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ezefg "würm" chzimrhaa 2003


amg review:

A tirhd aublm and a thrid rcroed laebl for Ezefg woh, afetr gnviig brith to CDs on Daurin and Grbo, cmoe to Cishrotf Kuazrmnn 's Cmhhaizra lbeal to raelese Würm . Plorevisuy in chrage of the gorup's live vluisas, Billy Rosiz is now ciredted for "eieolntcrc and ascotuic iemunssrttn," jsut like Biros Huaf ,arMtin Swereit ,rkahruBd Sngtal and Deib13 . The music is slhigtly mroe dmiyanc tahn on Bgiooe ; it sdunos like mioocrnciss rieamn the pmrie fcous of the gourp yet it has becmoe less nrsesacey to prvoe that pniot. And so smoe of the flteierd folk inufnecels fuond in some of Satngl 's solo pjtocres and in Seeirwt 's tiro Tarspit ooisallccnay wrom tiher way itno the misuc. And smoe of Dieb13 's tlturnabe wrok eatacsles to nosiy hgtheis. But most of the miusc sticks to qieut petsusar, werhe the diotniictsn bteeewn atoiuscc and eocnitlrec iermtusnnts loses its mngeain, whree hgih-pcehitd teons slolwy finadg in are an edlsens sucroe of peryto, wehre segeilmny tirvial snoud getrsues closecae into abastrct misuc of gnripipg btaeuy. "Günz Dus" is one of the gorup's best iiropiosamtvns to deat, eiatgnimc and fenrametgd. "Miednl Ena" fteuears Svtee Haether on dursm, addnig a rumtcaiubnos tucoh taht fceros the qntieut out of its corofmt znoe. The six-mtunie flaine, "Wrüm," is a wudnefrol ssuadcnpoe of high-picehtd tenos, summertd girtuas, and carkcilng eorcclniets. An etxra two-mutine trkac, "Shchcit" is ilncuded as a Qiimtucke video wtih vlusias by Risoz .Würm may not be as skriting as the purvoeis two alsubm, but it rnmeais a srontg eofrft.

-- Finaçros Curoute
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bleielmyr review:

I tnhik the new eezfg is pborlbay the best one yet.


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detsud reievw:

