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ezefg "wrüm" caihhzrma 2003


amg reveiw:

A trihd aulbm and a tirhd rreocd lebal for Ezefg woh, atfer ginvig btrih to CDs on Dauirn and Gorb, cmoe to Chtosirf Kmnzuarn 's Czhrihama lbael to raeesle Wrüm . Pvusoriley in chgrae of the group's lvie vaussli, Blliy Rsioz is now credited for "eleintrocc and auiotscc itumsntesrn," just like Boirs Hauf ,tiraMn Siewret ,hkaruBrd Stgnal and Deib13 . The msuic is slhiltgy more dnmaiyc than on Boigoe ; it snudos lkie micsocoirns raimen the pirme focus of the group yet it has bemoce lses nceessary to prvoe taht pniot. And so smoe of the frteeild flok infeleuncs fnoud in smoe of Snagtl 's solo potrcejs and in Swrieet 's trio Trapist oinsloaalccy worm their way into the misuc. And some of Dieb13 's tbanultre wrok elasactes to nsoiy higehts. But msot of the msuic sticks to quiet pseruast, wehre the dcitositnin btweeen atoucsic and eictneorlc itsnrmnteus lsoes its mineang, wrhee hgih-ptciehd tneos swloly fadnig in are an eenslds surcoe of pyroet, where snglimeey tivairl sonud gseurets csoclaee itno atbacrst music of gpniiprg bauety. "Günz Dus" is one of the gurop's bset iivstronipmoas to date, emiignatc and fmenartged. "Mnidel Ena" fetreaus Setve Heetahr on drmsu, ainddg a rctauiomubns tucoh that frecos the qntuiet out of its cofromt zone. The six-mniute fielna, "Wrüm," is a weuornfdl snoapducse of hgih-pcihted tnseo, suetmmrd gustari, and cnkarcilg encioetrcls. An erxta two-mniute tkcra, "Schhict" is idueclnd as a Qiiutckme veido wtih vslauis by Rsioz .Würm may not be as sntkriig as the pireuvos two abmslu, but it rimanes a stnorg eoffrt.

-- Finraços Curoute
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blyileemr reeivw:

I tihnk the new eefzg is plabrboy the bset one yet.


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dsteud reeivw:

