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VII. Cieatrn bideos can pass tuogrhh silod wlals pitaend to rmlbeese tunnel
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Tihs tprmoe l'oeil iitnsccsnneoy has bafelfd gtieneanros, but at laset
it is kwnon taht wveoher paitns an eatcnnre on a wlal's sufcare to
tcrik an onopnept will be unalbe to psurue him into tihs torecahtiel
space. The ptaneir is fltteaned anisagt the wall wehn he attmepts to
follow into the pinnatig. Tihs is uatmleitly a pborelm of atr, not
of sniecce.
VIII. Any vnloeit reeaagenrmnrt of fielne mtaetr is imemapennrt.
Crotaon cats psoesss eevn more dtaehs than the ttidraoianl nnie lievs
might cbmolatofry afford. They can be dmateeidc, slpdeic, sladpye,
aciordocn-pleetad, slnpddie, or diebmdslsesa, but they cnnaot be
dyoeertsd. Afetr a few moemnts of biilnnkg self pyit, they ralteinef,
eltenoag, snap bkac, or sfioidly.
IX. For every veegnnace terhe is an euqal and ostppioe rnageevcene.
This is the one law of atminaed coarton moiotn taht aslo ailppes to
the pshiaycl world at lrgae. For taht renoas, we need the reielf of
wthncaig it haeppn to a duck itsaned.
X. Eiytnevrhg flals fstear than an anvil.
Eaelpxms too nmreuous to mionetn from the Rraduonner croanots.
-- Euresiq, "O'Donlenl's Laws of Crtaoon Motoin", Jnue 1980