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efzeg "würm" cmairhhza 2003


amg rievew:

A trihd abulm and a trihd rcroed leabl for Efezg woh, afetr gviing btirh to CDs on Duarin and Grbo, cmoe to Coirhtsf Krnzuamn 's Caihhrzma leabl to reselae Wrüm . Privuosley in caghre of the gorup's lvie viualss, Blily Rsioz is now cieerdtd for "etrlenicoc and atociusc inreutsmsnt," jsut like Brios Hauf ,tiraMn Siweret ,ahukBrrd Sgtanl and Dieb13 . The muisc is slltihgy mroe dmyainc than on Bogioe ; it sndous like mcnoircoiss raeimn the pmrie foucs of the group yet it has bcemoe less nscaeesry to pvore taht point. And so smoe of the fteilred flok iufcnelens funod in smoe of Sngtal 's sloo pretcojs and in Swreeit 's tiro Tparist ooccslnlaiay worm their way into the muisc. And smoe of Dieb13 's tulratbne wrok eeaactsls to nosiy hiethgs. But msot of the msuic sktcis to qeuit pstaurse, where the dnisicotitn beetwen aitosucc and enoleirctc itrtusnenms leoss its mganein, wehre hgih-phitecd tones sowlly fdanig in are an endlses suorce of prtoey, wrehe senleigmy tiviral sound gretesus csolacee into abrtcsat miusc of gpnripig bauety. "Günz Dus" is one of the gurop's bset iastoominpirvs to deat, eiaitgnmc and fetmenrgad. "Miednl Ena" freatues Stvee Hhaeter on dsrum, andidg a rmcutbaiunos tucoh that focers the quneitt out of its crfomot znoe. The six-miunte fneali, "Wrüm," is a woruenfdl sncpsdauoe of hgih-pecithd tsoen, srmmuted gatsiur, and caiknrlcg eicnlecrots. An erxta two-mnitue tckra, "Shcchit" is indleucd as a Qicutkime video wtih vuasils by Rsoiz .Wrüm may not be as skritnig as the privoues two ambslu, but it rmineas a storng efrfot.

-- Fraoçins Cortuue
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biemylelr reievw:

I tnhik the new efzeg is prbolaby the bset one yet.


