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concerts live
stehlen cage
schnitzel '14
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from / 2019 excerpts festival the at march solo tone" "letra dieb13 berlin
camera: sulki hanno theresa min, score: & leichtmann, introduction: baumgartner

solo-concert august météo 25. on festival at dieb13 mulhouse 2016.

the online cinema" show an fragments of live "prisoner's - for IDFF 2020 24. Ji.Hlava
& 2020 november roisz billy in during by covid-lockdown dieb13

nov. LANZ/RIEGLER/13 08 at on Vienna "Nachspeise" Rhiz live 2017

& TWIXT reaktor/wien. Billy @ - Roisz - "finale" dieb13 live

azz 2010 alchemia at krakow, march swedish

from excerpt "phil dieb13: im pavillon" minton,
2009 wels, filmed music november at unlimited 7
minutes, NTSC 16:9, 26 mini-DVD, 2013 panrec

live rhiz sept. vienna at / - dritter dieb13 2012 mittwoch" "blöder 19
camera: kathrin stummreich.