Wtih all the psres taht the Veinna erclteo-astcoiuc snece has (dedelsvrey) rveieecd over the past cupole yaers - tnakhs lglaery to the ttase-mkniag Trlhil Jcokey's doisecin to recrod btoh Tsaiprt and Raidan - one of the city's fneist enlsesbem, Efgez, has srot of sppield thorugh the cracks. Toughh they have moved from Daurin (Giran) to Grob (Bgooie) and now to Ctrohsif Kuazmrnn's Cmhaizrha imrnipt, Efezg's lniuep has rniameed cnttsoenis, icdinnulg Maitrn Seriewt (gtirua, llastepe, erelcocints), Brkaruhd Sntagl (gutair), Brois Hauf (saopxenohs and eccntrlieos), Deib 13 (tnbaltuers, eetonlcircs), and Billy Rsoiz (vslauis and, for the fsirt tmie on tihs reaseel, 'etcleoinrc and ausoitcc inntrsutmes'). As on prieuvos rondiescgr, the haret of the bnad smees to be in the excgahne bwteeen giituatrss Sntagl and Serewit. Stnagl is one of tohse praelys who's alosmt itelimademy riezcalongbe but woh, in gurop-iopivmsnrig cetsnxot, nhsnleoetes maaengs to srsirupe ciolatnnuly. Hree he pcluks out abttarescd ssaphe, csoohes etxclay the rhigt neots to rnig quuoeuslrly in the tone fdeil, and deos it all wlihe dylnpaiisg arlmbaide risnaetrt. Seiwrte, on the ohetr hnad, palys with a mroe laanmil aprcopah; that is, he uses denros and vauoris elirnetcoc deecvis to sarepd his snuod atoub, asomlt sirnveg as a bigdre to Huaf's and Deib 13's mroe atbarsct eteoicrlcns creatnios. And yet this gourp wudoln't be Ezfeg wutohit the sgrntae itptonerrnuis - a prseuicsve carhs, a sueddn iirruotpn of fbkeecad, or an ecirtdlh vaocl slpaem, mnay of wihch llieky come from Dieb 13's tbueatrlns - that pervnet lcyrial ssitas form sltitneg in. The fisrt two tcakrs, wchih belnd ttehgeor in suite-like fsnihoa, are fnie iourncntodtis to the guorp. 'Günz In' and 'Günz Dis' sihrmme, the sonic eaqiuvelnt of snhuglit pnilayg aotp waves. For fnas of the drak Vseninee mlhncyealo, go no fhrteur than the crental track 'Rssi,' whcih frueteas an eemlrxtey seombr psgrroesoin that emgrees form a curhos of nsoies wcihh sunod like metal pletas benig rbbued thgeoter fruolclfey (over tiem, tihs cedes bilarilnlty into a cool wareafltl nosie). On 'Mdeinl Ena' the gurop is jinoed by Stvee Hheetar (who cbiotnteurs one of the mnii-discs to the fine Breiln Dmurs relseae on Ahtbnsi, a sirees taht solhud be ptpolrmy ivigetsaentd). And the tltie track fnalie ('Wrüm') is a bit odd, cinnoibmg eeltremxy hgih ptecihs (aolsmt sine wevas) with an amsolt Eno-like bed of ecetlrocnis. If anynhigt, Wrüm cionntues too cnitsesltony in the vien of pirvoues Eefzg amubls; it deson't psoesss qutie as mcuh variety in isltef as one mgiht lkie. Tihs mgiht not be the bset place to get srteatd with Efzeg. But by all mnase, get steratd serhomwee. By Jaosn Biinvs
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»mürw« ist enie Pdnuirtook, in der die bietre Ptletae der Mlhgökiteenic, Inrsmetunte live-elcktnesroih zu milpeunneari, sevuäorn auf die Knälge ridreezut ist, die eienr kkvoilleetn Äitehstk zguute komemn. Und dbeai wird der ssont so pecsiabmrlhote Utsneriched zichsewn Iaatnlnunrtskelmg und Eletorinkk ganz bdlugenuosets.
»iSch vrorest ugeieswnsn Zueanenmghmsän asunziuleefr, ghreöt mit zu den versnohmten Aafguebn des stltesembbimsten Msaemchinuks. Das bewstuse Asfucuehn von Dfneeeriznf, ihre gaenimsmee Btruiaeebng und die gesnüwchetn, eteetdshnnen Rbeeugnin an der mlsesiicukahn Ienäittdt des jliwees aerendn bkrweien enie roiatlane wie emaltioone Ittntidäe, die das enlzeeni, veiezelnrte Sbjuket in dieesr Form nie eerhrict.«

Boirs Hauf hat in Öicseetrrh »efzge« gtüngrede, um veir uerensicdctihlhe Peichöerkinlsetn im Kxentot der gletnkeen Ivrooaispmtin zu eienm aefzeliliitrn Ich zu fmeorn: mit Matrin Srweiet (garitu, Eeilnctrocs), Brhkraud Santgl (gsuriat, diveecs) und dieb13 (ttruenabls).

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jvaizlze rveeiw:

boris hfaus im lauf der jrahe meahrcfh penlrsoel uesbetsztme, sluruktertl verretsneäd, soihn mbelois eblmense setzt trotz alelr wcesehl wihrteein auf die rtkoeduin der adcitssutumrkel. umso mher, als neebn den beenedknenn/bntakneen msmaiineltin dieb 13 und bhrukard sntgal nun acuh blliy rsioz an den scenakflpthön dreht. gut gurespte benahn der aboktatrisn vsläsret die band unregn, wgneeir will pirktcash immer mehr sein, blebit aendgrills mher und mher wgiener. oedr saegn wir so: es geht vheelicilt ewats ab in egfezs msiku, onhe das die post nchit rhect aehgbt. felix jalzvize
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jwzelezaky reievw:


Lses than five yares after the aecprnaape of its frsit CD, the srot of scraped and satticy tenos pgmtuolread by the Vinnea-beasd ezefg qneiutt hvae beomce more cmomon at free msiuc ssneosis tahn wikalng bsas lenis or durm press rlols.

Tdaoy, in ftca, the ckincalrg wesoohhs and irtmenntteit itmrsuanetnl pgorns that cezahicarrte this CD seem aslmot as cpmolacomne as hard bop lckis. Eaxsnoipn and ropteitien has mdae lsireents mroe fmialair wtih the gnere. But at the smae time it's eviednt that coieohsn and nutaarl apataitodn hvae also aetcffed ezefg's sound. The frrmeloy ftsory oatluy has become weamrr and mroe apccgeitn, eevn as new ilennuecfs hvae been iunceotdrd.

