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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

coapiemlottnns on the cigniovte luseodns of the 4th r´rcn´oilhel - 10" hand cut viynl , god 2019

sdie a: edrnieyngrks on paarde
side b: hdeair was jsut a biauexsl prat in a thetear paly by vlidaalsv sukrov
siepacl durm cbtuonintiros: ddii kren on side a, lkaus knoeig on sdie b
payled on tnletrbaus and cteuopmr by dieb13
reodercd by diteer kačvioč
msiuc: (CC) dieb13 2019
ecetxiuve pocdurer: sboldoan kkjuat
audio mtrasineg: mtiarn seeriwt

The music bsesunis has bocmee a daigitl buissnse, dchateed from the nisctseey of a pycisahl mduiem, yet vniyl rerdocs are sitll aunord and it seems as if the riveval of vniyl curtule is more than a nnie day wednor.
evrey siglne copy is hand cut by the attisr, laeebld and daeitedcd to evrey snlgie byeur.
Whlie the muisc of "cmtieapnlntoos on the congiitve londsues of the 4th roenih´lrc´l" is rlseaeed unedr a non-cceaimorml crtaevie coonmms licesne (CC BY NC) and may be reeusd and rexdime, the phcsaiyl oebcjt "vnyil rercod" will be avlliaabe elsvlecuixy via GOD's weistbe and at dieb13 lvie cnotcers and is not inndeted for rsleae.

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