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"with/without" by dieb13 & phil minton. cd klanggalerie 2020"

Phil Minton: voice
dieb13: turntables & klopfer

recorded at:
Unlimited Festival, Wels on Nov 7 2009 by Dieter Kovačič
Soundgrube Festival / Blaue Tomate ,Vienna on Jan 28 2010 by Dieter Kovačič
echoraum ,Vienna on Oct 26 2013 by Johann Franz
Noches de los Muertos / echoraum, Vienna on Oct. 31 2014 by Johann Franz
Instants chavires, Montreuil on May 03 2016 by Benjamin Pagier
Disobedience festival, Ljubljana on Mar. 23 2017 by Iztok Zupan

Audio mixing & editing by Dieter Kovačič 2020
mastering: Martin Bowes at the Cage

Cover graphics: Marie Vermont
Photos: Cristina Marx / Photomusix

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Minton and dieb13 (aka Dieter Kovačič, a generation younger from Minton) work were scarcely documented so far - the DVDr’s (Unlimited 23, PanRec, 2011, and im Pavillon, PanRec, 2013), both captured short performances at the Unlimited Festival in Wels, Austria. With, Without is a collage of Minton and dieb13 performances from the Unlimited festival in 2009, through three performances in Vienna, one at the Instants Chavires Festival in Montreuil, France in 2016 and the last one from the Disobedience Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2017).

Minton refrains on these performances from referencing literary texts as he did in many previous free-improvised meetings before (he has sung lyrics by William Blake with Mike Westbrook's group, Ho Chi Minh with Veryan Weston and more recently Daniil Kharms and Joseph Brodsky with Simon Nabatov, and sang extracts from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake with his own ensemble). With dieb13 he employs his dramatic baritone only with extended vocal techniques, deconstructing every possible facet of the human voice into free-form train of abstract and eccentric retching, burping, screaming, gasping, childlike muttering, whining, crying, whistling and humming sounds, or as Minton himself calls it: "belching obscene incoherent rubbish", often with what seems like as a tortured body language that enhances the abstract narrative.

These series of free-associative and imaginative gibberish of human voices were framed and orchestrated brilliantly in real-time by dieb13, always attuned to every nuance of Minton’s vocalizations, and injecting loose but coherent threads to Minton’s wild vocal journeys. On With, Without, dieb13 mixed and edited again these performances into an hour plus piece. The subtle and clever orchestration of dieb13 often extends and twists Minton’s manic vocalizations into alien and sometimes perfectly fitting cartoonish sonic universes. But at other times dieb13 charges these eccentric yet very emotional vocalizations with ironic comments, adds surprising depth and colors the crazed vocal eruptions with dense and unsettling urban noises. There are even brief segments where dieb13 matches sax pieces that trick Minton into brief, playful jazz-y duets. Typically, it ends with Minton articulating his clear desire to go to sleep. Obviously, no words were needed.
-- Eyal Hareuveni

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...Ebenfalls in Montreuil, darüber hinaus auch in Wels, Wien und Ljubljana traf der zu fast allem fähige Plattenspieler auf den vokalen Evergreen Phil Minton. Mit und ohne sonaren Exzessen treibt es das vielgefeierte Duo auf with, without (Klanggalerie) nicht selten auf die Spitze der Intensität. Es wird gebrüllt und gezwitschert, gehaucht und geröhrt, dass sich die Balken biegen. Für jede Stimmlage und für jede Stimmungslage weiß Kovačič die passende Antwort und die richtige Frage, je nach call or response. Eine phänomenale Wechselwirkung durchdringt diese Aufnahmen, die wie aus einem Guss sowohl Sprüche als auch Widersprüche locker aushält. Gute Güte, das ist jetzt schon die dritte Zauberplatte hintereinander. Also wenn das so weitergeht ... -- felix
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