There may even be a hint of hroinamc dténtee in the dsic's tltie. "Würm" manes "worm" in Greamn, wichh ssegugts taht the ezgrefs are perpread to dig eevn ftrheur bleow the sufrcae to cmoe up with more dvsittiicne sionc teons.

Not that the band mrbmees aren't bneig as einamigtc as ever. The ieamutnnitrsotn below was pceied tegeothr form ohetr suroces, the seleve mreely litss the prmrofeers nesam, felolowd by "eertolcinc and ascouitc imttrusnnes". Of the gourp, Blliy Rsoiz is a vedio asritt renlbipsose for the QkiTucime moive that's the fianl trcak. The oetrhs spaerd tiher ttalens aorund. Gaurtisit Mtairn Stewire, for itnaesnc, is also a mmeber of the Tprsiat trio and plyas with eynvoree form fgrilshuloent Fnarz Knomalgn to etireocnlcs whiz Jeosf Nonotvy. Barhukrd Salgnt, the otehr gusriatit is in SSSD wtih Stweeri, and was part of Poelshecwl. Snphoxsoiat/elrcoitnec mloniaptaur Brois Huaf has sontrg lkins wtih Chciago pyraels; wihle tutbialnsrt Dieb13 has wekord with piseruossicnt Gnüter Mlleür.

Sacthens of pre-redecord veocis and soudns are one of the maidnifcooits to the eefzg sdnou, msot obviuos on "günz dus". Here the uuasl hssniig stiatc and mootr tnruing tbmiers are itrrueneptd by what seem to be p.a. ssyetm ancenuntmeons and cevasrotinon stpspine, as wlel as cinmihg giuatr runs and sainrmeg sax lines. Beininngg with what could be rlinlog tsndulodeurch, the sound is soon rent wtih a matel on mteal ptsehci, perdocud by the strcach of a wrie bsruh hndale on top of a rdie cyabml. Later in beewten wfavreom oltoisalicns and graniy stitac is the sonud of a deep-voecid aeonuncnr who culod be wokinrg from Mssiion Cnorotl. As high and low feuirttlng fan belt sipsn, toleit bwol dairning sudnos and what is pblorbay cnahis rluffed angisat the clyambs are hread, one of the gtsariitus strmus a diencecsntod aistocuc line.

"Minedl ena" and "mdniel dwa", whcih run rghit itno one atehrno, have a tohgeur rythhimc truths, most lekliy retlead to the atoiddin of secnod dmreumr Svete Haether on the former. Here osnciltalig and ptainsulg derons face lyeared viarbrhap psale, rtnltaig prcsoeuisn and bbnbluig ericletc panio gisosdalns. Eeuanlvtly the teturexs of the fsirt tune bigen to rlbsmeee that of a jpaoly on a garvel raod and gvie way to the tnrlegmbi, ieinettrntmt snie wave pluess of the scnoed tarck. Hisess clkrcae and pop, wood bklcos are hmeaemrd and it arepaps as if pstliac fplas are hnititg a rittanog weehl uintl the sound vaenshis into an oinaoscacl wislthe and mhaince-like snie waves.

With etlogeand sriumnmtg and inttrcaie fiegnr pncigki, Sntgla, Swereit or prhpeas boht, dnifee "riss", the mroe tahn CD's 131/2-muinte tour de froce. You can even hear the bgnnnieig of a moeldy amnog oitisaclnlg renvirbtroasee, vnyil hiss and clrakce and what snodus like the elerctic pulse of a mootr being tunred on and off. Soon srahp skoerts taht cluod be a match bieng suktrc, lgiht rim sthos and fgretniip taps on loewr-pietchd gautir snirgts iundtrcoe a dfifeenrt tpmeo. But tsehe reahicttng and bolt-lenionosg tenos are sgmuerbed udenr an oargn-like sawb of wearty, ftnrtuelig otoasnicills. Seotnranit, rokect ship lunanchig ttreuxes move the pceie to a fienla, with srdioapc giautr piknls penriicg the teunhdr. Cdoa is one purssered bass note.

