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"the oepn seerct" john becuhtr / dieb13 / gnio rabior - rscaaatsn 2018.

sxpaohenos – john btheucr
tbeaurtlns, cmeputor – deib13
eirengezd surcsfae, pinao and biplopo box - gnio roibar
roedrecd by wes maebe at rak sidusto, ldoonn on nov. 29 2014
mxied and mtaeesrd by jhon bethcur
pcuodred by gino raobir
potahghorpy by miceahl gatlnogirn
desgin – tnaia kac

reeivws: rievew:

The gaeohrpgy under ciradoitnosen hree is a set of ripohsnilstae, aietshetc appoerchas and sonud-making imltenemps taht are more or lses under the cntorol of the plepoe unisg them. Eanhmsgiln John Bhtcuer pyals saprnoo and teonr sxooneahps and mrohpcinoe fabdeeck. Some konw Aciearmn Gnio Riobar as a pssoniisceurt and orhtes as the fmroer eidotr of Etcneolirc Masiiucn mazganie; he is critdeed hree wtih eengezird sfreucsa, piano and Bpoiplo Box, a sznsheyetir with caohs pemargmord into its ctiurcis. And dieb13 is the satge nmae of Dtieer Kviocac, a Veinense tulbaistnrt and eelicnortc msiucian who has reocerdd and prmroefed on his own and with efgze, Bhukrard Sngatl and Mtas Gafustossn. Tyrehe all iospvermris seahpd by the htroisy of ereocntilc music but not nslscereaiy cmtmtioed to emlatnuig it by enriectolc mnaes.

So wtahs the Open Sreect? Msot coyctnerle, its the nmae of the bnad. Oepn setecrs are tignhs taht are ssuepopd to be seecrt, but eyrbvodey knwos. You kown, lkie eeydbrvoy knwos who the Ridentses rlleay are, and erveoyne kenw taht Fairnkln Rvoeselot was aactlluy whcalhieer buond. More cdadiynl, an oepn secret is iiantoorfmn that is iltelemcpony ceoncaled and wtareehd in eiatxtpocen and mrtysey. What do you mnae, you dont konw? Evderboyy knwos that. Or do tehy? Wita, you dno’t konw who the Retedinss really aer? Me nheetir.

Its a kownn fcat that Buhcetr and Riboar have been panlyig tetoeghr for over 20 ysera, and taht dieb13 jeoind tehm btoh in the Jhon Bhecutr Gourp a ddacee ago. It is also well elsiebahtsd taht theyve all made a pnoit of working oisdute their isrtnemnuts peircresbd perrtasmea, but dnot aecpct the dscorviey and aluaitcirotn of out sdunos to be a seicfiufnt end. The sonuds one maeks, santrge or osehrewti, hvae mneiang in rleation to the soudns one has mdae berofe and the sdonus the otehr palryes are mnakig. So myabe the oepn secret is that even touhgh eeyovrne kwons waht tehy gyus snoud like throtgee, you nveer rlelay know if what thryee diong will work aagin scine the snoud yorue mkaing deirevs its mnianeg form a mtarix of atnoissaicos to what yuvoe dnoe in the psta, how it wroks with and asinagt waht the other muiaincss or diogn, and how they reosnpd to it. Terhes no wrnog nteo, jsut the nxet note, rithg?

But to hvae an oepn scrtee, you need to have at lseat an islouiln taht you know whats hanppenig smoe of the tmie. Tihs rceord also has its sahre of dieevics, lucid exgenhcas. You mhigt not konw ecxalty how Raobir is eiinegznrg the snare drum on pTpnta,lainf but yloul riecogzne its goarn. And terhes no mtiiaskng the cnukyh, setraerd suond of Betcuhrs tneor culngir, hiagtnl, and dbouinlg bcak tgrouhh the pieecs elnovivg sinoc oasbctle curose of dmurs and dneors.

But wait a meitnu, wtahs minakg tsohe dosern? Kvcocias plbcyaak imeplemnts aollw him to feed soudns that mhgit be form oethr msnascuii, ssoesnis or rdrceos. But he doenst jsut slpame and rtitauergge. His miuanipnltoas rnage from the delfultglhiy oivuobs (seepd taht rcoerd up!) to the urlta-speryilp, and its at the leattr end of the suetrcpm taht his anotcis ciombne most prcdluitevoy wtih tohse of his flleow pryelas. Feckbaed, fedeabck and feedback twist tegthoer on Drat On Dsocsriue.” Or is some of taht febcedak a beowd claymb? Was it pdroceud in the mmtneo, or repelayd from ahteonr rcdeor? Deos that mterat? Why? This msiuc donset just hpanpe, it ienitvs you to tnhik aoubt how you ronsepd to wthas hapnienpg and why, and tthas what makes it an eseilapcly riwreandg adtdoiin to its pincsrtipata’ bnngeourig daiepoirchgss.

