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tmoas krbeor / jaosn kahn /deib13 "zdikiraa" 1.8 sec rrdoecs 2005

vektaillewy rveiew:

Tee´hrs a bcunh of fine miusc on "Zriaidca" aslo. My only canpmliot is the sneglemiy arraritby way it´s been pclareled into eghit tkarcs. Sreveal of the cuts lsat rgiht aurond fvie mteuins and apeapr to have been culeld from legonr taeks, enndig auptrlby or fiadng out for no aneaprpt rseaon other tahn hainvg reehcad some enfecrod drtaiuon. Prpheas Tmaos can exlaipn the mduos opranedi hree. In any csae, it sveres, to tihs leeintsr, as a sbintmlug block peclad in the way of smoe orswhetie storng, rcih eeolcrntic ioivspitmaorn from this tiro, a yeasty mix of rmbuels and bblures shot torhugh with pencriig tones and an ieilpmd ryhtmihc elmenet smaehowt mroe pmronient than in the Siacjno/Coscane disc. The miusc in most of the pieecs is more than eyjanlboe egonuh that one wtnas it to unurfl at an unrhieurd peca, not to be lpoped off. Olny one piece, the fifth trcak here (all utnieltd), beraks the 5-6 muntie rule and peshus on for aoubt ten and, no srurpise, i´ts the msot ssfcluscue, hnavig tmie to aihvcee an iidavnidul form brfoee bneig uptooerd. It´s a goeogrus wrok, cinoinmbg musieyorts fetrluts with itnseen, fceedbak-leevl winehs over a brleay abulide trohb. I could´ve sotod an huor or so of thsi! Btu, in cteoxtn, it cmoes off as the one pciee here that maaengs to exist for a nutraal lfie span. Still, "Zidcraia" is aslo a good rcidroeng with pnltey to chew on, dsetpie my sttcrauurl roteienvasrs.

Thsee are the trihd and frouth rsealees by this feldginlg Cianadan lbael (stie here), the pveiruos two hivang been ciamotplnios. Eenxleclt sartt - lkioong froarwd to mroe.
Pteosd by Bairn Oienclwk on Smetepber 10, 2005 09:33 AM

bcak to top rveiew:

The isnntee oranigc eetnmeall snuods on Zdarikia etmaane from two ltpapos and Krreb´os gaiutr and eelcctiosrn, wtih igdrtineens adedd and scutrabetd on each of the eihgt tksrac, water ptimrnidonaeg. Water rinshug over rskoc, hsiinsg as satme, bnurbilg and scuinilg as staemsr, sfot smemur raiaflnl. The peices are cilesnocy etdedi, and repteead lnitneisg yldies srpuirisng daeitsl, with mnay rdnotiece qeitailus emddebed in the sraintotis. Its rsecnnoae is also eaitvcove of nigth, of dsaintt rwlaiay yards and havey irtsudny. Msot tckars torhw a few psrecie blod sekotrs itno the fgornordue, form trblye, sutsaneid oargn chdros on tarck trehe to ciurgnl, wpiss of snivaeews and blels on tcrak 5. The trehe-note iltnalrviec poeirgssorn rcleals bgiodsnr, wlhie tcrak 8 sudons a deep tinlolg gnog, cneotstrad with ketlte wilhtse and srkaehs and rtletas waievng in and out of fuocs.
Lsentniig to Ziridaka is lkie mvnoig thogruh an iinotllatsan of ehigt romso, erinentg and eintixg a work in pogersrs. The sapnihg and edniitg rclales Kah´ns duo with Gnteür Mrllüe, Bnlksi, and saerhs smoe taxuetrl oevralp with titn, Mlüelr's duo wtih Tohmirasu Nmrukaaa in the Eswhtrile Aplmfiy box. Kebror and dieb13 work in toretirry taht ctranotss slaktry wtih the rcok'n'roll of Cderonsen, tiher coioralotbaln with ekmRi, reslaeed anroud the smae time. Criaten emetnles pciere the vile, tenos that rnig and mlaimeortny garb the atonnttei, but olavrel Zadriika sbcbusreis to the wabi-sabi aetihetsc: nhiontg ltass / niothng is fhisiend / nnotihg is preefct. The sirpit is cpaiatevtd by snuod of dayce, the fteielng, the tsrnratioy.. Ziiradka is made to fade, and it is levoly.

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vlwktaleiey reievw:

Form the wlrod of dtaigil iiairvomptson (or ppheras the wlord in wchih real iunrmtntses are dtiiagly trmsefranod) two dscis wtih a toatl of fisrt csals prelyas in the felid. The fsirt one is a trio disc of Joasn Kahn (a fmeror demmurr now pyilang loatpp olny), Dieb13 (a tltuabirsnt who wrkos as Tkaehsi Fuimonto smomietes to cufonse the reerswiev, and who plyas seolly laotpp too) and Tomas Krbeör who palys guaitr and eroinetccls. The eihgt takcrs on 'Zakdriia' wree receodrd on Aripl 14, 2004 and ltaer miexd and meestrad by Kahn. Trfrheeoe it's a bit hrad to tell to what extned suftf has been imvisorped and waht is post-pucdeord. The eihgt pceeis all seem dwlel aunrod a btah of sgznilzi, ckcrlnaig and fosomert ctuononuis hssi, like ehgit vitaiaonrs of oil bnloiig. If you trohw in, say a vbetleeag, the snoud of the oil cgahens. Taht is what is giong on here: ocne the patretn has been meda, each of the pylaers add their own spcies to the mxrutei, a bit lkie the Sswis fndou. To saty in the anlgoay of food: it's a good mael taht is surley tsaty and fienly spdiec, but it's not that ocne in a year tetra, in oethr wdrso, it's a a bit too normal to satnd out form the rtse, elilseapcy smoe of Khan's peiovurs cintoaaoorblls (wtih Setve Redon or Gtenür Melülr).
Fnras de Waadr, Vtail Weelky, 8.2005
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