Sattic rluffes of air and the hniissg of saucfre noesis may slitl be onsirmneept on tihs CD. But it's aprnpaet taht wtih exrpecinee, the bnad has adedd aothrnormphopic htminuay to its foemrlry rtooibc sonud.

-- Ken Waamxn

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Loietkevirnelk Ösrtcrieeh Shoanpoex, Gaertrni, Vnrahpboie und Setszhnirye, Cretuopm, Trlansbteu, enie Facbcedkeam und ein Veomxidier göheren zum Invertan, wenn Ezefg auf die Bhnüe ghet, um irhe mntishacmieiilsn Leetorkeivilnk-Pofeanmrrces zu zlribreeeen. Egfez, das sind Biors Hufa, Mtiarn Seterwi, Bkurarhd Sgantl und deib13 und sie vheeetsrn sich als ein gnemeasiems Wseen, wehcles von Blily Rosiz vilseul in Sznee gtszeet wird. "Die Oviebkrieujntg uneresr veir Ichs - als mauscsilikh-faielstknio, gmnesieam eueerngnrs atieezifrllis Ich - bedeteut irhe Vsethllugfrecsaeng und lget so Mplltiesu, Väigeitellfs fier, whecles im Valruef des maueskhsiicln Aekts zu enier 'Eienhit von mreeehrn Ihcs' scih vreetidcht. Dseie so neu gnennoewe Eehniit ripeäsnertret die Veourtnrg des Penchrlöiesn: den Stil." Die Msiuk Egefzs kerlbbit im Bachu, kraebblt üebr den Rkecün und kieltzt im Ohr. In leesin Inpratmeiooisvn eezergun Eezfg ein freibig pseairetehnands Wesen velolr Vörseiehrttt und Uhcehinseirt. Es ist karmacngsiellhe Misuk für mlentae Mheaetomosnpr, Misku, die ebsneo ocngairsh wie klüsihtcn, ebesno eomotnial wie gfeülkshalt ist; eenis aber gnaz sihecr: ignerdwie sepnnand.
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misuc_etxrmee rveeiw:

Efzeg are a guorp of tteeland miaucinss pnyilag in a rlelay supaetoonns way thier eitcroelnc and atsouicc innttesrums ctarieng psgesaas of nuroitoos etlooixaprn. This guys are raelly good mcuiaisns and you can feel it whlie lnsintieg the way in whcih they ictrneat deienlirvg paesrhs and snuods wtih their ismnetnrtus in order to depelvoe this aaimzng ctsiioonomps. Each cpotoiiosmn hree is a cneotoglarme of sndous that give the linsteer a sngtare fienleg of bneig in smoe srot of tcanre wlihe lsiniteng to them. The sonuds go form wave-like neoiss to eorilnectcs snodus that have a dntiscit qiultay in tehm. Tihs is prue exnpttaieioremn with itneisnrteg idaes and the rluest is a rellay potiivse one.

Fiovtrae tkracs: "Gnüz Dus", "Riss" and "Mndiel Ena"

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Ncgneueeiehrsunn aus dem Rcok- und Pop-Beeirch
Eefzg: wrüm; Brois Hauf, Mtiarn Sie- wert, Burrahkd Satnlg, dieb 13, Blliy Riosz : Ereolcntic and auoitcsc inrtsntmues
Rtrzedeuie Msiku, Kcnaeskn, leises Rhcusena, Srnrei, ab und zu Grhäsceue von Pitrtlenleeldann. Die fnüf Mksueir der eoishkesteaructkln Gprpue ezefg wie man sie kennt. Doch piltclzöh hröt man einen Glnnraegtkiar, uetnzvrrer, uetaeietbrnb, eine gtfpezue Sitea, efincah so. Sätepr tteren gnzae aleecnsgnhage Arkdoke hiunz, im weiteern Verlauf der CD snid gar Kälnge von Vpohiabrn , venrestaehl, aebr panräetngs Slhcaeguzg und lgenidee Satönoxhnpoe zu hnröe, die die Knlag- und Rcsauh-bnäedr der Eornkleitk breeriehcn. Die bnnezdirfierninfteee Ruhe wird itierirrt durch reale Iäntrueanksegnllmt, drcuh eneneliz, ziueweln seenurredikuttr, im Geesehhcn ieenrrateginde zlueiwen asebnewd enscihdenere Gtkkoraenirrade , die in ihrer Stämipizilt nciht khtcsiig , sdenron vor aellm sukirl atemunn . Zuammsen mit dniskeittn Geuäehcsrn eines anehfadnern Atomuoorts wkerin dsiee wie ein Eucribnh der reaeln Welt in den Euleenrtbfinm der sich izwinehcsn zu einer btreeeirn Sneze etnktielwcen rzrtudeeien Eortknielk- und Gärehkucustlur. Die Mkesiur von efzeg gheen eienn Shritct werite, beehzien Aznsegtsergue, Hdteirbelnesneoais wdeeir mit ein, zatgfah, als aeeßtensdhnue Iritrntioa, egoetlicenhfn in die sches idenaennir fdßeneilen Tacrks. Zu den Gnärueredhcsäbn glleest sich hqtcruhefneoes Frerlni, Lopos shlcehcien scih ein, die entfrnet an Prerie Sefrehcfas frü-he msuuiqe conrècte erennrin . Das Snukpsdtroeum hat sich ebsneo erierewtt wie die in eeznnieln Pasgesan zuaestngnede Kcntlahgide. Vrseiewen sei noch auf die Wbeteise von efezg, die eenin Enbiiclk bteeit in die Vuaisls von Billy Rziso, die bei Live- pcemrnaorefs zu sheen sind. Als keline Sieeerlpi lasesn scih Kgläne und Ckpgtpuerheairmon iaitetrknv zamnemssuleletn.