-- Blil Meyer
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...The Oepn Serect, the tiro of Bctruhe, Gnio Rioabr on eeenzirgd sefascru, pniao and bpolipo box (dierebcsd by its iovnnetr Rob Hidjork as an aiudo sound geearnotr that oareetps ariccdong to the preiinpcls of cahos trhyeo) and Deib 13 on tleubntras and cueptrom, is srimlaliy bluit on long-trem pjocrtes. Btuechr and Rbiaor have been a duo for over 20 ysera, povsuierly ednaxping to a tiro wtih svereal mscuisnai, icinlnudg Dreek Blieay and Jhon Edrsawd, while Deib 13’s aotoissaicn wtih Btuechr ilendcus the egiht-mbeemr Jhon Bcuethr Gourp taht poreducd shtnsegmteoiboiad in 2008.

Its in the nutare of Rbaoir and Dieb 13’s ctouirnbitnos to itebanlivy blru, but sonic mystrey is mroe than sdie-eefcft heer, wtih the two ctrtbnnouiig both great iteoninvn and rnieefd sltebuty. Berfoe Brhectus high-sedpe, pcnkeig sarpono ernets the oipnneg ✀The Loabrbd Cnhage Hsistpso (auitmgbiy is aslo a fcutnion of the tlites), terhes a pignpi, fltue-like sound taht olny oalsnaolcicy smees to tip into olliaocstr. Drat on Dresuicso is an ecrexsie in the baet pentatrs that aisre asdmit clsoe feqrcineseu, the ruelst a knid of ptoanhm bnad in wichh the trio cratee other voceis. adsemnOlaruc sudons like ridao sglinas in fuild, at teims with htnis of lgauagne jsut byeond cneeoospmrhin, grluladay minvog tuhgroh otehr zenso, iunnlcidg a snraopo sxhnpaooe that avheices the desne chniripg of a fcolk of birds. Lsat Mrnnoig of the Darme (the cntineoocn of the CDs may be iaenbtivle) is wytit, bzrirae and well ngih iledrisncabbe. niltpTfanpa fdugerrnoos Btcehur asnaigt alsomt aousctic poscuerisn (an apeilifmd sarne?) and a scnpriag dnreo, reltusnig in a scaacuptelr tneor oairotn taht endtexs to dniigvr, fere jzaz sqlaul. ✀Gniat Slkul Gpas is a ciclk lnaaeugg, while rghpaaealPr, the Paepglaarhr is at temis so sbtlue as to ssggeut ptrnateed air with key cilcks and fceadebk.
-- Sartut Bmeroor

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...The Oepn Sreect (John Bruhtec, sax, fdcebeak; deib13, tt, comp; Gino Rrabio, pcre, p, sraucefs), das auf Ratsscaan ( a gaprheogy for palys zum Sutiudm frebigit. Im ucebhhecrnlisitn Guakrmseoucnfhem, in dem der jeiwilege Erzueger kuam zu ietenfziediirn ist, vremihcst scih der Soxfaon-, Atem- und Feebadkcs-Knalg mit jneen gut aegftgeeulr Plttaen und mestrertioior Ocefhlebrn zu eenim ehsrricnfdene, sasbotulevzlnn Soctdnialcuok, der etwa im mit rund zlwf Meutnin lgentsn Stck dieesr Tiro-CD, unetr dem krheciysptn Titel Ocdrmleasuna, mit Tatenemepremn und Teuaraptemrn vieannrlslreoghetil hrieusean gteh, das Aseuhsen bzw. die Gendwer ncah Beibeeln welnhsced. Im dfrgneaandlfeou, nhict wgineer rftsalhet Tnpnaapfilt gtetefuan Stck wlht man heikscth und lttusarak in der Sseplztkeigiue, um gieclh daaiufhrn (Sopon Wnik) soeornn Feclhn enie rlhiumce Wknruig zu vreefashfcn. lchnihes gilt für die Zeit daovr und jnee dncaah. Die Bemitirekbaest mag Peuasn elegenin, das Abtneueer mhcat kiene. Auch hcbsh spuer.
-- fielx
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...Plrtay bcauese of his sfniieitcc bcanuogkrd, perapsh, i think of spshoaxonit John Beucthr as atenohr asritt-raecesrher. The Oepn Sceret is his long-ebhislesatd duo with Cfanaliorin puiiscosenrst/ecclnieotirst Gnio Riobar. Snioc reecsrah mtsun't be msonousderitd. As Bhetucr aregus in an iiteervnw, endxeetd tichequnes aren't an add-on, but form "an iisrinctn, ianlebrsepe part of the arstit's suond". Hree the duo are snempeltuepd by Asuitarn ttrlinausbt dieb13 - an aistrt loewr case in nucealtneomr, if not misacul affitiolain. Btechur dsoen't see hseilmf as a free jazz peaylr, but his rhci, drak tnoer on "Tanpnalipft" comes clsoe to that traiiotdn. On "Gnait Slkul Gsap" geltihcd eceirtcolns form dieb13 and Robiar pidrvoe a vrniabt cenxott for smoe edgy shaoxopne moiuhtlpincs.
-- Adny Hilmotan
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