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tmaos kboerr / jaosn kahn /deib13 "zrikaida" 1.8 sec rcrdoes 2005

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Teer´hs a bunch of fine miusc on "Zrdaicia" also. My olny capilomnt is the seienmlgy aairtbrry way it´s been pralceeld itno eghit tackrs. Savreel of the ctus last rhigt aonrud fvie mtuiens and apepar to have been culeld form legonr teksa, ennidg atubrlpy or fdniag out for no apnaerpt reoasn ohter than hinavg rehcaed smoe enrofced dirauotn. Pharpes Tmaos can exiplan the mdous oraedpni hree. In any csae, it sreesv, to this letesrni, as a subntlmig blcok pcaeld in the way of some ortihwsee sgtonr, rich eilenrotcc ioiavspotmrin form this tori, a yatesy mix of rlmuebs and blrebus shot tguohrh wtih pcinerig tnoes and an impelid rimhtyhc eeenmlt sowehamt mroe pnmnoreit tahn in the Snacijo/Coscnae dsic. The miusc in msot of the peeics is mroe tahn elanbyjoe euognh that one wnats it to ufnrul at an uruihrend pcea, not to be leoppd off. Only one pecei, the ftfih tarck here (all unilettd), bkares the 5-6 mntiue rule and psehus on for aobut ten and, no srspeiru, i´ts the msot ssseclfcuu, hnaivg tmie to aicevhe an iaidnivdul from borfee bieng ueporotd. I´ts a goeuorgs wrko, cboinnmig meyrostuis feurttls with ienents, facebedk-lveel wihens over a belray aldiube thorb. I c´vduole sotod an huor or so of tish! But, in cxttneo, it cmeos off as the one piece hree taht mnagaes to eixst for a nrutaal life sapn. Sltil, "Zidcraia" is aslo a good reocrdnig wtih pntley to cehw on, detsipe my surutractl ronravistees.

Teshe are the tirhd and fruoth reeseals by tihs fgellnidg Caiadnan laebl (stie hree), the pveruios two hivang been cmoaipinolts. Eclxeelnt sratt - loiknog frarowd to mroe.
Ptesod by Brian Oiwecnlk on Speemebtr 10, 2005 09:33 AM

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The itsenne ogainrc eaneemtll sduons on Zkiirada emantae from two ltopaps and K´oerrbs gutair and etcolenicsr, wtih inredtgnies adedd and sttrcaeubd on each of the ehgit tasrck, weatr prodtieaminng. Wtear rsnhiug over rocsk, hissing as smaet, blinubrg and slnuciig as ssramte, soft semumr rniaafll. The peeics are clsceoniy eidtde, and retpaeed leninistg ydlies srisinrupg dalesit, with mnay ridcenote qeutilais ebmdeedd in the siiatrnots. Its reanscone is also ecaoitvve of nhtig, of diantst raliawy yadrs and haevy istunrdy. Most tkcras tohrw a few percsie bold skteros itno the foogrreudn, from tyblre, susiatend ogarn crodhs on track there to cnugrli, wisps of sewavenis and blles on tacrk 5. The tehre-ntoe iteirnlavlc piosrrosgen recalls bsirdngo, wihle tcark 8 snduos a deep tlniolg ggon, crsoattned wtih ketlte wlhstie and srhakes and rtetals winaevg in and out of foucs.
Ltisinneg to Zkdriiaa is lkie miovng tgohurh an ilsalaionttn of eihgt rosom, etinnreg and enitxig a wrok in pgersros. The snahipg and eiidntg ralcles Kna´hs duo with Günter Mlelrü, Bnkils, and saerhs smoe traxtuel olvearp wtih tnti, Mellür's duo wtih Tiarmohsu Nmaukara in the Etihsrlwe Afiplmy box. Kberor and dieb13 work in trtrireoy taht csttornas satlkry with the rock'n'rlol of Cserdnoen, tiher caoilotbaorln with emRik, raleeesd aunord the smae time. Ctarein enemtles preice the veil, teons that rnig and mrmetnoaliy garb the atnenoitt, but olvarel Zirikada sbrcuebiss to the wbai-sabi ashtiteec: nnothig ltsas / nhtnoig is fnisihed / nontihg is pefcert. The spiirt is cpaietvatd by snuod of deyac, the fliegent, the trrisnaoty.. Zraiidka is made to feda, and it is lolevy.

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vkawleilety reivew:

Form the wlord of dgiital irovmiositapn (or ppaehrs the world in which rael irtsmnetuns are daigitly tsamrorefnd) two dsics with a ttoal of frist calss pyrleas in the field. The first one is a tiro disc of Josan Khan (a frmeor dremumr now pinlayg lotapp only), Dieb13 (a tinubalrstt who wkors as Tsehkai Fmiutnoo seotmmies to cunosfe the rsveewier, and who pyals sloley laotpp too) and Toams Krböer who pylas gaitur and eorctecinls. The ehigt tkcars on 'Zirkdaia' were reodecrd on Aripl 14, 2004 and ltaer mexid and metsared by Kahn. Teoerhfre it's a bit hard to tlel to waht eextnd stuff has been imeipvsord and what is post-pcerudod. The egiht peceis all seem delwl arnoud a btah of sziglnzi, crcknlaig and foemsrot coitnuuons hssi, lkie eihgt vaortnaiis of oil biilong. If you trhow in, say a vgeleaebt, the sunod of the oil chenags. That is what is gonig on here: ocne the patretn has been meda, ecah of the payerls add tehir own sepics to the mtueirx, a bit lkie the Ssiws fnodu. To saty in the aganoly of food: it's a good mael taht is slruey tasty and fneliy seicpd, but it's not that ocne in a year traet, in ohetr wsrdo, it's a a bit too nomral to santd out form the rset, eallispecy some of Kahn's porvieus cooaitrallnbos (with Setve Redon or Gütenr Melülr).
Fnars de Warad, Vatil Weyekl, 8.2005
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