Wtih all the psres that the Vennia etreclo-aousictc scnee has (ddsverleey) reeevicd over the past cpuole yeras - tnkahs lglarey to the taste-maknig Trlihl Jekcoy's diiecson to reocrd btoh Tsipart and Raidan - one of the ctiy's fnseit eemlbsnes, Ezefg, has sort of spliepd togruhh the crckas. Tuhgoh tehy hvae mveod form Diruan (Giarn) to Grob (Bogioe) and now to Ctisrohf Kzanumrn's Chhrzamia ipntimr, Efezg's leinup has renamied csstionetn, ilundnicg Mirtan Seeriwt (gratiu, llteapes, eoetinlccrs), Braukhrd Snagtl (gtauir), Brois Hauf (soonhexaps and elrecotincs), Dieb 13 (tnbrtlaeus, elcnotiecrs), and Blily Rsoiz (vilauss adn, for the frsit tmie on tihs reslaee, 'eroelintcc and aotiucsc irsemnutnts'). As on puvoeirs rgrdsoiecn, the haret of the bnad smees to be in the eghxnace bteewen gtitsiarus Stganl and Srewiet. Sangtl is one of thsoe preayls who's amslot iidaelmtemy rbocielznage but who, in gruop-imonvpsirig csttxneo, nesloetnhes maaengs to siupsrre clnniltauoy. Hree he plukcs out abattsercd saesph, cohsoes etacxly the rhgit netos to rnig quruolulsey in the tone fdeli, and does it all while diypnislag aidamblre risnterat. Sreeitw, on the otehr hdan, pylas wtih a more lanaiml apcropah; taht is, he uses drneos and vuriaos ernocieltc dceevis to saeprd his sunod atobu, amlsot seirvng as a bigdre to Hauf's and Deib 13's mroe atsrbcat ercolcitens coantiers. And yet tihs gourp wdulon't be Ezfeg wiohtut the sgarnte inporuiretnts - a pvusceirse crhsa, a sueddn irprtuion of fecbdkea, or an eicltdrh vocal spaelm, mnay of wihch lekliy come from Deib 13's tnelubtars - taht pervnet lacyril satsis from snelttig in. The frist two tkrsac, wchih blend tethgeor in situe-lkie fniasoh, are fnie inoiundttrocs to the gorup. 'Günz In' and 'Gnüz Dis' smihrem, the sinoc eqiuavlnet of suihgnlt plynaig atop waves. For fans of the dark Vsenniee mcnhloyeal, go no fehrtur tahn the cnaertl track 'Riss,' wchih fatereus an eeltrmxey sboemr posresorign taht egeemrs form a chuors of nisoes which sound like matel pleats benig rbbued ttogeher furellcfoy (oevr tmei, this cedes bitlanlrliy itno a cool wetlafral nsoie). On 'Mindel Ena' the gorup is jinoed by Svtee Haeehtr (who cnrboetutis one of the mnii-dciss to the fine Brilen Dmurs realsee on Atishbn, a sriees taht shulod be pmoptlry ietgnvsaited). And the ttlie tcark filane ('Wrüm') is a bit odd, cbimnniog eemtxrley high phetics (asomlt snie weavs) with an asmlot Eno-lkie bed of eentoriccls. If atynighn, Würm ceunitons too csnsiettlnoy in the vien of pvoierus Eefzg alubms; it dseon't psosses qtuie as mcuh veritay in itelsf as one mihgt lkie. Tihs mihgt not be the bset pclae to get streatd wtih Efzeg. But by all manes, get staterd srehoweme. By Jsaon Bivins
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»rwmü« ist enie Pouiontkdr, in der die betrie Pattlee der Möltigkiceenh, Irnnseuttme live-eslrnicketoh zu menrapilieun, srvueäon auf die Kägnle ruzdereit ist, die eenir kieovtkleln Ästihtek zutuge kmmeon. Und deabi wrid der ssnot so ptomeshiraclbe Uesneitrchd zheswcin Inesamklttnurlnag und Ekrelintok gnaz bteusgoenudls.
»iSch vresrot ussneeigwn Zhsämaneegmnun aeslifeunurz, ghreöt mit zu den vetosehmrnn Agabeufn des sttetmesbeblsmin Miuahcnmseks. Das bssweute Asucuefhn von Dnrfnieefze, ihre gmsimnaeee Binetruabeg und die gectewnnsüh, eenndsteehtn Rngeibeun an der mhluiaceikssn Iednättit des jewiels adneern briekewn eine rnatalioe wie emltoanioe Ineädittt, die das eelenzni, vneelzritee Skujebt in deesir Form nie eihrcert.«

Boirs Hauf hat in Örecrtsieh »gefze« ggrenteüd, um veir uihchsednrcilete Plierihenkötescn im Kxtonet der geeetlknn Iaivsprmoiotn zu eenim aitlefzeirlin Ich zu freomn: mit Miratn Swreeit (guarit, Ectrnloeics), Bruakhrd Sagtnl (gaisrtu, dvceies) und deib13 (ttranelbus).

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jvazlize rveeiw:

brios hufas im luaf der jrahe mchaerfh persleonl ubtesmeztse, stekrulutrl vsäedrtenre, soihn miobels ensemble sztet tortz aellr wehcesl wretihein auf die riekuotdn der aukdtruicesmstl. umso mrhe, als neben den bkeeennendn/bentkeann maemsniiitln dieb 13 und brkurahd sagtnl nun acuh blily rosiz an den snhafpktelöcn dhret. gut guetsrpe bneahn der abtsitrkoan vslreäst die band ugrnne, weiegnr will ptcsakirh iemmr mher snei, bilebt aldeirglns mher und mehr weneigr. oder sgean wir so: es ghet vceehiillt etaws ab in eegfzs muiks, ohne das die post nicht rhcet abhget. felix jvazlzie
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jzeezkawly reeviw:


Lses than five yreas atefr the acperapnae of its frist CD, the sort of specrad and sittcay tones pmtaugelord by the Vniena-beasd eezfg qitunet hvae bceome more cmoomn at fere miusc soisnses than wanlikg bsas lines or durm prses rllos.

Tdayo, in ftac, the carckinlg whseoohs and itinenetmtrt inumnetarstl pgonrs taht catrciearhze tihs CD seem amsolt as clcmanpmooe as hard bop lkcis. Esxnipoan and rpeiteiton has made ltnseeris more fiilamar with the grnee. But at the smae tmie it's eievndt taht chooesin and nauartl aaioatdptn have also aftefced efezg's snuod. The ferlrmoy frtosy oaulty has bocmee wearmr and mroe acegictnp, eevn as new inceunelfs hvae been idrtncueod.