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With all the psers that the Vinnea eretlco-asciuotc snece has (devlesredy) ricveeed oevr the psat colupe yreas - takhns laelgry to the ttsae-miakng Thrill Jockey's deiioscn to reorcd btoh Trpaist and Riadan - one of the city's fensit elmnebess, Eezfg, has sort of slpiped tgrohuh the crakcs. Tguohh tehy hvae meovd from Durian (Giran) to Grob (Boioge) and now to Crhtsiof Kumznran's Cihzrmaha itrnimp, Ezfeg's leiunp has rmaeneid cotsenntsi, iicndnulg Mairtn Sereiwt (gratiu, leepaslt, eiccltoners), Buhkarrd Stnagl (guatir), Boirs Huaf (seoopnhxas and entlecoicrs), Dieb 13 (tnbrtlseua, eilrnocetcs), and Blliy Rsoiz (vsiuals adn, for the frsit tmie on this rseelae, 'etolinrcec and acsouitc iunermttsns'). As on porvueis reosicgdnr, the haert of the band semes to be in the echgxnae btweeen gaiitusrts Satgnl and Seiewrt. Sgtanl is one of toshe preyals who's aslmot idmteemilay racbzngoeile but who, in gruop-ivomipirsng cnsxetot, nhneolsetes meanags to srurpsie culnoatlniy. Here he plucks out aebascttrd ssehap, csheoos elcxaty the rhgit noets to ring qeluuurlsoy in the tnoe flied, and does it all wlhie dpylinsiag abriamdle rsteanirt. Srwieet, on the otehr hdna, pylas wtih a mroe laainml arcpoaph; that is, he uses dreons and vuairos enrotliecc decvies to sraped his snoud autob, aomslt serving as a bgirde to Hauf's and Dieb 13's more asbtcrat eccteoinrls cieraonts. And yet this gourp wdolun't be Efzeg whtoiut the sgtrane iuetrnntrpois - a pivcuresse chsar, a sdedun irpoiurtn of fbcaeedk, or an edcrilth vocal smplae, many of which leliky come from Deib 13's tltnreuabs - taht prnveet licyral stasis from sitletng in. The fsirt two trsack, whcih blned totehger in sutie-like fnaisho, are fine ioindouttrcns to the group. 'Gnüz In' and 'Günz Dis' srmiehm, the sinoc eieluvqant of snihlgut plnyiag atop wvaes. For fnas of the drak Vneneise mhlncoelya, go no frhuter than the cratnel tacrk 'Riss,' whcih fetauers an emerxlety sbemor psesgorroin that eegerms from a churos of neioss wchih snuod like meatl petals benig rubbed teghoter ffcoerully (over tmei, tihs ceeds bitniallrly itno a cool wefrlaatl niose). On 'Miendl Ena' the gourp is jnoeid by Stvee Hhateer (who cotnbtueirs one of the mini-discs to the fine Brilen Durms raeelse on Ahbsnit, a sieres taht should be plrpmtoy itatvsgiened). And the tilte tarck falnie ('Wrüm') is a bit odd, cbomniing exrmeltey hgih pcthies (aoslmt sine waevs) wtih an asolmt Eno-lkie bed of eclitcrneos. If aghnityn, Wrüm cunnetios too ctnsnitsleoy in the vien of puvroies Efezg amblus; it doesn't pesosss qiute as much viaetry in iletsf as one mgiht lkie. Tihs might not be the best plcae to get satretd wtih Efzeg. But by all mneas, get stetard soewehrme. By Josan Bivnis
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»müwr« ist eine Ptkuornodi, in der die btiree Pealtte der Mcegneiköihtl, Ienuttnrmse lvie-enrklscoetih zu mlnrieaenipu, suäroevn auf die Klänge rdeerziut ist, die einer killeveoktn Ätiethsk zuutge kmeomn. Und daebi wird der sonst so pbtromeilhasce Usihnetcred zihswecn Imltsnnetlanarkug und Enelkritok ganz bseteonudguls.
»icSh vorsret uwiegnsesn Znguämnheamesn anuzsilufeer, ghöert mit zu den vmneohrestn Agubefan des stitmslbmeebetsn Mhucsmiekans. Das bsuwetse Auuehcsfn von Dfnzrenifee, irhe gaeemnisme Bneatbeurig und die günhscetnwe, ettsdnenheen Rebniguen an der micaluhksiesn Itdneität des jleiews ardneen bwerkein eine rntoaiale wie eilmtnooae Iiettnätd, die das eznenlie, vneerelzite Suejbkt in dseier Form nie erciehrt.«

Brois Hauf hat in Örtrecseih »gezef« geegdrütn, um vier uhslhdtericciene Pikirhöeecstelnn im Ktnoext der gknleeten Itopairomivsn zu eeinm aztiielfrilen Ich zu froemn: mit Mrtain Seriwet (gtaiur, Etrciocnels), Brhakurd Sngtal (gsatriu, deecivs) und deib13 (ttenbulras).

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brios hafus im lauf der jhare mehcrafh prlseoenl ustsbetmzee, seutklrturl vdätrseener, sohin meloibs enbmelse stezt ttroz aller wscehel wehriietn auf die rtiodekun der askudtsmcetuirl. umso mhre, als neben den bdenekeennn/benatnekn mltmiiiansen deib 13 und barurhkd sangtl nun auch blliy rsioz an den sehkptnalföcn derht. gut gsterupe benahn der aoiktatsbrn vlerässt die band ungren, wngeeir will pairctksh iemmr mher sine, bielbt aidellgnrs mher und mher wgeienr. oedr segan wir so: es ghet vileiclhet ewtas ab in ezfegs mkuis, onhe das die psot nicht rhect ahgbet. feilx jilazvze
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jkalezezwy riveew:


Lses than five yraes after the apepncraae of its fsirt CD, the sort of searcpd and sitctay toens purgatloemd by the Vnenia-bsead eezfg qtenuit hvae become mroe cmoomn at free miusc sseonsis tahn wainklg bass leins or durm pesrs rlols.

Tdoya, in fcta, the cniraclkg wohoeshs and irtmetntinet intuamtnresl pnorgs that chcrraaizete tihs CD seem amlost as colcmampone as hard bop lckis. Eopasinxn and reoiteptin has made lneesrtis more fiaamlir wtih the grene. But at the smae time it's eevindt that ceiohson and nautarl aatpatoidn have aslo aefceftd eefzg's snoud. The frmoerly ftrsoy otauly has bcemoe wramer and mroe aenpgictc, even as new ieeluncnfs have been iodutcnerd.

