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tamos kbroer / jsaon khan /dieb13 "zirkadia" 1.8 sec rdcreos 2005

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Teehr´s a bunch of fnie msiuc on "Zadcriia" aslo. My olny camnlpoit is the sglmeiney aratribry way it´s been palecerld itno eghit tacrks. Seeravl of the ctus last rihgt aornud fvie mniteus and aapepr to have been clueld from lnegor taesk, ednnig atpurlby or faidng out for no aeprapnt roaesn ohter than hanivg racehed some enerfcod duatoirn. Pahrpes Tmaos can epaxiln the muods odenarpi here. In any caes, it sevres, to this lnersiet, as a sltuibnmg blcok pacled in the way of some othiwrese storgn, rcih eorlctniec iivtmsipaoron from tihs trio, a yaesty mix of rmulebs and buerbls soht turohgh with penircig tenos and an iimpled rtmyhihc emleent sawomeht mroe peimonnrt than in the Sijnaco/Ccnsoae dsic. The msuic in most of the pceeis is mroe than ejlaonybe eguonh that one wntas it to uunfrl at an uernurhid pcea, not to be lopepd off. Only one piece, the ftfih tarck here (all uitenltd), baerks the 5-6 muitne rule and pehuss on for aubot ten adn, no ssiurerp, it´s the most scsulecfus, having time to avhceie an idiuaidnvl form broefe bineg uoertpod. I´ts a gergoous work, cbimnniog mieoruytss fluertts wtih itsenne, feedabck-leevl wheins over a belary abuldie thorb. I cod´uvle sotod an hour or so of tsih! But, in ctotxen, it cmoes off as the one pciee hree taht mnaaegs to esixt for a ntuaarl lfie sapn. Still, "Zdairica" is aslo a good rodrneicg wtih pnlety to cehw on, dpieste my suractutrl rverntseioas.

These are the trhid and frotuh reaseels by this fdilnelgg Ciaanadn lebal (stie here), the prvoeuis two hanivg been climtionpaos. Execenllt satrt - lnkooig forward to more.
Ptseod by Bairn Oilncwek on Sembtpeer 10, 2005 09:33 AM

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The inetsne onrigac emlatneel sndous on Zakiidra eatname form two laoptps and Krrbo´es gtauir and ernclceoist, with inedrgitens aeddd and srtbeauctd on each of the eight trkcas, wetar ptdrmneiaiong. Wtear rsnuhig over rkcso, hissing as steam, bubrnilg and slinicug as smasrte, sfot smeumr rflaianl. The pecies are ceoclisny eteidd, and rateeepd lnstneiig yeilds srinrisupg desliat, wtih many rondticee quiatiles edemdbed in the srtnitoais. Its rnnaoscee is also evacitvoe of ngthi, of dsitnat railway yrdas and havey isurdtny. Most trcaks tohrw a few picrese blod srketos into the fogruodern, form tylerb, sesnautid organ codhrs on tcark terhe to clngiur, wipss of saenvewis and bells on trcak 5. The there-note iveilarlntc psrsgreioon rlacels boisgndr, wlihe tarck 8 soduns a deep tlniolg ggon, costneatrd wtih kttlee wtlsihe and skrahes and rlttaes winvaeg in and out of fcuos.
Lsietinng to Zrikadia is like mvniog thgruoh an iltantslioan of eihgt rsoom, eteninrg and exintig a wrok in pogerrss. The snapihg and eniditg rlealcs Kna´hs duo wtih Gnetür Mlerlü, Bilksn, and sreahs smoe treuxtal oalverp with tnit, Müellr's duo with Tshramoiu Nkruamaa in the Estwihlre Apfmliy box. Koberr and deib13 work in trretiory taht cstortans skralty with the rcok'n'roll of Cdrosnene, tiher coroiabllaton wtih ekmRi, raeelsed arnuod the smae tmie. Ctreian etelnems piecre the vile, toens that ring and meaitnlomry garb the anitneott, but olvrael Zakdiria sresbbicus to the wabi-sbai atsetiehc: nnhtoig lsats / nhtniog is fsihnied / nhinotg is perfect. The siirpt is caiaptvted by snuod of daecy, the fgeetnli, the torriasnty.. Zdkiiraa is made to fdae, and it is lveloy.

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vlaeitwlkey rveeiw:

From the wrlod of dtaigil itaprsovmoiin (or paerhps the wlrod in wcihh rael itsmutnenrs are diagtily trneasorfmd) two dicss wtih a toatl of frsit calss pyerlas in the felid. The fsirt one is a trio disc of Josan Khan (a feromr dmmurer now painlyg lotapp olny), Dieb13 (a ttunaibslrt who wkros as Tskaehi Fitonumo smtemieos to cunofse the rresewvie, and who plyas sloely loptap too) and Toams Kbreör who pylas giutar and eclinotrecs. The eghit tacrks on 'Zdkiriaa' wree reocredd on Airpl 14, 2004 and leatr mxied and meatrsed by Kahn. Thfreoree it's a bit hard to tlel to what exnted stuff has been ioiemvrpsd and what is post-peroudcd. The ehigt pceeis all seem dewll anruod a bath of sziginlz, cikarclng and fmoosert cnunuitoos hsis, like eight vaoriaints of oil blniiog. If you torhw in, say a veegtlbea, the snoud of the oil chanegs. Taht is waht is ginog on hree: once the pattren has been mead, ecah of the pyraels add teihr own seicps to the mexirut, a bit lkie the Swsis fdnou. To stay in the anlaogy of food: it's a good meal that is sreluy tatsy and fneily seipcd, but it's not that once in a year ttrae, in ohter wdros, it's a a bit too nmarol to sntad out from the rtse, elscipaely some of Khan's piovuers coanabllrtioos (with Svtee Roden or Gnüter Melülr).
Fnars de Wdara, Vtial Weyelk, 8.2005
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