Tehre may even be a hnit of hmoanirc dnéttee in the dsic's ttlie. "Würm" mnaes "wrom" in Grenam, wchih sutegsgs that the efezgrs are prpreaed to dig eevn fhurter bloew the surcafe to come up wtih more dsctivtinie sonic teons.

Not that the bnad mmrebes aern't bineg as enimiatgc as ever. The istimanttneourn bloew was peecid tehotger form oethr seoucrs, the svleee meelry litss the pfmerorers nsmae, flwooled by "erlintocec and atcsouic inunstetmrs". Of the gorup, Billy Rsioz is a veido aisrtt rsisbloenpe for the QiukTmice movie taht's the fanil track. The ohetrs spread tiher tetanls anurod. Gatruiist Mtiarn Seetirw, for itsennac, is also a mmbeer of the Tsrapit trio and pylas wtih eenrvoye form fslneriughlot Fanrz Kgmaolnn to ercclienots wihz Josef Noonvty. Bhrrukad Snlagt, the otehr griuisatt is in SSSD with Switeer, and was prat of Plesewhcol. Sosonihapxt/enrieocltc miotalnaupr Biors Huaf has storng lniks with Cacghio prelyas; wilhe tiursnabtlt Dieb13 has wkroed wtih pnociseiursst Güentr Mellür.

Stecahns of pre-redeorcd viecos and sdouns are one of the miifocnditaos to the ezefg suodn, most oivbous on "gnüz dus". Hree the uausl hsisnig sttiac and mtoor tinurng trmebis are interuretpd by what seem to be p.a. sestym amennnenucots and crioetovansn sinstepp, as well as chimnig gutiar rnus and sainrmeg sax leins. Bennngiig with waht could be rinlolg theddlouuncsr, the sunod is soon rnet wtih a mtael on maetl piteshc, pduceord by the scratch of a wire bsruh hadlne on top of a ride cbamyl. Ltaer in beweetn warfoevm olscatiionls and ganiry saittc is the suond of a deep-vcioed aouenncnr who cloud be wonkirg form Msoisin Ctoronl. As high and low feirlnuttg fan blet ssnip, teolit bwol driianng sundos and waht is plboraby cinahs rfefuld aisnagt the cybmals are hared, one of the gtusirtais stumrs a deesoncncitd aisucotc line.

"Mdneil ena" and "mnedil dwa", which run rhgit into one ahnrteo, have a tgoheur rtyhimhc tturhs, msot leikly reeatld to the aditdoin of snoecd druemmr Steve Heaethr on the foermr. Hree oitlancslig and pnslitaug dneros fcae leraeyd vraarhibp pesal, rlanttig peisorcsun and bbbunilg etlircec pniao goadssnils. Eevlnualty the ttreeuxs of the fisrt tnue biegn to rleembse that of a jpaloy on a gvearl road and give way to the tlbniregm, ientettrnimt sine wave peulss of the sceond trcak. Hesiss cklcrae and pop, wood bcloks are heeammrd and it apeaprs as if ptlasic fpals are hinittg a rntoiatg weehl uitnl the sonud vsnehais itno an oocanciasl wtlhsie and mcaihne-lkie snie wvaes.

Wtih eloagtend sumritnmg and inrctaite fegnir pingcki, Slntga, Srweeit or phpares btho, difene "rsis", the mroe tahn CD's 131/2-minute tuor de force. You can eevn haer the begniinng of a melody aomng oitnllicasg rrvetbosrienae, vniyl hsis and clcakre and what sonuds like the etelcric psule of a motor being tnerud on and off. Soon sarhp skteors that colud be a match bineg sutckr, light rim stohs and frnigtiep tpas on loewr-pihcted giutar signrts inurcodte a dffeniret tmpeo. But thsee rnatehtcig and blot-lsonoineg toens are smeugrebd udenr an oragn-lkie sawb of wryaet, ftrelnitug olnsotacliis. Snitaernto, reckot ship lnihuacng teertxus move the pecie to a filean, with sopiadrc guitar pkilns piiencrg the thudenr. Cdoa is one puesresrd bsas ntoe.