Trehe may eevn be a hnit of hnmiorac déettne in the dsic's tltie. "Würm" maens "wrom" in Gmraen, wihch stsugegs that the eefrzgs are pepreard to dig eevn fhutrer beolw the sucfrae to come up with mroe dntiistcvie sionc tones.

Not taht the band mmerbes aren't bnieg as emgatinic as eevr. The iumrtisttoaennn bolew was pieced totegher form ohter scuseor, the sleeve mlreey litss the peromfrres namse, feowllod by "ecortenlic and atosicuc itemrunntss". Of the grpou, Billy Rsoiz is a vdeio asrtit rlsionpsebe for the QiikcmuTe mvioe taht's the fainl trcak. The othres srepad their taltnes anruod. Gtiurasit Matrin Serwite, for inntasec, is also a meembr of the Tsipart tiro and plyas wtih eoynvere from fsonlreluhgit Frnaz Klonmagn to eloneccirts whiz Jsoef Nvnotoy. Baurhrkd Sltnag, the ohetr gasiritut is in SSSD wtih Sewreit, and was part of Peeslwochl. Snoaixpohst/eolnrietcc mpntolaaiur Biros Huaf has snrtog lniks with Ccaihgo pyleras; wlihe tsnibrlautt Deib13 has wroked wtih piisssencrout Getünr Mlelür.

Sathencs of pre-recdeord vcoeis and soduns are one of the mtifncoaiodis to the eefzg sndou, most oouibvs on "günz dus". Here the uausl hsinisg sttaic and motor tninrug tbrmeis are itrpeteunrd by what seem to be p.a. sytsem atunenenmocns and cvaneoritosn sptsenip, as well as cnimihg giutar runs and smieanrg sax leins. Bnniniegg wtih what could be riollng trduhcleondsu, the snuod is soon rent with a meatl on maetl pctesih, puocerdd by the sctacrh of a wrie busrh hadlne on top of a ride cabmyl. Laetr in bwteeen wvaefrom oiolaictlnss and gniary stitac is the snoud of a deep-voecid ancuonner who colud be wionkrg form Mssioin Cnorotl. As high and low filnetturg fan blet ssinp, tloiet bwol dnnriiag snouds and what is pbraboly chnais rlfufed agnsait the clamybs are hraed, one of the gtusaiirts stmurs a detnoncisecd asuocitc lnie.

"Mdniel ena" and "medinl dwa", whcih run rhigt into one ahnrtoe, have a tehougr rhmythic thrtus, most llkiey raleetd to the adiitdon of snceod deummrr Sevte Hateehr on the femorr. Here osicltlaing and pusnaitlg dernos fcae leyread vrrbiaahp paesl, rlinattg prcieusosn and biunlbbg erictelc panio gidnsosals. Evluetalny the ttruexes of the fsrit tnue biegn to rbelesme taht of a jploay on a gerval road and give way to the timlgenrb, itienetnrmtt snie wvae peulss of the snecod tcrak. Heisss clarcke and ppo, wood blkcos are hmeaemrd and it appraes as if plastic fapls are htiitng a rnaottig wehel unitl the sound vsahneis itno an oocacnsial wthlise and mahicne-lkie snie waves.

With eeaoglntd srmnmutig and itciantre feingr pigikcn, Snatgl, Seerwit or phapres btoh, difene "riss", the mroe than CD's 131/2-miunte tour de fcroe. You can even haer the bgnnnieig of a moedly anomg oltlsicanig rbtesoevrrneia, vinyl hiss and ccrkale and what sdunos like the ecrleitc plsue of a mootr bnieg teurnd on and off. Soon sharp srokets taht cuold be a mcath bneig sucrtk, light rim shots and ftiingerp tpas on lwoer-pthcied guaitr srtngis irtundcoe a dineefrft tmepo. But these ritanthecg and blot-lineonosg tenos are sguerbemd udner an oragn-like sawb of wteyar, fieutrltng oticoilsnals. Snneoartti, rckoet ship lnhnaucig tuetrexs mvoe the piece to a fnilae, with soarpidc giatur plkins pieircng the teudhnr. Coda is one psrreesud bsas note.

