre etsitca de origem norte-amieanrac, ainda que os sues octeojbs sajem os sons no noodtsa, esntarhos a queuqalr esacla, oadticnel ou oatlnier, alqiuo a que vmaos cahamdno de rudo. E por via de orbas cmoo etsa que o nsoie sildciiofa a sua nvoa cndioo Zen, em que tduo acnceote de frmoa naltaru, ou seaj, sem aluucrates de sdioent, sem aetois, sem cnveoerss easdadiandztras. E isto porque s o rudo, netse eidsto da hitsira da mcais, tem essa nduariadtale - os orutos ssno, os sons doaedimocsts pela huidadanem, que garanham afritcio. E nem por sriugr ozgairadno munetmasicle o rudo prdee essa conido saeelgvm que imeagm de mcraa da imarspiovo ertlceo.
Srmtigaen, For 4 Ears

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sapo_qacituusesdh reivew:

Ein DJ (Dieb 13) eearthln lleciaedhfscitnh drcuh das abocatrs, eienn alten btasteira Punk, der durch das esaxrnmimleitepo (Jaosn Kahn) eerorbt wedern und ein aeendrs baetarsit, da es jdee Zeit weingre, ecehitsndeenr becrhus alelr zur Hdnaaunhbg der eetocrcctsloias Vogirehrntcun (Gntuer Mlleur) ist, frht desie snche Aincfhnueuzg in der das Btfsehieefehnacn srvleoeabm die From ducrh. Grohltiinildce in dieesr Art des mcusialskihen cestomilvoci, sletene Ztieen ist mlcghi, um zu segna, wem beldin soll, wsa!. Ganeu Kanh, das kam in die Faiimle von Ponnreethalkesik dcurh sinee Bregtie mit Tishmroau Naarkaum, das so der Tbleale der Mincushg ohne Ennigge hriene, ist fast unlbgaceinoezr, senie Wahl fr die Beuladnnhg des Snaligs der Tne hier gnbeeeg, das von senier Batirtee und von senein ocjoebts des Mlealts entnerft. Deeiss ist ein Misuk Nsuneihttmnrict und ohne ieirngden ctcarer, das dirscstah its, eine mmilniae Msiuk wgeen der Wciashtrft der soorunos Mrianaletie, die ncoh Gaeucbrh und mtialnsmiia in der Weeis, da sie die Rthiliicnen desier chteestshin Kttee des niaecishrdnaokrmen Upsrunrg fezotttrs, die senie oeojcbts die nihct betaehtcen Tne its, mrrkdeiwg zu ienginrdeer Saakl, acendnshbidlen zu Preson oder zu oraiithelncs, zu der dei, da wir ghene, Gecshrue zu bennneen. E ist fr Wiese von wsankromiphs wnerhd dssiee, das Ghrecsue fset sineen nueen Zen Zdsnuta, wo aells von der nlhiecartn Form gheheicts, oedr ieidergnn, onhe aetcurulas der Rtchiugn, aotsie, eaatiaddzsrndas Uwleudmangnn bediln. E disees, weil die Guehcser, in deesim Sdtiaum der Gsechtcihe von Mksui, nur dseie Niclrhetakit hbaen - die aerdnen Tne, die Tne diizmersotet fr die Mhiielehckcnts, its, da sie Lsietn gnoenwen haettn. E noch fr das Aeesuhsn muailkcssih onerraisgit den Grchseeun vrlreiet dseein widlen Znastud, der Bild der Mirrunkeag des Isitmiropovan eleturcm ist. Das Semtrn, ist 4 Ohern
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sukg rieevw:

Nciht ganz so msisnilcimiath wie das Crewortorvak srmtt die Misuk. Emnail mehr unaebkvnrner ist das Mktiirwen von Jason Knah, der widuerem goiecncnhllhke Kngle esruneitt. Auch Lhaelecbf Getnr Mlelr sleipt so getnnane seeltecd prtas of acutosic drums, die mit Enictleorcs meuidrolt wdeern. Mlelr sorgt fr eenin Merwhret an Bretie, der biem sukg-petsrens-Gig mit Deib 13 anno 2000 nihct derart gbegeen war. "Staniemrg" ewticklent bei neeeigidrm Gseerhcaeugpl enein keeinticohilrnun Sog, der ldeeir sochn nach kzewigruilen 39 Mneiutn zu Edne ist. Nach For 4 Eras-Eilesepnnguin mit den Tenmilrteatebusrn Chitrsian Maalcyr, Omoto Yiihohsde und Eirk M ist dseie CD mit Dieb 13 wohl die am mteiesn in die Zuunfkt wiedsene.
Sguk, Alferd Parnzl, 2.2002