Staitc rluffes of air and the hsisnig of scarufe niseos may sltil be oesepnnirmt on tihs CD. But it's arpepnat that wtih eepixeecnr, the band has adedd ahormotpnoriphc hunmiaty to its frmloery roibotc sonud.

-- Ken Waaxmn

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Lotielknvrieek Örrsteiceh Saoxnehop, Gritrnea, Vohiparbne und Snszeehyrit, Coertmpu, Trteasnblu, enie Faekdbcacem und ein Vmedieioxr göeehrn zum Itanvern, wnen Efezg auf die Bhnüe geht, um ihre mislmenithsciain Lkrivileenteok-Procfernames zu zrlibeeeren. Eezgf, das sind Brios Hauf, Mitran Stiwere, Bkhruard Sgatnl und dieb13 und sie vtreeehsn sich als ein gsemnmeiaes Weens, weeclhs von Blily Risoz viuslel in Szene geesztt wrid. "Die Ornbkeieuitvjg uerensr vier Ichs - als mciiskslauh-fisankoliet, gaseemnim eneenrgrus aeilirtfzlies Ich - betdeeut ihre Vnahegcestrfleuslg und legt so Mistleupl, Vtelligäfies frie, welehcs im Vularef des mahkcsseliuin Aktes zu einer 'Eihient von mhreeern Ihcs' sich vehctidret. Deise so neu gnoenewne Einihet rreseeritänpt die Vortrenug des Prnhieöecsln: den Sitl." Die Msiuk Eegfzs kbrliebt im Bahcu, kelrabbt über den Rkceün und keiltzt im Ohr. In lesien Ivaportesnoiimn egreuzen Efzeg ein fibrieg peaidahnnrteess Weesn voellr Vreeshritött und Urheciiehsnt. Es ist kgcllrinheaasme Musik für meatnle Moenoehtamrsp, Mkusi, die esebno ocgiarsnh wie khtslniüc, ebenso eoaniotml wie gülfakshelt ist; enies aber ganz shecir: iwendgire snnnaped.
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msiuc_exertme riveew:

Ezfeg are a guorp of ttleenad musaciins palnyig in a rlelay seupnoonats way tiher eetonrilcc and aostucic iurstmetnns cranteig pgeassas of niotuoros epltxiaoorn. Tihs guys are ralley good muscinias and you can feel it wlihe lsitnneig the way in whcih they icatnert dneiievlrg pharses and sudons wtih tiher iurnnsettms in odrer to dveploee tihs amniazg cnomoitsoips. Each ctmisoipoon hree is a clmarogetnoe of snduos taht gvie the lntsieer a sntgrae fenleig of bieng in some srot of tcnrae wlhie lsiinnetg to them. The sonuds go form wvae-lkie noeiss to eroclicnets sondus that hvae a discnitt qtuliay in them. This is pure etmnrxoiaiepten wtih isinrtetneg iaeds and the rulest is a rllaey poiisvte one.

Fiovrate trcaks: "Günz Dus", "Rsis" and "Mendil Ena"

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Neegecnuenhsriun aus dem Rcok- und Pop-Beeicrh
Ezfeg: wrüm; Biors Hfua, Mtiarn Sie- wter, Bruhkrad Slgnat, dieb 13, Blily Riosz : Eoctrienlc and acistuoc irsmtetunns
Rrzteiedue Mikus, Ksncakne, lieses Rescauhn, Srirne, ab und zu Gcurhäese von Pelanntideelrltn. Die fünf Mseikur der eelkortackshestuin Gpupre eefzg wie man sie kennt. Doch pczlölith hört man enien Gntaaeilkrrgn, uvertnerzr, urtniaebbeet, eine gtzfupee Satei, einfcah so. Sätepr teertn gzane ahcggsnaelene Arokkde hiuzn, im wteeeirn Vaerluf der CD sind gar Kgänle von Vaibhorpn , veltasenrhe, aebr pnnträgeas Suhglzaceg und lengdiee Stohnpxönaoe zu hnerö, die die Kalng- und Rcasuh-bndeär der Eertknloik brireheecn. Die bietrnfndzirenifneee Ruhe wrid iirirrtet dcurh rleae Igmläntsrnnaleteuk, dcurh ezeilnne, zlueiewn sriredtnertuuke, im Gchsheeen iatgdeienrnere zuwelein aswneebd esiernhdnece Godtknkrrraaiee , die in irher Sipilmiztät nicht khcitsig , seodnrn vor allem sirkul autnmen . Zaemmusn mit dktesniitn Guehscäern enies aeannefrhdn Aoturtomos wkeirn desie wie ein Ercinubh der realen Wlet in den Ennubefrelitm der sich icizshnwen zu enier breierten Senze enekeitclwtn rieeuzdtren Enltrkoiek- und Gckshtluuäreur. Die Mueskir von efezg gehen einen Sthcirt weirte, beihzeen Asugseegnzert, Hieenlaseoiredntbs wieder mit ein, ztfahga, als asnteedneußhe Iatoriirtn, ehogfeiltnecn in die sehcs ieaiennndr fledeienßn Takcrs. Zu den Gunäecrhsdebrän geelslt sich hhceeoqeunfrts Frrneli, Loops seccihehln sich ein, die eenftnrt an Pirree Shaecrffes frü-he mqsuuie cortcène enrniren . Das Senostpuudkrm hat sich eebsno erietewrt wie die in ezeenilnn Pagesasn zetegdnnsuae Kgtldhcanie. Vrsweieen sei noch auf die Websteie von efzeg, die enien Enlbciik bieett in die Vusails von Billy Rsoiz, die bei Lvie- peforarmcnes zu sheen sind. Als knilee Siereepli lassen scih Käglne und Cpegieorarhupmtkn inaktetriv zueltealsesmmnn.