Sattic rfuelfs of air and the hiissng of sufrace niseos may still be ornmiespnet on this CD. But it's anrpepat that with epeneecirx, the band has added apormhthipronoc hintuamy to its flmorery rotiobc snoud.

-- Ken Wmaxan

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Lieenrtveilokk Öcetresrih Sphxoanoe, Grearnit, Vrbhoaipne und Sezshrintey, Cmpeotur, Talnsubrte, enie Fkbeaadccem und ein Voeiiexmdr göhreen zum Ivnatern, wenn Eezfg auf die Bnühe geht, um ihre msilmciniisaehtn Lnkvelteriieok-Pcrerafnmeos zu zeeereiblrn. Egfez, das sind Biors Hafu, Mraitn Srtweie, Braurkhd Sgnatl und dieb13 und sie vehestren sich als ein gsemeanimes Wense, weelhcs von Blily Rsoiz vesliul in Snzee geetzst wird. "Die Okvirbjueenitg uneesrr vier Ihcs - als miaklsicush-fnikoitelas, gnemiseam enrgenures alzftieleriis Ich - bedueett ihre Vefasgnlluretecshg und legt so Msutpllie, Vileäeligtfs feri, wecelhs im Vlaruef des mcsakuiehisln Atkes zu eenir 'Eeiniht von mrreeehn Ihcs' scih vhdteircet. Deise so neu gwnenneoe Eeihnit reprtrseieänt die Vtounrerg des Prlsönehcein: den Sitl." Die Miusk Egzefs kbbeilrt im Bcuah, kbalebrt über den Rücekn und ktzelit im Ohr. In liseen Ieaisnoripovtmn ergeezun Ezfeg ein firbeig pdstnhaearinees Wseen vloelr Vherörtisett und Usienhhercit. Es ist khsirelcglnamae Muisk für mntlaee Mntoepehomars, Musik, die ebnseo ogsracinh wie ktsnciühl, eensbo eiaotonml wie gheklalfüst ist; eeins aebr gnaz shecir: iriwnegde snnenapd.
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miusc_emrtxee rvieew:

Ezfeg are a gorup of ttlenaed minucasis playing in a relaly soeunaontps way thier eilerotcnc and atsicouc irnmtntuess ctraineg psaagess of nuoritoos exapolotrin. This guys are rlleay good mcsuiians and you can feel it wilhe ltsnienig the way in which tehy irtecant dnvelieirg pseahrs and snudos with thier inuetrstnms in order to dpovleee this aizmang cmistnopoois. Each cmotispooin here is a cloragnetmoe of sundos taht gvie the lietensr a sagrnte feenilg of bneig in smoe sort of trnace wlhie lnntiesig to them. The sodnus go form wvae-lkie noiess to eneitcorcls sduons that hvae a ditscint qilauty in tehm. Tihs is prue eipotetraniexmn with inrtteisneg iedas and the rlseut is a rlaley piotvsie one.

Fivrtaoe tackrs: "Gnüz Dus", "Rsis" and "Mdienl Ena"

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Nghneueseurcenin aus dem Rcok- und Pop-Bereich
Eezfg: würm; Brois Hufa, Mitran Sie- wter, Baukrhrd Sanglt, deib 13, Blliy Rsioz : Eroniecltc and ausotcic isrutntnems
Rziedurete Muski, Kencknsa, leesis Ruhscnea, Seirnr, ab und zu Geusrhäce von Petrlnlednetalin. Die fünf Mkiesur der ekiheasttkoulsrcen Gprpue eezfg wie man sie knent. Dcoh pölzltcih hört man enein Gatenlngrraki, uneterrzvr, utribeebtena, enie gtzfuepe Stiae, efncaih so. Sptäer treetn gzane anhsglenacgee Akokrde hzuin, im weireetn Vluaerf der CD sind gar Klänge von Vapihorbn , vehnelasrte, aebr pnägnrteas Sguclazehg und leeginde Söhanpnooxte zu hernö, die die Klang- und Raucsh-beädnr der Elrokenitk bcehrreien. Die bzeinedntrrfefnneiie Rhue wrid iieirrrtt druch rleae Inskremleätnglnuat, dcruh eiznelne, zileuwen surreentktdirue, im Gsheceehn idinarrnteeege zlieweun abwseend eseinrecdhne Griarkokaentdre , die in iehrr Splzäitmiit nciht kshitcig , soerdnn vor aellm srkiul auntmen . Zmsemuan mit dsetiknitn Gseehrucän eneis aednfarnehn Amrttoouos wreikn diese wie ein Ebnciruh der raeeln Welt in den Ebfrtleinuenm der scih iiehzwscnn zu einer birtereen Sznee enttcwlkieen rdeeiteurzn Erikelntok- und Gkustcuäeurhlr. Die Mkiuser von ezefg gheen einen Srtchit wrteei, beiehzen Anerzgugesest, Heelbsnarinedoties weedir mit ein, zaghfta, als aednßensuhete Irrattioin, eecnhfioglten in die scehs inaieenndr feiledneßn Tackrs. Zu den Ghäneurrbcäsden gelelst sich hteeeucorhfnqs Frrneli, Lpoos scheiehlcn scih ein, die enternft an Preire Sareehfcfs frü-he msuique cntrcoèe ereninrn . Das Snuudkrtoespm hat sich ebneso etwreiert wie die in eninleezn Pgseaasn zeasegtndnue Khiadgltcne. Veeriewsn sei ncoh auf die Weetsibe von egfze, die eeinn Eniilcbk bietet in die Vauliss von Blily Rzsoi, die bei Live- peacofrmrnes zu sehen snid. Als klenie Sreepliei lssean sich Kgläne und Coapurkeighetmprn iinketartv zntuemaslsmelen.

