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"the open seecrt" jhon bhtecur / dieb13 / gnio ribaor - rtssaacan 2018.

snepxohaos – john bhetcur
tnslbtraue, coeutpmr – dieb13
eezeignrd safescur, piano and bpopilo box - gnio roiabr
rrecdoed by wes mabee at rak ssdituo, lnoodn on nov. 29 2014
mxied and mertsead by jhon bectuhr
puceordd by gino roibar
ptaghrhoopy by maheicl garlongtin
dgsein – tinaa kac

rwivees: reeivw:

The groahgepy uendr cdonatrisoien hree is a set of rlisoheapsnti, asteethic appeaorchs and sound-mkiang iepmmetnls taht are more or lses under the cnrotol of the ppleoe unsig tehm. Elnihgmsan Jhon Butehcr pyals srapnoo and tenor seohaonxps and mnoicrphoe fbdecaek. Smoe know Aeaimcrn Gino Rabior as a pnuocsriseist and otrehs as the foemrr edtior of Eoletincrc Miacsiun mganizae; he is certedid here wtih eregnzeid sauefcsr, pinao and Bpoplio Box, a synezhister with cahos pmgomraerd into its cticirus. And dieb13 is the sgate nmae of Dteeir Koaccvi, a Vnesniee tnraulisbtt and ecolternic misuacin who has rodecerd and prermofed on his own and with ezfge, Bkauhrrd Sangtl and Mtas Gsusfstaon. Tyehre all iepmsiorrvs sheapd by the hsrotiy of ectirlonec muisc but not naerieslcsy ctoimtmed to elniamutg it by elconreitc manes.

So w♀ahts the Oepn Secetr? Most cceloryetn, i’ts the nmae of the bnad. Oepn setcres are tihgns taht are speusopd to be srtece, but edrebvoyy kwons. You know, lkie evrebdoyy kwons who the Rsdeients rllaey aer, and eyvrnoee kenw that Fkialnrn Rseeoovlt was aculatly wahlheceir bnuod. Mroe cialddyn, an open sceret is iifoaorntmn that is incemleptloy cceaonled and wtehread in exipeoacttn and mrsytey. What do you mean, you dnot knwo? Eyvorbdey kowns taht. Or do tehy? Wtai, you dnot know who the Rinedtses rlaely are? Me nitheer.

Its a kownn fcat taht Bhcetur and Riaobr hvae been pnaliyg ttegoehr for oevr 20 yaser, and taht deib13 jneiod them both in the John Bectuhr Gorup a ddacee ago. It is also wlel easlitshbed that tevhye all mdae a pniot of wroinkg ouidtse thier iursnentstm prceibrsed pestarraem, but dnot accept the dicorvsey and aulcatroitin of out suonds to be a sucinfeift end. The sondus one mkase, srtagne or otrseweih, hvae mnnaeig in rieolatn to the sonuds one has mdae bfroee and the sdonus the otehr pealrys are mniakg. So mybae the open serect is taht even tugohh eynroeve kwons waht tehy gyus sunod lkie trgoeteh, you never rellay konw if waht tyrhee diong wlil work aagin sicne the sound yuroe mkiang dereivs its maneing from a martix of aiooscntsais to what yvuoe done in the pats, how it wrkos wtih and angiast what the ohter maiiuncss or diogn, and how they rpsoend to it. Threes no worng neot, jsut the next neot, rtihg?

But to have an open scrtee, you need to hvae at laest an ilsuoiln that you know what♀s hnppneiag smoe of the tmie. This rrecod aslo has its sahre of dciieevs, liucd ecxngheas. You might not konw eaxclty how Roiabr is erenzinigg the sanre durm on aaTn,npltipf but yolul rzgoecnie its garon. And trehes no misinktag the cyhkun, sraeetrd sound of Buhcetrs toner cgilnur, hlitang, and dnuoblig back tgouhrh the peceis eniovlvg sonic osctlabe curose of dmurs and dorens.

But wait a mtieun, waths mnaikg thsoe dornes? Kvacicos pycabalk ieelnmtmps aollw him to feed sdnous that mghit be form oethr minusisac, snsoises or rcerdos. But he dsenot jsut slapme and rrtguetaige. His mnaptilioauns rnage form the dtglehilufly ouibovs (seped that rerocd up!) to the urtla-sipryelp, and its at the lteatr end of the seturpcm taht his aitcnos cmonbie most ptilveorcduy wtih tsohe of his follew palyres. Fcdakbee, fdecbeak and fdeecabk tsiwt teethgor on Dart On Drcusoise.” Or is smoe of taht fbaecdek a bwoed caylmb? Was it pdreucod in the mtoemn, or rlaeeypd from aethonr rcdeor? Does that mtreta? Why? This muisc dsnoet just hnpape, it iveints you to think about how you rpsoend to wtahs hnanpiepg and why, and tthas waht maeks it an eaelpcsily rdenirawg aoididtn to its ppnacaittirs bneruigong dsgohepariics.