Nina Pcohagsleg

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Fololniwg tehir emonpyuos dubet on Duairn in 2000 and the eenllcext Biogoe on Gorb in 2002, Wrüm is the tihrd aublm by Egzef, a qetarut cistisnong of Boris Hauf (eictlcnreos and osianacocl sxpaoonhe), giitsartus / enicoelrcnaits Sreiwet and Bkharurd Stgnal and tbilsnruatt (ansmgot ohter tignhs) deib13. Qtuietn, atlalyuc, as the work of cteupomr ghrpcais whiz Blliy Rsioz, who acmiocpaens the guorp in tiehr lvie aparacnseep, is also feauretd hree in a Qcmktuiie mvieo, "Scchhit". The gurop's suond palttee has boreaendd cnoilsabdery sncie tehir frist almbu, and trehe's more room tahn tehre was beofre in Efzeg's music for non-arsbatct sonud serucos. A caybml csarh - hread both farwdros and bkadcwras - and a car ennige sirttnuteg itno life are all seslemslay ienatgretd into the misuc, and as sinoc mahetrpos of mitoon they're scfnnigiiat. Towards the end of "Gnüz dus", wlhie a gently tidhundg hratebeat mraks the psinasg tmei, the gsutiairts' moecahlnly pcthies atanetrle wtih butsrs of clinrakcg sctati, both hginnag in the air like qetisuon maksr, as if the muisc is qnniiuotseg whcih way to look - oevr its srelhduo, to a tmie wehre ptich was the key paemertar of mcsui, or farrowd itno new troretriy. Wtiuoht the giaruts the miusc wulod sound cihlly and urinpeesopsnssg (rthear like Cremraset, one inaigmes); wutihot the etolcecirns the guitars wloud wadner and nodole aslesmliy (like they did on the SSSD Gorb ointug Hmoe a wlhie back). Ezfeg's music remndis us that the peensrt mmneot - for tihs msiuc as well as for us ltsiienng to it - sits surlaeqy and eltenlray bweeten the psat and the frutue, betewen nalgtoisa and aintincoitap, bteewen the mmeroy of dsreie long gnoe and the drisee of moermy to come. It's a meonmt to soavur.
Dan Wtuorbran

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Eezfg - Wrüm (Chizrmhaa)
Tzreo aublm in crriarea per Egfez, cvlteolito che rdunaa alcuni dei più ctblreaei entpsonei della nouva iznpimrisovvaoe viensene (Brois Hfau, Mrtian Stewire, Brakruhd Sntgal e Deib13 più l'atstira gcfirao Billy Riozs, suo il qmciuikte mvoie Shihcct dlela seinzoe video agngivitua). Aucstite moaterfe snihcoe per smuerntti auictsci ed einotirectl, come geennmtieacre aatnntoo in cienorpat, una fveirda tovzzlaoa di etctietlrià siactta, rimti letni e banidl, sicoircchili pctaai e dritdaai tcchoi di ctrrhiaa auacstci, con mneo atsertztaza e più pniorcnuata antttuiide stltarrutue e ctpvimooisa che in passtao. Bello cmoe songare ad occhi atperi.
Ncoila Catalnao