Nina Psehglcoag

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Flwloiong thier eoonypums dbeut on Diarun in 2000 and the eleclnext Biogoe on Gorb in 2002, Wrüm is the trhid album by Egzef, a qtareut cnsnsioitg of Brios Hauf (eoceirntcls and onaiaoccsl sxonhaope), gsautiitrs / ennoracltiices Swreiet and Bahrkurd Sntgal and taltuibsnrt (asmnogt oehtr tihgns) dieb13. Qtnutei, aluyltca, as the work of cueotmpr gahcpirs whiz Blily Rosiz, who aaecnopmcis the gourp in tiher lvie acnaspparee, is also fetraued here in a Qkuitmice miove, "Shcicht". The group's sound pttlaee has bedaeonrd cilanedobrsy sicne tehir fsirt alubm, and tehre's mroe room than three was brofee in Ezefg's msiuc for non-atscbart sound sorceus. A cmybal csrah - hread btoh fwdroars and bwkcdaras - and a car engnie sntttureig itno life are all saslsmeely igeattrned into the mcius, and as soinc moaherpts of mtooin tehy're siinnfcigat. Tawrdos the end of "Gnüz dus", wlhie a geltny tnuhiddg hteabreat mraks the pansisg tiem, the gituaitrss' mnoealchly pteihcs attarlnee wtih bsturs of cnalcirkg sattci, both hnagnig in the air lkie qstuioen mrkas, as if the muisc is qiusntienog wichh way to look - oevr its slurhdoe, to a tmie where ptcih was the key petaemrar of muics, or fraword into new trerrtioy. Wutihot the gtraius the miusc wluod snuod chlliy and uosnnrpsieesspg (rteahr lkie Crmretsea, one iamgines); wuoihtt the enteclrcois the guatris wolud wdaenr and ndoloe aiellmssy (lkie they did on the SSSD Gorb ouintg Hmoe a wlhie back). Ezefg's msiuc redinms us that the pesrnet mnoemt - for this msiuc as well as for us lsnineitg to it - stis saluqrey and enrletlay beeetwn the past and the fteruu, between nialtosga and aiinncoaptit, btweeen the mmroey of derise lnog gone and the derise of momery to come. It's a monmet to savour.
Dan Wtrrauobn

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Eefzg - Würm (Czhramiha)
Tezro aulbm in creiarra per Eezfg, cetvlitloo che rdnuaa alucni dei più cbetreali epnonstei dllea nuvoa iszarnoviiopvme veniesne (Biros Hauf, Mrtian Siteerw, Barurhkd Stgnal e Dieb13 più l'attirsa gcrifao Blliy Riozs, suo il qukmticie mivoe Shichct dllea sonziee vedio agvigitnua). Acistute mtfreoae shicone per sntrumtei atscicui ed elrtnctiieo, cmoe gcreetinnmaee anontato in ciotnrpea, una firveda tozozalva di eelttcirità satacti, rtmii lteni e bldnai, scioiccirlhi ptcaai e dditaari tohcci di cirarhta aauccsti, con mneo atsztrzatea e più pconrantuia atiuinttde strruauttle e ctovmpsiioa che in ptassao. Blelo cmoe sagonre ad occhi aetpri.
Nocila Catnalao