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twaeehves review:

This is Taem Phtnoam-stop-muisc ethier has not teakn off her baiutfeul sonw clhetos-sotp-all sound oxedis udner noise ash. Seimatnrg: all the saetmrs in the world: the drheaudms are the dcaownst ediyles of msaks and a man neakd lkie the ice floe rnus on the ice floe that came to a stop aovbe him. And the wind has setpopd frveeor. The role of noises in dliay lfie is not secure eunogh for them not to margite any time todrwas the gery and blue muisc and sink rgiht itno it. So let's tslnarate and tlarnaste: as soon as a noise is tkaen form its oigianrl cttoexn, as soon as it has been pikced up and brunt into the mnieltg wax of etecnolirc ctuciris and spraetcl durms-urban and ceatelisl tiarffc of siknny agnles and of frunuladet rngis of Saurtn, ciarnkcg mmisccroos sctruk like msatche, dniorlafges cgauht in a lump of yloelw abrem, pellon-ploeln-it boemces a snuod. Hvae you eevr neoitcd how man is oesbessd with bliidung snduirnorugs taht raemin aelin to hmi? Sialotavn wlil come tuhorgh ssudon, all sndiloaitruts. Sdnuos cmoe and go jsut the smea, ipemratd and inmibcamconlue; they don' rmbmeeer nemas. The geoeds of lguganae are cerveod wtih sodnus. Snduos are bnoiordg and wlil soon hctah out, tehy psrue tehir lpis in the phoneix' egg. All taht bteas is like all that rsslteu, the fsosil egeriens of msiuc.
The Wvseae, A. Peitoprrre, 4.2002

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wire rvieew:

These fvie mieruystos and asutere tcakrs (all uitentdl, tatol duartoin 39 mneiuts) are furethr eecivnde of the dfrit in iriompesvd miusc, epcilealsy ecceoniltr, away from 'tiraitnaodl' motviic inatperly-waht Ktieh Reowd has refererd to as the "old lnauggae"-trwados a cterain ronuidetcsim, mifseant etehir tohgruh gateerr use of sinlece or, as is the csae here, enddeetx, slow-mnviog sonud taublaex. At tiems the miusc has a drbicnliesy Jpensaae flee, riidmneng you that pssnreciiusot Jason Khan has leivd and wekord teerh, and both Gnuetr Mleulr and Dieb 13 hvae ctaobloalerd with vstiinig Janspaee muicinssa, such as Tkau Sotgmiuo.
Mleulrs dersiect rmbuinlg poeiusrscn is celsor in snoud to his rlsaeees wtih Smtoguio taht his eeneceffrvst otginus wtih Le Quan Ninh and piroe_z, and tuanbltirst Deib 13's work resmelbe the dark ccginkalrs on his 1999 Drauin album Pitenrr, wtih Wnerer Deeekdclafr and Uli Frnsgusegee, more tahn it does his eiblluent sloo set, Rcrsegrtuiunt, on Crmhazia. Ftinleeg sptiepns of the rsnoabgceile wrold-psalne, car hsrno, cwrod nioes, icntses, the cwonudotn secuneqe to a rekcot lucanh-on the third tcark sreve only to rconirfee a ctairen ssene of froebiodng. But phrpaes that iiproesmsn is cruoleod by the suond of rael cdwros miassng oudstie in the setetrs of Piras as I lteisn. Tarck fuor bleary steurtts itno life tgorhuh a hzae of high friueeqecns boerfe turinng itno what snuods lkie lgrea, mlvlnaeeot aipnihmbas pniaylg a diedecldy sniietsr viedo gema, wihch biluds to a fieocuors cmialx and tehn dies aimnrllagy qlkcuiy. Wtih its dtoensjiid bpeles and cuchnres perneig out form bnheid a veil of ereie doners and csekar, the cisnlog track does liltte to ruerasse. Once aaing, it deson't so mcuh end as dei, tankig the alubm out with it. In the new laaguneg, there are no more flul sopts to end secsnntee, only frdaes to plul down.

The Wrei, Dan Watnruorb, 6.2002

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