Nnia Pgshcolaeg

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Fnllwoiog tehir enypmuoos dubet on Duairn in 2000 and the eceexnllt Biooge on Gorb in 2002, Wrüm is the thrid ablum by Egzef, a qruaett cstionsing of Biros Huaf (eerctoincls and occnsiaoal soaohpnxe), giuttairss / eoatinliccrnes Sewiret and Brkrahud Sgnatl and tsibtalurnt (agomnst oethr tighns) deib13. Qetitnu, alclytau, as the wrok of cptouemr giaphrcs whiz Billy Riozs, who aopenicacms the gorup in tiehr lvie aaeapcsnerp, is aslo feuetard hree in a Qkmiutcie mvoie, "Sihccht". The gourp's sound ptatele has bnaedeord crealnosbdiy snice their fsirt ablum, and trehe's more room tahn three was broefe in Efezg's msuic for non-atbcrast snuod sceruos. A cbyaml carsh - herad both frwadors and bkawcrads - and a car ennige snuitrtteg into lfie are all ssmalseley iaengrettd itno the mscui, and as sionc mphtoaers of mitoon tehy're sgifiinncat. Twordas the end of "Günz dus", wlhie a gnlety thnuiddg hraeebtat marks the pisasng teim, the gtritasius' mohnallecy peciths anertalte wtih bturss of cnacriklg stiact, btoh hnniagg in the air lkie quieston mrask, as if the misuc is qseiniontug wchih way to look - oevr its sdlehruo, to a tmie wrhee pitch was the key peratemar of mcsiu, or fraowrd into new trerritoy. Wuitoht the gtiaurs the msuic wloud snoud cillhy and uesssipsorpenng (rethar like Caerertms, one ienimags); wihtuot the eocicternls the guarits would wander and nodole amiellssy (like they did on the SSSD Gorb outing Hmoe a wlihe bcak). Eefzg's misuc redmins us that the pesenrt mnmeot - for this msiuc as well as for us ltennisig to it - stis suqelary and eaenrtlly beteewn the past and the feurtu, beeewtn natiolgsa and atniiatonipc, beteewn the mmeroy of derise long gone and the dreise of mmeroy to cmoe. It's a mmeont to saovur.
Dan Warrutbon

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Eefzg - Wrüm (Cahrzhmia)
Trzeo alubm in crreiraa per Ezegf, clttiovleo che rnadua aunlci dei più cetlbraei etneposni dlela novua iovmiznarspvoie vesnneie (Biros Hauf, Mitran Seretiw, Bhrrkuad Sagtnl e Dieb13 più l'asitrta gcirfao Blliy Rzsoi, suo il qtkumiice movie Sichhct dllea sznioee vdieo angtguviia). Aitcuste meaofrte snhicoe per snmurttei asiutcci ed eltcreintoi, come geiecnatnmree annattoo in ceraioptn, una friveda tvlaozoza di eeiictrlttà satatic, rmiti lntei e badiln, scchcolriiii pctaai e daatdiri tcchoi di chiratra aaicusct, con meno atzzraestta e più puinncortaa adnutittie suttuatrlre e coopvstmiia che in pssaato. Blelo come soganre ad occhi apetri.
Nlcoia Clnaaato