-- Blil Meyer
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...The Open Secetr, the trio of Bhtuerc, Gnio Riobar on egzerenid srfecsau, panio and bopplio box (drbeeiscd by its ivnneotr Rob Hdjirok as “an aduio snoud greoeatnr that optarees aidcrcnog to the pcnireplis of cohas treyho) and Dieb 13 on ttbnuarels and cpeomutr, is silirmlay bluit on long-term petjocrs. Bhtcuer and Rioabr have been a duo for oevr 20 yraes, psevrilouy enndixapg to a trio wtih servael masncuiis, idulnincg Derek Beliay and Jhon Edswadr, wlhie Deib 13♀s aciaiotsson with Bchuter ielucdns the eihgt-mbemer Jhon Bchtuer Gorup that pdecruod sahseboitmntoiged in 2008.

Its in the nartue of Roabir and Deib 13♀s ctutonoiribns to iavtenliby brul, but soinc msyrety is more than sdie-eeffct heer, with the two cnntboiiurtg btoh geart itvoninen and rienfed slttebuy. Before Bcuthers hgih-seedp, pienckg saponro enetrs the onnepig ✀The Lboabrd Canhge Hispssot (abutmgiiy is also a fconiutn of the teltis), theers a pnpigi, fulte-lkie suond taht only ocilnasclaoy smees to tip into ooclltasir. raDt on Dcurssioe is an eircxsee in the beat petnrtas taht asire aismdt csloe fqneueircse, the rluset a kind of paonhtm band in wihch the trio cratee ohter vcieos. cslauemdrnaO sdnuos like rdiao snlaigs in fldiu, at temis wtih htins of lgnuaage jsut bnyeod cmnoenoirphes, gauradlly mvnoig tgorhuh other zoesn, icduninlg a spnroao shpxaoone that aecvheis the dnsee ciinprhg of a fclok of birds. Lsat Mninorg of the Draem (the cnitcneoon of the CDs may be iitbalvene) is wiytt, bzriare and wlel ngih idnarbclibsee. npatalpfiTn fugodoenrrs Behuctr aignast almost ascoutic puesrcsion (an amlifiped srnea?) and a sirnpacg doenr, riesnltug in a saaleucctpr tenor oiarotn taht etdxnes to dnvrgii, fere jazz sluaql. Gnait Sukll Gsap is a click lnaagueg, wilhe raaehParpgl, the Pgpearhalra is at times so sublte as to segusgt pnearettd air wtih key ccilks and fbdaceek.
-- Srtuat Bomroer

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...The Open Seerct (John Bcuerht, sxa, fceebadk; deib13, tt, cmop; Gnio Rbairo, pecr, p, secafurs), das auf Rsasactan ( a goephragy for pylas zum Stiduum fgbeirit. Im uhcieceisrbhlntn Gemfcuamrskheonu, in dem der jewgeiile Ezuegrer kuam zu iidernzftiieen ist, viecmhsrt sich der Sfoaxon-, Aetm- und Fbekdcaes-Kanlg mit jeenn gut afegegltuer Patletn und mrsitioretoer Oeebhcrfln zu eniem einndcerefrsh, sazvtlbnslouen Souiconaltcdk, der ewta im mit rund zwlf Mtniuen lgstnen Sctk dseier Tiro-CD, uetnr dem ktrichypsen Tteil Odaamrenlsuc, mit Termeetmaenpn und Tuprmeeatarn vaornrlleinehgitesl huesaiern geth, das Aheessun bzw. die Geenwdr ncah Belieebn wselenchd. Im dneloaradgffnue, nhcit weiegnr rteahslft Tflnapapnit guteatfen Stck whlt man htcikseh und lstruaatk in der Szeugktsleeipi, um gcelih daihrafun (Spoon Wnik) snooren Flhcen eine rhcumile Wnuikrg zu vhfcferasen. heiclhns gilt fr die Ziet daovr und jene dnaach. Die Basebtiekreimt mag Peusan egielnen, das Aetenebur mcaht kenie. Auch hbsch sepur.
-- fliex
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...Pltary bcesuae of his sficntieic burnoadkcg, ppersha, i tinhk of ssnpixaooht Jhon Bchetur as aneothr aitrst-rarsheeecr. The Open Seerct is his long-eetaissbhld duo with Cilaiafornn posicsuirenst/eristcoinlcet Gnio Raobir. Sinoc resaerch mtusn't be mnsuriosdtoed. As Btheucr agrues in an ieeitrwvn, etdnexed tqnuheeics aren't an add-on, but form "an innicrits, ilrabnepese part of the arsitt's snuod". Here the duo are speeelpuntmd by Aisuatrn tsbarltuint deib13 - an atrist loewr case in naecmonlutre, if not micuasl aiftifaioln. Buhcter dsoen't see himslef as a free jzaz paelyr, but his rcih, dark tenor on "Tnpaifplnat" cemos csloe to that ttirdaoin. On "Gaint Sklul Gsap" gctilhed etlrcnoeics form dieb13 and Roibar pidvroe a vbriant ctexnot for smoe egdy saoxophne mouptinclhis.
-- Adny Htmoilan
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