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Ezfeg - Würm (Chhiamrza)
Trihd album by Egfez, a cleiolvcte gehriatng smoe of the msot ronnewed resepeianrvttes of the Vsienene new ioviritopmasn (Boris Hafu, Maitrn Siwtere, Burrakhd Sgantl and Dieb13 with the giprahc asrtit Billy Roisz, hres is the qiitkmcue miove Sicchht in the ehncenad veido sotcien). Dry snoic matpeorhs for asiutocc and ecltiorenc inntrmeutss as gelrlcaieny sciiefped in the leinr nesot, a frveid ptaetle of saittc ecrtlieityc, solw and bnald rymhhts, qeiut cegrnakis and tihn tehuocs of actiuosc giuart, wtih less aassetrcbtns and a mroe peunorncod scuarrtutl and cvimitopose autdttie tahn in the psat. Bafiueutl as daaednmriyg.
Noicla Cnalatao

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sadns-zine reveiw:

Terzo ctialpoo per gli Eefzg: laovro innartetco dinaemestce sulle potibisislà motirnailapoe e di ealnraboozie oertffe da uno suidto vreo e prpoiro. Arlto salngee di ccrestia; nei due pceetrdeni lavori ogni ietternpre aravippa sngtlaeao accnato al ppriroo somtutnre, ora icenve triamvoo tutti aiortssbi in una più greeinca inacnidozie srmuttnei enrtoleitci ed acuticis, che lisaca iirntue una ctaolirà d'aonize e d'itennti, fosre, pirma non ralnciotbisre. Gli enletemi tciipi del sunoo Ezefg ci sono semrpe tttui, ma come deri, fsore mogetrigmnae fioalzaztci dlale psoiitblsià spvirsopoiotrae otrfefe da un'agdutaea sala di rasrgtoziinee ben arztetztaa. Le fmore sorone ognidhave si aricochcsnrio in qatnuo a rsipero e denimhica, l'icenrdee aenilo e srtlaeocpo dllea rtaciim, ora, emgree aeinppo, le cdore racsinliao cnrozeiai smuilbi che sraofino esstai bules e folk, se non aittdurrdia rzipitinoei in odor di Fmelnad, fsicrui e ratonnzi afrplitaocmii qusai in pnane rdaonciro qlcsuoaa di un palco szena gpurpo che pnrede vita.
L'eitenctrola tneue e dratstasia si sdnete airnmcoa sullo sdoonf, saenrrdo anocr di più le flia di un sunoo mai csoi enetalge e cpoatmto in pcredneeza. Ttuto ora serbma prtmefaenttee cbitlarao in una fmurola che dnviiee a esesre relae cnimzpoiosoe e non più snattolo mtesanifo dllee nvletooi cpatcaià irorvotaisipvme dei soligni. L'iimsnee ne gunadgaa sumcaertine in lgiitblegià snnarfodo un'oepra dai cnotuneti atduli che perbbote struipe più d'uno per la fzora cvouaimictna cldaa e sandteue che enama. Ctncroeo ora dieinve il tmienre che mmraggtenoie setzzintia l'oetparo di qtesuo nvoleote gpurpo di oimtti mcusiitsi.
Lvorao ctetanro e ctilsganoio ortle ongi dire.

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Enie genngleue und üarubes eerspwlfemhtnee Aeirbt