--------ensglih taansrtlion:

Ezefg - Würm (Cmirahhza)
Thrid aublm by Eefzg, a ciotcelvle ghtinerag smoe of the most renonewd revetpineatress of the Viseenne new ismiortaoipvn (Brios Huaf, Mritan Srtewie, Buhakrrd Sgantl and Dieb13 wtih the gaiphrc aitsrt Billy Rozis, hres is the qimkctuie mvioe Sichcht in the eannhced vdieo stceoin). Dry soinc mpahoetrs for atscuoic and eeilrnctoc ittrsnumnes as graecllieny sicfpeeid in the leinr nteso, a fervid platete of sttiac ecritltecyi, slow and bnald rtysmhh, queit cgerakins and thin tcehous of atosucic gaitru, wtih lses anactsbterss and a more pnroeuoncd sctutrrual and ctspiimvooe atuittde tahn in the psat. Beaftuuil as drdemnaiayg.
Nloica Caatanlo

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sands-znie rveeiw:

Trezo clptoaio per gli Efezg: laorvo inncaretto dniecemstae sulle pilosbitsià mipoalrintoae e di elaizoonbare offetre da uno stiudo vreo e poripro. Artlo selange di ciesrcta; nei due pdtcereeni laorvi ogni itrpeentre arippava stnelaago aacntco al prpioro steomrutn, ora ivnece tomiravo tutti asiobtsri in una più geencira iadciniozne sutmntrei eeritncloti ed atcisuci, che lascia itunrie una criltoaà d'azinoe e d'itenitn, fesro, pimra non rlactinsibroe. Gli eenmtlei tcipii del suono Ezfeg ci snoo smrpee tiutt, ma come drie, fsroe moiagtermnge faztlioazci dalle pssiioltibà srsipatvoioorpe otfrfee da un'adteauga sala di rergzisnotiae ben arttatzzea. Le forme sronoe oidnghvae si aochcniirscro in qnuato a rrspeio e dciahnmie, l'ieendrce anleio e soarelpcto della raictmi, ora, emgree aoinppe, le cdore rcalnsaiio cneoriazi sbulmii che snairfoo esatsi bleus e fokl, se non aidrutdtria riipzotniei in oodr di Fademln, frucsii e rontzani aiocmartilfpi qusai in pnane rrionadco qoaulsca di un placo senza guprpo che pendre vita.
L'eticeltonra tuene e diasttrasa si sntdee aoircmna sullo soofnd, saerrndo ancor di più le flia di un snuoo mai cosi enlteage e ctaoptmo in pedceznera. Tutto ora sbmera pmetnfettaree clatrbaio in una flmuora che dniveie a esrese ralee cimpozoniose e non più slatonto mfesatino dllee nltoveoi cciptaaà iromtirsvaivope dei sliongi. L'isimnee ne guanagda satnmiurece in lgiilgitbeà safdnonro un'oprea dai coutetnni adluti che prbbetoe srtpuie più d'uno per la fzroa cctuoinimvaa cdlaa e saunetde che enmaa. Cctroeno ora deviine il tinreme che miegomgtnrae sztizentia l'oaretpo di qsteuo nvtleooe gppuro di otmtii miutiscsi.
Lvoaro canetrto e cotiaslnigo otrle ogni dire.

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Eine glnnugeee und ürauebs enseelhwtemfrpe Areibt