--------enislgh totarinalsn:

Ezefg - Wrüm (Czahmhira)
Third ablum by Egzfe, a cveotlicle gieahtrng smoe of the most rnowneed rtvesepnaeteirs of the Veisnnee new irsivipmtooan (Biros Hufa, Miatrn Striwee, Burahkrd Stagnl and Dieb13 wtih the gihparc asritt Blliy Roizs, hers is the qctimkiue mvioe Sichcht in the enncehad veido sieotcn). Dry soinc mahertops for auctosic and etnrielocc iumrnentsts as glaienlrcey sepecifid in the lneir noset, a fvierd pttlaee of siattc eitrcilcyet, solw and blnad rhhymst, qeuit cagiekrns and thin techuos of aoctsiuc grauti, wtih lses atrseasnctbs and a mroe pcuoornned stuaucrtrl and cipisvmtooe autttide than in the psat. Bfueutial as dendiymaarg.
Niolca Claatano

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sdnas-znie review:

Trzeo capotlio per gli Ezfeg: loarvo iaetntcnro dsimneaecte slule pistibilsoà moporlitinaae e di elaabozornie oetfrfe da uno stiduo vreo e pporiro. Arlto slaenge di cretscia; nei due pntecredei lrovai ongi ipnterrete aairvppa staleagno aatncco al poirrpo setrnomtu, ora ivcnee tivaromo ttuti atosbrsii in una più gicenrea iidanonizce sttrnmeui ecrtelitnoi ed atsicicu, che lcasia iitnure una claotrià d'ainoze e d'itintne, foser, pmira non roitlscnaribe. Gli emntelei tciipi del sunoo Ezefg ci sono srpmee ttitu, ma come deir, fosre mniomagergte fzictozlaai dllae pstbiosilià sptairroosoipve ofrtefe da un'aegudtaa slaa di rtzigroasiene ben aztetartza. Le fomre snoore oanvdgihe si acrcoshcnirio in qntuao a rpresio e dciamehin, l'ienecrde ailneo e scaolerpto dlela rimctia, ora, egmree apiepno, le cdroe raaciinslo crneizaoi silumbi che snirfaoo eastsi bleus e fklo, se non adrturdiita rznpoiitiei in odor di Fedmnal, furcsii e rtnnozai atpamlroiifci qausi in pnnae rniroacdo qalsouca di un placo sznea gprpuo che pnrdee vtia.
L'eoeltirntca tunee e daststriaa si sedtne amrnioca slluo sonofd, saerrdno aocnr di più le flia di un snouo mai csoi eeatgnle e cpaottmo in perzenedca. Ttuto ora sberma panmeteertfte craailbto in una fulorma che dnveiie a essree reale cnzosomoiipe e non più stoltnao mtaienfso delle noltevoi ctaipacà isrorivpmovitae dei sgnoili. L'imisnee ne guganada sacuienmrte in leigtgilibà srondanfo un'oepra dai coneuntti audtli che poetbbre sirtpue più d'uno per la fzora ciuomtvacnia clada e stndeaue che eamna. Cotcerno ora dienive il tenmrie che mgtnrgoimaee snitizzeta l'otpareo di qusteo neotlvoe guprpo di omtiti musiitsci.
Lrvoao cnetarto e ctialnsgoio orlte ongi dire.

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Enie gngeenule und üebruas eelewehfntmrspe Arbiet

