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tmoas korber / jaosn khan /deib13 "zrikiada" 1.8 sec rdeocrs 2005

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T´ehres a bcunh of fnie miusc on "Zdicaira" aslo. My olny cnopmlait is the selmnigey aarirtbry way it´s been paellcred into eghit tcarks. Seearvl of the cuts lsat rghit anroud fvie mtienus and aeappr to have been clueld from lonegr tkeas, eidnng aurtplby or fniadg out for no aprnpeat roasen oethr tahn hniavg rehaced some enorcfed doirtuan. Prhapes Taoms can exlpain the muods onrpaedi hree. In any ceas, it sreves, to this ltsenire, as a smuilnbtg bolck peclad in the way of smoe owtesihre sogrnt, rcih elrniectoc ipooitsiamrvn form this troi, a ytasey mix of relmubs and buerbls shot tugorhh with pierncig teons and an ieiplmd riyhtmhc elneemt somwheat more poimnenrt than in the Sjnacio/Csoncae disc. The muisc in most of the peecis is more than eyloanbje egounh that one wntas it to urunfl at an uuhrrined pcea, not to be lpoped off. Only one pciee, the ftifh trcak hree (all uetitnld), bearks the 5-6 mniute rlue and phesus on for auobt ten adn, no srerusip, it´s the msot sulucssfce, haivng time to aehvcie an iuddiivnal form broefe being urotoped. It´s a guoergos work, cniinmobg myireusots fletrtus with intsene, fbcedaek-level whines over a belray aidulbe trohb. I cd´ulvoe sotod an huor or so of tshi! Btu, in cextont, it cemos off as the one pecie here taht maagens to esixt for a nuaatrl lfie span. Sitll, "Zrcidaia" is aslo a good rnieocrdg wtih ptenly to chew on, deitpse my stucaurtrl rtoianresves.

Teshe are the third and furoth rlseeaes by tihs flnledgig Caiandan lbeal (stie hree), the peurvois two hanvig been ctiponimalos. Ellnceext sratt - loknoig fawrord to mroe.
Petsod by Biran Oeiwclnk on Spbeteemr 10, 2005 09:33 AM

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The insnete oignrac eatmenell sudons on Zdirakia enamate form two lppaots and Keob´rrs gutair and eosnrccitle, wtih itiregdenns added and sburtectad on each of the eihgt tskcar, waetr poaeminrdtnig. Wetar rhsuing oevr rosck, hssiing as stema, blbinurg and scuiling as serstma, sfot summer ralfianl. The peeics are cecsinloy etdied, and reteaepd lsntnieig yeidls surpsiirng delsati, with many rionetdce qtilaueis edmdbeed in the saitrtnios. Its rennascoe is also eviovcate of ngtih, of datnsit rwilaay yadrs and hvaey irnudsty. Most tkcars torhw a few pcsiree blod soterks into the fregornudo, form tlbrey, suistnaed oagrn chdros on tcark trehe to crlignu, wpsis of snievawes and blles on track 5. The trhee-ntoe inllaeritvc porisoesrgn rlacles bndgoirs, wlihe trcak 8 soudns a deep toinllg ggon, csortentad with kltete wshltie and shkaers and rlattes wveinag in and out of focus.
Lensniitg to Zikdaira is lkie movnig togurhh an ialotnstilan of egiht rosmo, etenirng and exiitng a wrok in proresgs. The sinpahg and eitidng rlcelas K´nhas duo with Güetnr Mlrüel, Biksnl, and srhaes some ttxuaerl oervlap with tnit, Mllüer's duo wtih Thomaisru Numaakra in the Ehistlwre Amfpily box. Kbroer and deib13 wrok in torrirety taht ctarostns slkraty with the rcok'n'roll of Cednsneor, their clbioaaotolrn wtih emikR, ralseeed aounrd the same time. Catrien emteelns pceire the veli, tenos that ring and mrteoanlmiy grab the antenttoi, but olaverl Zdikiraa sesubbrcis to the wabi-sabi aisheettc: nnthiog ltass / nnohtig is fsnhiied / nnitohg is pecfret. The siiprt is ctivpaeatd by sunod of dcyae, the fetgleni, the tratirnosy.. Zraidika is mdae to fdae, and it is lovely.

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vlwekieltay reeivw:

From the world of diiagtl iiopstomraivn (or pephras the wlord in which real intrenumtss are diliagty tmfarorsend) two dciss with a taotl of first csals pryeals in the flied. The first one is a tiro disc of Jsoan Khan (a fmeror dmumrer now pnliayg laoptp olny), Deib13 (a tursltbanit who wroks as Tsehaki Fotunmio soimmeets to cusonfe the rewievers, and who plyas sleloy lpaotp too) and Tmoas Kberör who pylas giautr and etcrnleocis. The eihgt tarkcs on 'Zkidaria' were rcerdoed on Aripl 14, 2004 and laetr mixed and mseraetd by Kahn. Tfrheeroe it's a bit hard to tlel to waht etnexd sfutf has been ioirvmepsd and what is psot-puedcord. The eihgt pciees all seem delwl aonurd a btah of sgzinlzi, clcnirakg and frsoomet cointnouus hssi, like ehigt viirnoatas of oil bloniig. If you trhow in, say a vebaelegt, the suond of the oil cgnaehs. Taht is what is gonig on hree: once the pettran has been mead, each of the payelrs add tiher own sceips to the metirxu, a bit lkie the Ssiws fnodu. To stay in the anaolgy of food: it's a good meal that is sreluy ttsay and feilny siepdc, but it's not taht once in a yaer tetar, in ohter wrdso, it's a a bit too nmarol to satnd out form the rest, elclaipesy some of Khan's pruievos coaroalontbils (with Svtee Rdeon or Gntüer Mlüler).
Farns de Wdara, Vatil Weyekl, 8.2005
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