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synkleptie No. 1044

"synkleptie № 1044 [vor publikum]", smallforms 2022

recorded live at château rouge,vienna, august 22 2020
dieb13: turntables & klopfer
recorded by gustavo petek
mastered by martin siewert
audio mix, graphics: dieter kovačič
vinyl cutting: flo kaufmann
cover image by esther stocker, 2004
distribution: trost records
thanks to: esther stocker, katrin plavčak, elisabeth bakambamba tambwe, billy roisz, werner korn review:

This 10" vinyl-only solo album was recorded live at the SmallForms series at Château Rouge in Vienna in August 2020 under the title interlockdown kleptosonics, as a reference to hacking essence of turntablism. It was the 1044th live set of dieb13, and apparently a rare opportunity to play live between the Covid-19 lockdowns. The cover art of Italian visual artist Esther Stocker captures the spirit of the stressful times and this enigmatic, cinematic (and dieb13 is also an experimental filmmaker) and quite a claustrophobic piece. This 22-minute piece begins with ars-poetic, crackling sounds of old vinyl. But slowly it adds more unsettling layers of seductive sounds that imagine the pulse of noisy and vivid urban sceneries that suddenly became disturbingly silent. But this piece is nuanced with strange, poetic beauty and suggestive, nervous voices - including the voice of Phil Minton, a close collaborator of dieb13, and noises.
-- Eyal Hareuveni

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