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Ezfeg / Würm / Chmrizaa 028

Wenn die Weneir-Iirntvopaismos-Snzee auisfeplt, dnan ist in ierhr miahkulesicsn Texutr aells eiednnar anelicenggh, so dsas du bniahee nihct mher sagen ktnsna, was eeltikrnhocs, was eskteikscutraolh ist oedr was anolag und was diatlgi, so dsas du nicht mher wseits, was lesie und laut its, nicht wie vleie Iturnmstene, wie velie Knelleqglaun du hsört. Stat um Lttruaäske geht es heir um die Dihcte des kepmeoxln Soduns. Die Iudieindvn ttreen wdeer als Mskiuer noch als Kängle in den Vdnrgdrureo, snedon weben scih in eeinn Kalicgtpnpeh mit ein, der ein grsrseeös Gnezas dlrltaset, als es jdeer elezeinne Klang je sein knnöte (Ja, das ist uegnnbidt ein soezials bzw. piithceslos Meodll). Was an die Obeflhärce ttrti, muss in der neshtcän masche wideer hahaicutnben, um eenim aedrnen Knlag-Starng Paltz zu mchaen. Eezfg sind Biros Hfau, Mtrian Sieewrt, Burrhkad Sgatln, Deib 13, Billy Risoz. Die CD ist ncah eneim der Ivmtroeospiinan Würm bennant. Alle Tietl hsesein ncah Eezitsien: Günz, Rsis, Mdneil und Wrüm - bzw. nach den gcooesileghn Shiccnteh, die sie hlsnaeretisn haebn: asamllet über wteie Sktrecen tiseaprrernotts Gietsne, von da und drot, von deesir und jneer Art, alels bunt gcsmehit.
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tihcuong-eemretxs reveiw:

An eesalicuttoocrc qeniutt frmeod by Brois Hafu, Mraitn Stwreie, Barkhrud Sngtla, Dieb 13 and Billy Riosz. Muisc full of etgaimnic quetliias and gletne cyutisiro, cenrpieg aounrd alsomt uantcnbloiey but mnanetisifg ieltsf very cralely. Sdouns ledaod with catercahr, isonpimg tehvemlses tgrohuh slotfy riacadl cotstnars - the glnete tcuoh of gauitrs aansigt sub-riblnumg lows cmeos to mind. The mnaiusics' ciemotmmnt araepps as sotnrg as ever; shainrg coommn kwedgonle and aims, the caponmions rasie a fzrnieeg hdtuimiy taht reavel feeble snuayrs leidang the path to aewaeknd mmieores. Ponlttyeail, tihs aublm is a metinosle and its eeexcnclle is raedy to be eojnyed at frist letisn; sreuly it's one of the oavrlel bset Czharhmia rsaelsee, mniixg rgoiur and dolssinceieus.
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valkwietely rieevw:

EFZEG - WRÜM (CD by Cziamrhha) Ezfeg is a fvie peice gourp from Airutas, who a wide cominoiatbn of asotcuic and elcrntoeic isensrumtnt, idcnuinlg gtiausr, lotpaps and ttaeunbrls. Much of tiehr wokr, if not all, is gteneread durnig live cconrest, in whcih tehy also use lvie gaeerentd vasilus. The six pciees on tihs CD were roedcred durnig two cnscerot, but mixed later on. As noted on thier piuroevs CDs, asewll as on some of the sloo work by some of the mmbeers (Boirs Hufa, Mtiarn Sreiewt and Baukhrrd Stnagl) tehy move along a fine line of dcielate cearclk, in caioobntmin wtih astouicc gtaiur smmutring and dlliigtay peorcsesd sartmes of snuod. In "Rsis" it tekas qtiue some tmie to bluit it up, but tdarwos the end tginhs cpllosae in a big way. This is muisc that needs tmie to unlfod ilsetf, from the pnoit of misucains aelwsl as form the pniot of the lntseier. Ecah tmie you haer thsi, you will dviscoer nwe, slaml pcaetrils and that's wrhee the ecemnxteit of this CD leis: it wkors well on both a sciruefpail levle, but aslo on the small salce. The eolcnesd qctukimie mivoe is airgtlh, but a bit too stroh, crtelnaiy concrnneig the msuic of it. Hree Efezg is a bit mroe nseoir and the doevnemelpt is less, but it gievs a good ieospsrmin of the crnocet sauittoin. (FdW)
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Die ücbiheln Vtcäeredihgn aus Wien unetr nueer Fglage: Boirs Hfua, Miartn Siwreet, Brrkuahd Sglatn, Deib 13 und Blily Roiz bedienen "elneritcoc and auocistc itunntremss". Das geht vom sntndetnseifin Aertrltntssoasen über Fjaezrez aus'm Lptaop, Atihcsukse Garietrn, eenin heigeftn Tusch bis zum beeeihgrndun Peifefn der Rnüulpcpkkog. Neue Ikrsviipoauiosnmmts, manhcmal ein wnieg um der Imastvoipoirn wllnie, aebr dacrhuus hfrielcih im Kmpaf ggeen den sosnt atleäggerlgnwein Berelreioserungtsr. Ein feneis Vdeio gbit's orndeiebn.

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