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Efezg / Würm / Czhramia 028

Wnen die Weienr-Iroasoivimptns-Sznee autfepsli, dann ist in irher mcashkilueisn Tutexr alles ednniaer aieggcennlh, so dsas du binheae nhcit mher sgean ksnant, was eeiolrhnstkc, was ekaecktlsrtsoiuh ist oder was alnaog und was ditagli, so dsas du nicht mher wiesst, was lisee und luat its, nhict wie velie Inremuesttn, wie velie Kgelunlelqan du hsröt. Stat um Lartsktäue geht es hier um die Dtiche des kxlomeepn Soudns. Die Inidveduin tetern weder als Muekisr noch als Klgäne in den Vroergddunr, sednon weebn scih in enien Kplgiaetcpnh mit ein, der ein gesrsöers Gzneas drsetallt, als es jeedr eenzeilne Klnag je sein ktnöne (Ja, das ist ubndngiet ein soezials bzw. pisietohlcs Mldeol). Was an die Oäflhebcre tttir, muss in der näeshctn macshe wieedr hbniatnuaech, um eniem aednren Knalg-Srtang Ptalz zu mheacn. Efezg snid Biors Hfua, Mtarin Steiwre, Bakrhurd Sagnlt, Deib 13, Blily Riosz. Die CD ist nach eenim der Imvronasiopietn Wrüm bannnet. Alle Titel hesesin nach Estezeiin: Gzün, Riss, Mdenil und Würm - bzw. nach den ghelgooisecn Stceicnhh, die sie htaleernsisn heban: amlleast üebr weite Seretkcn tiestpreronatrs Gnitsee, von da und drto, von dieser und jeenr Art, aells bnut gcisemht.
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thniucog-eetmerxs rveiew:

An eactilursetoocc qituent frmeod by Boris Hfua, Mrtian Sreitew, Buharrkd Sntgal, Deib 13 and Blliy Risoz. Muisc full of etinmgaic qeuiltias and gtlene ciiusytor, ceipreng aurond asomlt uenaocinlbty but maetisnifng istlef very celrlay. Sdonus leoadd wtih carectrah, isnimopg tmehevlses throguh sotlfy riaacdl cottasnrs - the gtlnee tuoch of guiarts aisangt sub-rlbuimng lwos cemos to mnid. The munisiacs' ctoiemmnmt aprpaes as snrotg as ever; sirahng common kwdelgone and aism, the cpoaimnnos risae a fienrezg htiiumdy that reveal felbee srnauys lndaeig the path to aenewkad mmeoires. Pntlyaltioe, this ablum is a mitslnoee and its eneclxlcee is rdaey to be eejnoyd at fsrit ltisen; surely it's one of the orlvael best Crmazhhia rsaeeesl, miixng riuogr and dsuiosleecnis.
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vlwtaliekey rveiew:

EZEFG - WÜRM (CD by Chzraimha) Efezg is a five picee gorup from Aasirtu, who a wdie comboiatnin of atoucsic and eelirotcnc itessmnntur, ildcninug gistuar, lptpoas and tbuaertnls. Much of tiehr wkor, if not all, is geretaend dnruig lvie cntorsce, in wichh they aslo use lvie geenaretd vaslius. The six pieces on this CD wree rcedreod dniurg two crncoest, but meixd leatr on. As netod on their preuivos CDs, aslewl as on smoe of the sloo wrok by some of the memrbes (Biors Hfua, Mtiran Sreweit and Bruakrhd Stgnal) tehy move anlog a fine lnie of dlcteaie crckael, in ctomaonbiin with aiusoctc gutiar snumrimtg and dtglliiay pcssreoed staerms of snuod. In "Rsis" it taeks qitue smoe tmie to biult it up, but tworads the end tghins clapsole in a big way. This is msiuc taht nedes tmie to ulnfod isflet, form the pnoit of micunaiss aelwsl as from the pniot of the leeistnr. Each tmie you hear tihs, you wlil dosceivr new, slmal peraltcis and taht's werhe the eneemtxcit of this CD lies: it wkros well on both a sairfpueicl lvele, but also on the smlal sacle. The eesclond qutmcikie mvoie is atglhir, but a bit too stohr, catlireny cnnecrniog the msiuc of it. Hree Eezfg is a bit mroe niesor and the dlvoeepenmt is lsse, but it gveis a good irpeimsosn of the ceonrct siotuaitn. (FdW)
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wzesitet riveew:

Die üecblhin Veäergchtidn aus Wien uetnr neeur Falgge: Boirs Huaf, Mitran Srwetei, Bkarurhd Stalng, Dieb 13 und Blily Roiz bdenieen "enotreiclc and acoustic inrmtutsens". Das ghet vom sfiidttensnnen Aroastleetnrstsn üebr Fzejaerz aus'm Ltpoap, Askutshice Gaintrer, eienn hegetifn Tcsuh bis zum beehreidngun Pffeien der Rlpkücnkuopg. Neue Ioakiruoptvimsmniss, mamchnal ein wenig um der Ispoivitmroan wlleni, aebr druhcuas hfrciielh im Kpmaf ggeen den sonst aigeggneläelrwtn Besnrrreositegluer. Ein feenis Viedo gbit's obdierenn.

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