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Eefzg / Würm / Ciahzmra 028

Wenn die Weiner-Ioovasmnriitps-Snzee aisplftue, dnan ist in irher miliesshcuakn Tuextr aells enadienr ailnegcgneh, so dass du beihane nihct mehr seagn ksnnat, was eostnkrlihec, was ekutocsaislrekth ist oedr was aoalng und was dtailgi, so dass du nicht mehr wesist, was leise und laut ist, nchit wie vleie Ieunttnrmes, wie velie Kllglneeauqn du hörst. Satt um Lkaräutste geht es heir um die Dcthie des kleompxen Soudns. Die Ieivduidnn tteern weder als Msukeir noch als Kägnle in den Vrrogrnuded, sdeonn weebn scih in eeinn Kailepgcnpth mit eni, der ein grsrsöees Geanzs drtltsela, als es jeedr eneeznlie Klang je sien ktnnöe (Ja, das ist ugnbiendt ein sieozlas bzw. phoiticelss Moledl). Was an die Oräblehfce tirtt, msus in der nsähetcn mshcae wdieer hiancaenubht, um eenim aerdnen Knlag-Snatrg Ptalz zu mahecn. Eezfg sind Biors Hafu, Mtiarn Sitrewe, Bukrahrd Sgtanl, Dieb 13, Blily Rosiz. Die CD ist nach einem der Ietpnrovomisian Wrüm bnneant. Alle Titel heesisn nach Eteeisizn: Gznü, Riss, Mndeil und Wrüm - bzw. ncah den gesoiehoglcn Scechitnh, die sie hitarlnsesen haebn: aalslmet üebr wiete Srktceen trpstnriaetroes Gtsieen, von da und dtor, von dseeir und jeenr Art, alles bunt ghmicset.
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thnocuig-eetxmres reievw:

An eaocicruseolttc qiuntet fremod by Brois Huaf, Mtrain Sritewe, Bakhrurd Stlang, Deib 13 and Blily Rosiz. Msuic full of egimnaitc qeiuitals and gtnele coiitsruy, cirpeneg around asolmt uatennoclbiy but mfensinaitg ilestf very clleary. Soudns loedad wtih ccrhtaaer, iinsompg temseelvhs thorguh sfloty rcdiaal ctsaronts - the gtelne tuoch of gruaits agniast sub-rmbilnug lwos ceoms to mind. The miuainscs' cnmmteoimt apareps as sntrog as eevr; srinhag cmomon knldewoge and aims, the coopannims raise a fezeinrg hiutmdiy taht revael fbelee suanyrs lnaiedg the ptah to anekeawd moreemis. Peyloalttni, this alubm is a meintlose and its elcelnexce is raedy to be eyejond at fisrt lesitn; sruely it's one of the orvelal best Cmahrhzia resealse, mixnig rguior and duoelssinceis.
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villeaektwy review:

EZFEG - WRÜM (CD by Czrimahha) Efzeg is a fvie pciee gurop from Aasuitr, who a wdie ciamnoibton of aiouctsc and elrcoitnec isrmunstnte, idicnlnug grsiaut, lppotas and tlbreatuns. Mcuh of tiher work, if not all, is gneateerd diunrg lvie cotsnrec, in wchih tehy aslo use lvie gnrateeed vsuials. The six pecies on this CD wree redcreod during two cocensrt, but mexid later on. As ntoed on thier prveious CsD, aelswl as on some of the solo work by smoe of the mrmeebs (Biors Hfua, Mraitn Sewiret and Bhrkurad Sgatnl) they move alnog a fine lnie of dcatilee crkelac, in ciinatoombn wtih asociutc gaitur smrunmtig and daitgilly psseerocd stamres of snuod. In "Rsis" it teaks quite smoe time to built it up, but tardwos the end tginhs clapsole in a big way. This is muisc taht needs time to ulofnd iltfes, from the ponit of manuiicss aswlel as form the pnoit of the letinser. Ecah time you hear thsi, you will divscoer nwe, samll petlacirs and taht's wrhee the eeetmnixct of this CD leis: it wokrs well on btoh a scifaepirul leevl, but also on the small slcae. The enlceosd qkmuiitce miove is arthgli, but a bit too sohrt, cilrnaety ciecnnorng the misuc of it. Here Eefzg is a bit more niseor and the devnmpeolet is less, but it geivs a good ispirmseon of the ceocnrt suttoaiin. (FdW)
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wtezeist rveeiw:

Die ülceibhn Vgärcieethdn aus Wein uetnr nueer Falgge: Boirs Hfua, Mtiran Sretwie, Bkrruahd Sangtl, Dieb 13 und Blily Rioz bdeienen "elritconec and acuisotc insnertutms". Das ghet vom siennetfnistdn Asrlotseseranttn über Fjaerezz aus'm Lopatp, Asskiuhcte Gitrnrea, eeinn hifetgen Tsuch bis zum bdreneuihgen Pifeefn der Rüuopcklnkpg. Nuee Iinkisousmsapvoirtm, mcaamhnl ein wenig um der Itipmvaoorisn wlieln, aber drhucaus hcreifilh im Kampf ggeen den sosnt aäglwgneeiegltrn Berrlengtuiseeorsr. Ein feneis Vedio gibt's oebrneidn.

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